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Funk me? Funk you! And Rock you: Classic and New School. EDM you, Hip Hop you, and finally, Afrobeat you!

Jazz brought to life in modern times after being influenced by electronic and hip-hop music.

Crank the Bass to the max, its time for a Reggae Soundclash with the Hoof & Otis

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Funk me? Funk you! And Rock you: Classic and New School. EDM you, Hip Hop you, and finally, Afrobeat you!

Contemporary Jazz requires contemporary solutions, although the idea has existed for a while the application is what makes it special.
It’s all about the velocity and ungraspable drama that bursts into existence inside of us.

Rewind that selectah, a playlist full of roots and soulful reggae, dub mixes and old and new version excursions – this playlist requires serious bass, so crank it up and experience Otis and the Hoof’s soundclash.

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Ruth Burke

Originally from Ireland, I now currently live in Liverpool after completing my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in performance.

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Jenna Barton

Music has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. You can find me listening to music in between classes and during nature walks. Ive had a passion for music at a young age when I started my own musical discovery.

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