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From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack…

The soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been made… YET – feturing artists like Garbage • Bruno Mars • Radiohead • Pet Shop Boys • Ultravox • Goldfrapp • Blur • Kasabian

Original Motion Picture

my face hurts from smiling

Happy tunes for when you feel your heart overheated with joy – featuring artists like Twice • Cerrone • Juliette Armanet • Myd • L’impératrice • The Beach Boys • Bruno Mars • Mapache

The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

This week’s track is by one of my all-time favorite artists – Bruno Mars. Guys, I can’t tell you how badly I’ve needed this track this week. I just came back from a mini vacation in the city of Los Angeles. The seventy degree weather and sunny skies almost tricked me into thinking it was May back here in the Midwest.