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If you love a track that would be a great fit for one of our playlists across Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Soundcloud and coming soon Apple Music, we'd love to hear from you.

If you're serious about getting the curator to listen to your track, we suggest you read this article on "How to Get Your Music On A Human Curated Spotify Playlist".  It'll take about 6 minutes to read but if you follow it - will dramatically increase the likelihood that we will list your track.

Also - if you're the kind of person who loves music enough to recommend it - have you thought of becoming a curator?  It's fun, takes two hours a week and could change your life!  Learn more here...

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Please use the actual name and spelling of the playlist otherwise the track won't reach the correct curator! You don't need to add "Music to"
Drop us a link to where we can listen to the track (preferably on Spotify)
We get a lot (a lot!) of track submissions - if you want to give the playlist curator a reason to listen to your track - here is where you can convince them. We suggest you write a couple of paragraphs as to why this track is a good fit.
If you're a fan let us know your Twitter / Facebook / Instagram etc so we can link to you.
If you're a label or artist and have a bio you'd like us to check out, paste it in here or drop us a link. Also if we list your track we will need a great image - please drop us a link to one you'd like us to use. Likewise, let us know any social links you'd like people to be aware of.