Matt Jenko

Hi my name is Matt, but my friends call me Matt. I’m on the wrong side of 29 (damn I hate it every time I have to update that number), definitely feeling my age, but never felt happier and more content than I do at this point in my life. I’ve been through some rocky patches (who hasn’t) and lived to tell the tale, and boy do I gots some stories. When I’m not giving opinions absolutely nobody asked for, I’m doing a worldbuilding with my passion project, vivaellipsis. If you like offbeat nonsense delivered through immersive escapism, then go and get involved. Or don’t, I’m not telling you what to do. I’m not yer boss. I’m a simple man with simple interests. I like Yorkshire tea, the sound of rain on the window, and a bloody good story.

Relaxed Experimental

8 November 2021

This list is your gateway to a more relaxed state – featuring artists like Edamame, Robot Koch, Anchorsong, il:lo, ((( O ))), Four Tet, Nils Frahm, Emancipator

Journey to Anywhere

8 November 2021

A stallion with a yearning for the stars, departing on a ship destined for deep space – featuring artists like 808 State, Bicep, islandman, Yotto, Lone, Carpenter Brut, CJ Bolland, Robot Koch

Transitions Vol. 1

17 September 2021

sail a sea of sound where the only rule is “if it flows it goes” with Andrew & Matt – featuring artists like The Beatles • Enter Shikari • Alt-J • Band of Skulls • R.E.M. • Tame Impala • Stevie Wonder • Carpenter Brut


9 August 2021

What today’s insight has granted me is the knowledge that if you don’t check in on yourself, you’ll lose touch with yourself. You’ll become unfamiliar with each other, and it feels very strange. I honestly think this is what it means to feel out of sorts.

Stranded In The Desert

26 May 2021

Picture the scene: you’ve burnt a million miles on your journey to escape reality. You’re out in the boonies, as far from other humans as you can possibly be. It’s just you, the open road, and your favourite tunes. And then you break down. Featuring artists like: All Them Witches • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club • Eagles Of Death Metal • IDLES • The Kills • Band Of Skulls • Meat Puppets • Mastodon

Why Is Music Important?

23 October 2020

Why is music important? A question that’s not always easy to answer, but one we had a right good go of answering all the same. See what our global community of playlist curators have to say about why music truly matters to them!

Live Streaming, Discord Servers, Musicto Artist Newsletter – #3

22 May 2020

With Covid turning the world upside down artists are looking for different strategies to engage their fans as well as keep themselves busy. Here’s the skinny from people who know what they’re talking about with regards to: Live Streaming, Twitch, Discord Servers and more.

Musicto Artist Newsletter – #2

5 March 2020

In this second edition of the musicto artist newsletter, the focus is on identity.

We all know the pain of trying to come up with a name for our project that feels like it fits, only to find it’s been taken by a Metallica tribute act from Birmingham, or – as was the case with our video interview below – launching a project with the wrong name and deciding to pull your album from distribution in order to get it right.

Musicto Artist Newsletter – #1

30 January 2020

Hello and welcome to the first musicto artist newsletter – a regular event featuring everything from digital marketing strats and playlist insights, to case studies and stories from artists just like you.

In this first edition, we’ll be concerning ourselves with Spotify playlists and with the pitfalls of starting out in the music industry – two topics I imagine we’re all very familiar with. We’ll also be turning the spotlight on our featured playlist, Music to Explore Everything. And if you find this information helpful, be sure to let us know!..

