Maria Fish

Emerging from a life shaped by islands - a spirited sanctuary to be grown from - where reflection is gathered in the compost and propagated in papaya seeds. I find the deepest joy in being a steward of sound and of soil. Much like a Community Garden - I am hoping to invoke a sense of curiosity, intention, playfulness and mindfulness into the way we cultivate and connect through song. You can find me in the redwoods, dancing in the mountains, sipping on nettle tea, planting sweet peas and fava beans, walking endlessly, listening endlessly and sharing the gift of music to those who choose to listen.

Take it Easy

12 October 2021

Journey through the depths of a never-ending day with these everlasting tunes – featuring artists like Leon Bridges • Khurangbin • COIN • Devendra Banhart • Brett Dennen • Cannons • duendita • Mk.gee

Glory Of The Glacial Galaxy

7 October 2021

moving through glaciers gifted by Going to the Sun… – featuring artists like Dungen • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma • Harold Budd • Laura Groves • Leifur James • Laraaji • Pharoh Sanders • Alice Coltrane


4 October 2021

Journey through the depths of a never-ending day with these everlasting tunes – featuring artists like Leon Bridges • Khurangbin • COIN • Devendra Banhart • Brett Dennen • Cannons • duendita • Mk.gee

Disco in the Beach House

1 October 2021

For the nights you need a beach and a disco – featuring artists like Fred Falke • Felipe Gordon • Teenage Mutants • O’Flynn • TOKIMONSTA • Jesse Futerman • Robosonic • Phairo • Purple Disco Machine

A Mellow Daydream

29 September 2021

a break from reality to get lost in a dream – featuring artists like Cage The Elephant • Szymon • Devices • Nick Drake • Drugdealer • Club Kuru • Andrew Jackman • Sleeping Jesus

Sweet Like Honey

28 September 2021

Stop, relax, enjoy life’s little blessings – featuring artists like Bill Withers • Kadhja Bonet • L’impératrice • Erykah Badu • ROSALÍA • Laura Groves

Song in 60 Seconds

24 September 2021

A MusicTo collaborative playlist of songs in and around one minute – featuring artists like The Clash • Bad Religion • M.I.A • Cru • Opeth • Pratley • BA Johnson • The Linda Lindas • Ramones

goin’ to the beach in my mind

16 September 2021

Escape to your peaceful place in this genre-less haven – featuring artists like Noname • chromonocci • Tash Sultana • Porches • Isaiah Mostafa • Tom Misch • Sofía Valdés

Organic Vibes

2 September 2021

Organic unexpected vibes from all over the world – featuring artists like Baden Powell • Monica Salmaso • Alain Péters • Fela Kuti • Anna Paes • Hamilton de Holanda • Luiz Bonfá • Quarteto Novo

Quiet Amplifiers

1 September 2021

When you want to get lost in the details of music – featuring artists like Wilco • Destroyer • Karen O & Danger Mouse • Pinetrees • D’angelo • Erykah Badu • Faye Webster

Raise Your Hands In Joy And Give Thanks

1 September 2021

A celebration of the beautiful daily struggle… – featuring artists like Steve Winwood • Fela Kuti • Marvin Gaye • Earth, Wind and Fire • Lyn Collins • Rotary Connection and Soul II Soul

The Bug Collector – Haley Heynderickx

29 March 2020

At a time that simmers in fragility and fear – words are paralyzing. Sharing feels weighted in heavy uncertainty…

Stranger To Yourself – Loving

6 February 2020

Are you a stranger to yourself? A habitually threaded thought stitched on the surface of an overcrowded mind…

Canada – Desmond Cheese

12 December 2019

A song best explained in sounds. Sounds that feel almost familiar – but not quite – like a foggy memory…

Midnight – Motel Radio

20 November 2019

Tangled in otherworldly harmonies – “Midnight” is delicately strung into an emotional encapsulation of the complexity that grows within our deepest infatuations…

Lagunas – Getaway Dogs

3 October 2019

A creation of powerful sonic transformation. Colorful soundscapes course through the vibrant veins of Getaway Dogs in their expression of nature and our state of belonging within it…

Loverboy – The Marías

19 September 2019

The wistful, the wiser and the wilder side speaks louder than the rest and here arises the raspy roar of María – a lioness awakening all things ethereal and otherworldly…

Time Moves Slower Here – Chester Watson

10 September 2019

An experience in slow motion by Chester Watson. Placed in anti-gravitational soundwaves – brooding words are scattered like rain and wash away our minds internalized misguidance. To be heard and to be understood is the essence of Chester Watson’s mystical journey infused creations…

wet dreams – sundiver ca

29 August 2019

Inside patched up pockets of humbled innovations – the sounds of sundiver ca shreds effortlessly through manically moody tunes. Brimming with dreamy, dreary and distorted modulations..

