Cohen, Cave and Waits

Under the Sea

That was so 10 years ago

Cohen, Cave and Waits would have to be some of the most influential artists of our time...

Dive into the deep blue sea

Taking it back to the 2010s alt scene; expect nostalgia :)

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This list showcases a handful of our favourites – but barely scratches the surface of their extensive catalogues, and collaborations.

There is so much that is fascinating, sometimes frightening, yet always awe-inspiring about what lies in the ocean. Caleb and Jane’s collaborative Under the Sea playlist celebrates all of this and more.

Taking it back to the 2010s alt scene; expect nostalgia 🙂

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Midnight Meditation — Lo Fyah LoFi Finds

What is LoFi? In short, Low Fidelity; meaning imperfect elements that are intentional. In this genre, these faults are the centerpiece. Through a mix of old recording elements, and oftentimes featured vocal samples from movies or tv shows, these components become the aesthetic. Listeners let these tracks loop for hours, oftentimes while completing other tasks or living their daily life.

Greenwood & Horn - Dust of Falling Stars

Imagine you’re on the White Isle in the shimmering heat, moving in perfect time to the Balearic beat and never wanting it to end.

The Hoof caught up with Ian Greenwood to talk about the making of this future Balearic classic, his inspirations and the bands future plans.


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