5 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Music Career

17 January 2020

We live in a truly unique time to be musicians. The internet has so dramatically altered the landscape that those who dominated the horizon as recently as a decade ago barely recognise it anymore. I cut my teeth on the music scene back when the social utility of the internet was barely more than a few MySpace pages and MSN screen names, and it was common knowledge that the only way to ‘make it’ in this business was to land a major record deal. To put it simply, it was the kind of pursuit that was regarded as little more than an airy pipe dream, and to believe otherwise was to be very foolish indeed…

Wilderness Girl – Yotto

5 June 2019

The forest was dark, mysterious, but not foreboding. Ethereal lights strung across the branches above our heads danced in an effortless breeze, their glow bouncing primordial shapes across ancient oak…

Rising from the Ashes – Sublab

9 April 2019

Sometimes situations call for a total reassessment. Sometimes, ‘having faith’ and ‘staying the course’ become synonymous with getting yourself stuck in a big ol’ rut. Even when your gut is screaming ‘yo bro this ain’t RIGHT my dude’, you just dig your heels in and plough on. You know best, after all…

Jewel – Flume

27 March 2019

The thing about works borne of pure creative passion is that they tend to take a lot to complete. This doesn’t just mean they take a lot of time (although time certainly accounts for a lot of the taking), they also take a lot of focused mental energy. This is the real sacrifice we have to make for our art…

Desire (with Dimension) – Sub Focus, Dimension

12 February 2019

Boy do I love being proven wrong.

I’ve mentioned a few times now that DnB really isn’t my thing, and that I tend to stay away from the genre as a rule. I don’t know what it is that’s put me off it for song; maybe I just associate it with being 17 and thinking you’re edgy and interesting, who knows…

fresh bruises – Bring Me The Horizon – amo Album Fan Review

30 January 2019

This week I’m going to do something a little bit different (a theme which will be running heavily throughout, as you’ll soon see), and go right on ahead and do my first ever album review. And boy, what an album it is to be making my debut with…

Bring Me The Horizon — amo Album Review

30 January 2019

BMTH deserve a mountain of praise for even having the balls to do this album, never mind to have pulled it off with such finesse. It must be an incredibly fine line to walk between staying true to your own creative goals, and not alienating the people who allowed you to be in that position in the first place.

Dangerous – The xx

22 January 2019

I had such a bizarre experience recently. Unless you’re incredibly fortunate, you’ve probably heard of this little old dating app known as Tinder. I’ve used it every so often throughout my tenure as a single dude, to varying degrees of ‘success’, but for the most part I’ve treated it as a casual novelty that whiles away the time before someone of substance shows up…

Underwater – RÜFÜS DU SOL

16 January 2019

Remember the last track of 2018 when the theme was resurfacing? This week’s entry is something of a thematic precursor to what we talked about then; if Back to Earth was about overcoming the drowning feeling, then Underwater is about the experience as it’s happening…

Dreamer – Livin’ Joy

9 January 2019

Hello hello, welcome back and happy new year, all that good tidings and thank God Christmas is finally over! I hope you’ve all been sticking to your New Years resolutions; I know I have, I had a to-do list the size of my arm coming into January and I’ve managed to whittle it down to one, albeit mighty, item left to tackle…

Back to Earth – HOUNDTRACK

18 December 2018

Last year, I was in a deep state of depression that was fueled by a crippling anxiety. It got so bad that in the summer I had to take six weeks off from work, and I felt like I was completely falling apart from the inside…

Rave Alert – Justin Mylo, SWACQ

11 December 2018

Hoo boy, I’ve been excited about this track ever since the mix-cut first materialised on Hardwell on Air. To fully understand why, let’s journey back (pretend the screen’s gone all wavy like we’re doing a flashback… Go on, it’s fun! )…

Keep Her Close – ODESZA

5 December 2018

If you were to ask me how I felt about Christmas, I’d say I’m a fan of it sure, but only in a very subtle, modest way. Y’know, the way it used to be back when it still meant something more than stress and ostentatious lighting…

Drama Free – deadmau5, Lights

28 November 2018

Lately I’ve been having these bizarre pangs of existential confusion, and I have to tell you kids, it’s pretty bloody weird. 

