Melancholy Mood

Deep Cuts Down Under

Made By Maddy Perez

sad songs for all the feels

An entree to your path of Aussie discovery

Be the hottest most confident Bad B version of yourself

From the Playlist

Never underestimate the strength of great sad songs. Melancholy Mood is a rock and pop mix of slow, emotional, and nostalgic songs with powerful vocals for all the “feels”.

In this list you’ll find a mix of influential, alternative and mainstream artists from down under. This is purely a starter of what you may find on your Oz music adventure.

Be the hottest most confident Bad B version of yourself. 90% of life is confidence, the thing about confidence is no one knows if it’s real or not so you just got to do what feels good to you and leave that ex out of sight, out of mind.

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Anywhere Motel

Flow & Slam


Punk Country Roadtrip

Sticky Dancefloor

Lazy Sunday Morning

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Find new and emerging artists and fresh tunes in multiple genres with our people-powered musicto Monday playlist. Every track on this playlist is hand-picked by us from artist music submission. It’s the best way to discover new music without computer algorithms!

Anywhere Motel is a sonic adventure to the four corners of the earth. Featuring world music, folk, traditional, multicultural, songs that inspire place, travel spaces, and more. You never know where you’ll land on this playlist. Listen at your own risk!

Flow & Slam is all rhythm and rhyme, with a story or two thrown into the mix. Featuring rap, slam poetry, sprechgesang (sing-speak) and more, our Wednesday hump day playlist is sure to inspire your inner poet to get on the stage and freestyle.

Avant is a playlist of all things before: music before now and artists before their time. From classic and jazz to industrial rock and pop, you’ll find a blend of contemporary and throwback music that’s experimental, artistic, avant-garde, and out of this world!

Punk Country Roadtrip is a knee-slapping, scream-singing playlist to escape the city on a Friday night. Featuring, punk, country, western, blues, heartland rock, hillbilly, some downtempo folk, and definitely cowbell, you’ll want to blast it on your next weekend getaway!

Sticky Dancefloor is a great pre-party dance playlist to hype you up before hitting the clubs. Featuring hand-picked EDM, hip hop, disco, funk, rave, house and more genres from our global creator community, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for Saturday night.

Pull the covers over your head, let your significant other make breakfast in bed, or simply enjoy a leisurely day with our Lazy Sunday Morning playlist. Featuring smooth soul, soft rock and more, it’s the perfect lowkey music mix when you’re feeling chill.

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