I’m 27 with a fairly decent job and enough freedom to focus on my creative goals, but there’s this insidious little voice in my head that recently has been getting loud enough to hear over the other nonsensical bullshit that rattles around in this old noggin of mine…

Origin – Far Out

14 November 2018

If there’s one thing I look for in a track above all else, it’s a powerful sense of story. I don’t just mean that the lyrics really capture an emotion – often the most vivid songs are the one that use no words. What I’m talking about is a track that builds a soundscape right before your very ears,…

Shelter – Porter Robinson, Madeon

30 October 2018

The problem with most ‘happy’ music, to put it simply, is that far too often it’s far too sweet to be palatable; like eating pure marzipan or mainlining sucrose directly into your brainstem, you’re typically left feeling nauseated and filled with regret at allowing yourself to go through such an ordeal…

Happiness – Sagan

23 October 2018

*Villains Beware: the following content is not suitable for those of a malevolent disposition*

Earlier this year, Andrew and I attempted an experiment. For a whole month, we swapped playlists, completely entrusting one to run the other’s list in a way that stayed true to the central theme but also putted an added twist on the existing paradigm…

Weekly Roundup – W/E 28th October 2018

19 October 2018

Another week, another Weekly Roundup! Special thanks to our resident Song Wrangler Richard Parsons for compiling this week’s summary – be sure to check out Castellorizon by David Gilmour on his Music to Blow Smoke Rings Across the Floor list, as well as Part 46 of Given Circumstances from Music to Tell a Tale!

Faded Away (feat. Icona Pop) – SWACQ Remix – Sweater Beats, Icona Pop, SWACQ

2 October 2018

I get a lot of track submissions. Some are good; some are bad. Some are downright ridiculous. They span all different genres and styles, from artists with hundreds of thousands of streams to those with virtually none. It’s always exciting listening to the latest track to land in my inbox (and I do genuinely listen to every one!), and I never know what to expect when I follow that Spotify link into the unknown…

Stand By Me – Medii, Kristen Olsson

25 September 2018

For me, a winning song is one that combines atmosphere and power to deliver the listener to an entirely new world. One that energises them, motivates them, and refreshes them.

Loyal – ODESZA

17 September 2018

Remember when I said this playlist was about providing a superhero soundtrack to your everyday routine? This week I’m laying it on thick with ODESZA’s new-but-not-really release ‘Loyal’ – brace yourself as military snare rolls, mysterious arpeggios and a FILTHY brass section collide to weave a cinematic soundscape that just screams EPIC…

Waiting – Extended Mix – Oliver Heldens, Throttle

11 September 2018

‘By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you…’

This iconic line from Kendrick’s ‘King Kunta’ is the perfect way to introduce this week’s featured track, the incredibly funky extended mix of ‘Waiting’ by Oliver Heldens…

Putting the Heart Back into Music – An Interview with Frank Iengo

7 September 2018

When ‘Blackout’ first landed in my inbox, I was absolutely taken aback by its sheer atmospheric depth, sonic unpredictability and masterful production quality. There was no doubt that I needed to meet the mind behind the music, Pynk64 – aka Frank Iengo. Frank has been active in the music industry for almost two decades, and in that time his musical dealings have spanned house, chillout, pop, hip hop, R&B, soundtracks and movie scores and, in his own words, ‘anything else that inspires me’. Frank has been involved in numerous projects during his artistic tenure, including Surfers, Aguadulce, Nevrotype, Dynamicode, Relaxingvibe, and of course, Pynk64…

Evil Twist – TYCKO

4 September 2018

September has arrived, and with it comes a brand new featured track – this month is all about ‘Evil Twist’ from Belgian duo TYCKO! 

It takes a true Save the World! track to make the top spot on my list, and I think it’s safe to say that Evil Twist is just that…

Parade – Vinai

29 August 2018

This week’s entry is short and sweet as we gear up for something special coming into September, but don’t let the brevity fool you – this track will blow your socks clean off!…

Reawakening – The Foxfires

22 August 2018

I’ve been making music for half my life. 

Before I was a dance music producer, I was in a rock n roll band AND a new wave band; before that, I was dabbling with heavy metal, and I also spent a good year or two composing my own concept album with a proper story and everything…

Body – Loud Luxury

14 August 2018

Taking some time away from my list, and reading the things that Andrew was writing for Save the World, has put it back into perspective for me what this is all about for me. I started out with the idea that this list would be about the everyday struggles that come from being a human, and providing a soundtrack to those struggles to help you overcome them….

Blackout (Radio Edit) – Pynk64

27 June 2018

Too often these days, we’re tricked into thinking that life follows a paint-by-numbers format, and that if we don’t follow this format, we’ll find ourselves in trouble..

7 Years of Bad Luck – Mario Dones

12 June 2018

You all know how much I love music that has real atmosphere and tells a story. I especially love it when that story is motivating and uplifting, even when life’s been kicking you in the shins a bit. 

Skip a Beat – Second Floor Rumour

29 May 2018

Seeing as how May seems to have completely fallen out from underneath our feet and the hot weather we’ve been having in the UK hints at the chance of an actual summer, it seems only right to include what may very well become the soundtrack to your 2018…

Beyond the Sun – Imagined Herbal Flows

22 May 2018

I’ve had enough of trying to Save the World! this week. I mean, I’ve been putting in some serious hours in this silly little thing we call life, and now I’m ready for some maximum chill time. 

Adieu, Pt. II – Tchami

15 May 2018

The chilled vibes continue this week with Adieu, Pt. II! (what a stylish little rhyming phrase that was)

We both love adventures, don’t we? Sometimes we just wanna hop into our boat made of stars and sail out across the celestial sea, just to see what’s out there…

Kerala – Bonobo

7 May 2018

Following in the same vein as last week’s entry, Bonobo’s ‘Kerala’ is a super-chill fest that’s gotten me through some pretty hard work over the weekend.

It always seems to happen that whenever Britain has some good weather, I’m cooped up inside working on an important deadline. It’s worth it though; playing the long game always pays off in the end, so if missing out on a bit of a tan this weekend is the price for some hard earned success, I can handle that!..

clarity – vivaellipsis, har:low

1 May 2018

Writing up this week’s entry has been such a bizarre experience. Normally I’m not one to be stuck for something to say, but writing about my own track is like staring into the looking glass the wrong way.

I Could Be The One – Noonie Bao Acoustic Mix – Avicii, Nicky Romero

23 April 2018

The news of Avicii’s death this week shook me pretty hard. To lose such a talented person is always tragic (and it comes off the back of the death of Stephen Hawking last month, another huge hero of mine), but when that person is hardly a year older than you it reminds you that death really doesn’t care how old or how successful you are. It reminds you that you really have to live life properly, and not waste it on pointless bollocks…

All Four Walls – Gorgon City, Vaults

16 April 2018

This week’s entry is only a shorty, which I’m given to understand from the great philosopher Iyaz is also a term of endearment for someone who’s not unlike a melody in one’s head, or an iPod stuck on replay (what a genius that man was. Absolute genius). 

Rise and Shine – Deorro

10 April 2018

I’ve been a very busy little bee recently. I can’t say what I’ve been working on just yet, but believe me, it’s exciting. 

When you’re deep in the headspace forest, you tend to come across a lot of strange and interesting psychological creatures, and not all of them are friendly. If you’ve ever completely thrown yourself into a creative project, you’ll know what I mean…

Mein War (feat. Julia) – Dakon First

26 March 2018

Every once in a while, we get a track sent to us that catches us quite off-guard. Sure, we’ve spent the past few months talking about the victories we overcome in our daily lives (and the music we listen to as the soundtrack to those victories), but it’s easy to forget that there are people out there going through a much more dangerous form of struggle. The kind that can get you killed…

Waves – Hemmit

20 March 2018

This week, we’re doing things a bit different. Because that’s what heroes do. They break the rules (but not the law, that’s more the realm of the villains and we aren’t interested in those sorts)…

Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac

13 March 2018

If you told me I could only ever listen to one band for the rest of my life, well first of all I’d say you were a bit of a dick for forcing such an unnecessary restriction on me. But if you insisted, because that’s just the way you are, I’d answer with Fleetwood Mac. When it comes to taking you on a journey, there’s just no one quite like the Mac.

Trophies – Drake – Young Money

6 March 2018

Being a hero isn’t easy. Most of the time, our feats of superhuman prowess go unrewarded, even unnoticed. Usually this isn’t an issue: after all, we do what we do because of the people we are, not because we want a pat on the back for biting our tongue during a difficult exchange or a high five for getting to work on time every day…

Opps (with Yugen Blakrok) – Vince Staples

27 February 2018

Like Music to Dali & Jay-Z Lovers post last week, this week’s Save the World! entry was inspired by the recent release of Marvel’s Black Panther. It’s rare that to have a film score deviate from traditional cinematic motifs and pull it off so well, but I really feel my enjoyment of the film was in no small part due to Kendrick’s impeccable song curation. As curators ourselves, we know the impact that the right song can have on a particular moment, and it was humbling to see it done on a Hollywood scale…

HyperParadise (Flume Remix) – Hermitude

20 February 2018

I’ll be honest, I’ve had myself a pretty weird couple of weeks. Not to take this playlist to a place of doom and gloom, but I’ve not been feeling so Victorious! lately. In fact, I’ve been in a bit of a rut. 

But that’s okay! Heroes aren’t always winning. That’d make for some shit-boring cinema, and if box office success is anything to go by, we know that’s certainly not the case. I won’t reference any particular heroes here for fear of flaming up a DC/Marvel turf-war, except of course for Mr Incredible, who quite famously finds himself in the mother of all ruts. And everything turns out pretty great for him, so, y’know. Chin up…

Places – Martin Solveig

13 February 2018

Sometimes we’re not super-human without that special someone who brings out our full potential. And sometimes, we lose that someone. In fact, one of the most grueling challenges a superhero can face is the loss of their sidekick. It can be for different reasons, but it’s almost always an incredibly difficult thing to overcome. 

Solidarity – Enter Shikari

7 February 2018

If you need an anthem to supercharge you to Victory!, I’ve got you covered. Or, should I say, Rou and the boys have you covered with the powerhouse that is Solidarity. 

From the opening cascade of saw-toothy goodness (you guys know how much I love my saw-tooths. Saw-teeth? Hmm…), Enter Shikari do not disappoint in delivering an incredible journey and a powerful message of unification.

Fire Away – Skrillex

30 January 2018

Every Hero needs to take time out to rest and recuperate: how can you make that miraculous comeback if you never went away in the first place?

When I picture the kind of place I’d escape to, it’s very much your typical exotic retreat; an island, rich and lush, full of nature and all that nice stuff (zero tolerance policy on snakes though), somewhere fresh and relaxing to bring those all-important wellbeing levels back up. 

Haunted – Beyoncé

23 January 2018

Cast your mind back to my earliest posts, when we built the foundations for what this playlist is about: people, achieving super-humans feats of existence on a daily basis. 

Lyrically, Haunted hits this nail on the head: 9-5 / to stay alive. Ambition takes a back seat to the more pressing reality of surviving. And that takes serious strength to push through every single day, especially if it feels like the embers of a dream are dying in the process…

Throne – Bring Me The Horizon

16 January 2018

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. 

For every clear-cut Superman, there’s a darker, more complicated Al Simmons (y’know, the guy that became Spawn? Todd McFarlene’s breakthrough character! No? I promise you he’s very well known!). Whether you’re a noble Ned or a redeemed Jaime, you have the potential to overcome great adversity on your path to Victory! (although Ned did lose his head, so maybe don’t follow his lead too rigorously…)

Atom – Madison Mars

9 January 2018

This week we’re getting back to our roots with Madison Mars’ interstellar journey ‘Atom’!

This track oozes cinematic brilliance, from the trancey string lead to the gritty vocal bass, everything about Atom screams soundtrack. Picture this: you’re about to go up against your nemesis (your boss, your annoying neighbour, your in-laws …) and you need to get the adrenaline pumping:…

Song of Cedric – The Blue Wave Pavilion

2 January 2018

There are two forces in this world that no hero, regardless of how powerful they are, can defeat – Time, and Death.

It’s easy to forget this when we’re all wrapped up in the business of Saving the World!, especially when our current endeavours behave as though they’re matters of life or death. But eventually, Time will age us, and Death will take us, and it won’t matter how many cars are on the drive or numbers are in the account. 

Strobe – Michael Woods 2014 Remix – deadmau5, Michael Woods

18 December 2017

Remixing deadmau5 takes some serious courage. Not only does Joel have incredibly high standards when it comes to people messing with his music, but he’s also not afraid to tell them – often in the bluntest way possible. 

Mirage – Platon Emil & Stefan Nixdorf feat. Landry Cantrell & Kristen Hicks

12 December 2017

What’s the point in Saving the World! if the world isn’t worth saving? I think we all have days where we think everything is so completely fucked up that to try and change anything is pointless. 

Afterlife – Tchami (feat. Stacy Barthe)

5 December 2017

Sometimes the most superhuman thing we can do is acknowledge our mortality. 

All heroes know that there’s a very good chance they can be defeated, and what comes next? Where do we go in the Afterlife? It’s important that we make peace with this fact if we’re to stay brave in the face of Danger; if we don’t, we might find ourselves succumbing to the Great Unknown…

Never Give Up – Sergio T. feat. Dim Gerrard

28 November 2017

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of perseverance in this business of saving the world. A wise chimp once said, ‘we only fail when we give in trying.’ As long as we never give up and never surrender, we can only succeed, even if we’re walking on two left feet all the time!

Bloodline – S.O.S

21 November 2017

A hero should be the voice of unity. If the true evils of the world are intolerance and prejudice, then it’s our job as superheroes to battle against them in whatever way we can. 

Dreamlife – Morning Fatty

14 November 2017

Even heroes need a day off. 

I mean come on, it gets tiring saving the world every. single. day. Sometimes we’d rather not whack on our supersuit (as usual, points for the reference), and just kick our feet up and watch some bad telly instead. And that’s perfectly within our right! No one’s paying us to be heroes – the world owes us some down time!

Bow – Kasabian

8 November 2017

The best heroes are aware of two very important facts in life. 

The first is that, in order to truly defeat evil, you have to be unpredictable. Life doesn’t move in straight lines, and neither should you. We make our best decisions when they come from an unexpected place, because despite all of the wonders of our evolution, we’re complete idiots when it comes to deciding what’s best to do for ourselves. That’s the curse of being rational. 

Never Be Like You – Flume, kai

2 November 2017

Sometimes we heroes forget that at the end of the day, we’re only human. We make mistakes. Flume and kai know this, and they want you to know it to. Maybe you fucked up today—you didn’t Save the World! Maybe you even destroyed a one. That’s okay. You’re only human, and yes, you make mistakes.

Lean On – Major Lazer ft. MO & DJ Snake

2 November 2017

Being the full-time superheroes that we are, we often need reminding that we don’t have to do all this on our own. As this track perfectly surmises, ‘we all need someone to lean on.’ This track is a loving tribute to all the sidekicks in our lives, the ones who make our endeavours possible, the ones who stick by us through thick and thin. Without them we are mere mortals; together, we can Save the World!

The Only Way Is Up – Martin Garrix & Tiësto

2 November 2017

There’s no rush quite like the one when Victory! is in sight. In these moments, the world is ours, we have full control, and nothing can get in our way. In other words, the Only Way Is Up!

Stamina – Jordy Dazz

1 November 2017

If there’s one thing any hero needs, it’s stamina. Life is a marathon, and this track is the juice in your veins that keeps you pumping past those moments where you feel like you haven’t got anything left to give…

Happiness – Sagan

31 October 2017

*Villains Beware: the following content is not suitable for those of a malevolent disposition*

This song truly delivers on the title. Like a jumper cable to the nipples of your soul, it’ll boost you through the most troubling parts of your adventure and see you on your way to Victory!…