Summer Nights – Noah Rosen (ft. Alex Jones, Joe Newton, Tommy & Danny Ferdon)

12 August 2019

A creation of lively instrumental abundance. The act of speaking through sound without the boundaries or barriers confined within the walls of words. A universal feeling induced only by pure instrumentation to awaken the sounds of the soul…

Dreamstate – Heavy Chest

6 August 2019

Consumed by a pensive energy, Heavy Chest revels in cumbersome introspection. With creations drenched in moody melancholy – Andre Smith, Josh Brown, Samuel Morgan, and Joe Sheppy form the sound of the warped dream that is our existence…

Hurts Me Too – Faye Webster

29 July 2019

The manifestation of restless emotions is released within the slow stream of melodic tears on wounded skin. Here enters a voice which glides as delicately as a dragonfly along sun soaked water in its waltz with the wind. Much like the sounds of a brewing summer storm, she serenades with a brooding intensity…

Nihilist Kite Flyer – Loving

17 July 2019

The desire to deliver beautiful words and words that leave an imprint on the mind can often leave one in a paralyzing state of creative despair. Loving is a sound where the imprint is deep and words are soaked in life lived amongst the creative despair…

Magick Love – Mae Powell

5 June 2019

Sat atop a creaky old rooftop deck on a late May evening. San Francisco falls under a blanket of fog and lulls the city sounds to hum to a slower rhythm. Huddled humans speak in buzzed banter…

Pretty Thing – Stello

22 May 2019

Stello mixes sounds of old and new like listening to hazy vinyl through a modern day record player. It is music with the power of transportation that allows you to wander amongst decades that can only be experienced through memories. The kind that have nestled nicely into the sounds of Stello…

As The World Turns – Jessica Pratt

14 May 2019

There are voices that ground you into the vibrant microcosms of the earth and voices that float amongst the air after flying through spacey lungs. Voices that warm you with words baked in sunlight and voices with unpredictable power and simultaneous grace like wild water…

Chill Out – Yoni Arbel

1 May 2019

Welcome to the creators of YONI. Lush arrangements of instrumental and lyrical versatility embodies the divinity of their art in all of its most empowering pieces. What we don’t understand intrigues us and at the core I think we all crave to understand why art – especially in the form of music – is so emotionally tethered to our roots. The diversity of their ensemble is sure to tingle your curious taste buds of the musical feast they have to offer…

Damn – Nat Lefkoff

25 April 2019

The light air of spring is finally as warm as my morning tea, so naturally this feels like a good time to ponder the existence of self. Perhaps I can interest you in some spring cleaning of the mind, body and soul. For whatever it’s worth, I think we are all destined to explore and question the boundaries of existentialism. The kind of stuff that makes you feel lost in what is unknown and overly consumed by what is…

Nostalgic Montage – Salami Rose Joe Louis

16 April 2019

The time we spend above the earth. The feeling of motionless suspension and yet bewildering speed propels us back and forth through time and space. A place where time appears to stand still – if exist at all. The space above the earth is vast, unknown, and transitional much like our existence…

personova – Austenyo

9 April 2019

This week of Music in Motion Month, I am all about those super duper groovy movey tunes that reminds us to be a bit more playful in our existence. Sometimes we need to feel lighter to get through the day and moving your body allows you to feel alive…

Lake Song – Deja Blu

2 April 2019

Feeling the mood in your surrounding atmosphere and curating a path of sounds that flows mindfully is where I really fell in love with sharing music. Whether it is a 10 minute drive or an 8 hour road trip, I am always creating a different experience every.single.time…

Sleeping Through The Flood – Sticky Fingers

27 March 2019

Don’t be too shocked when I introduce yet another aussie band. You may gasp. I know it’s getting a bit out of hand. At this point my musical garden is beyond fecund with sun kissed flora in the form of Australian born tunes…

River – Matrick Jones

20 March 2019

You know when you discover a new artist and immediately know you’re going to have a long lustrous love affair with their music? This happened to me recently with Matrick Jones aka Matthew Bilić. Once again my aussie roots grow deeper into my musical garden as this funky fellow hails from Sydney, Australia. Here in the warm shadows I would lovingly like to introduce Matrick Jones, a beam of golden musical light…

Society – Alice Phoebe Lou

12 March 2019

Alice Phoebe Lou is the goosebumps tingling on your skin making absolutely sure you feel the depths of her words. Heavy truths wander through her airy melodies. She treads gracefully along the thin veil of authenticity we suppress through the universal understanding that “this is just the way life is”…

Somewhere Else – Mesita

5 March 2019

It’s finally a warm night and it is welcomed with deep gratitude. The air is pleasantly humid and light breath flows in and out of my body with gentle ease. A steamy tea brews beside me. Always. Headphones are snuggly set in each ear, eagerly awaiting to float amongst the waves of sound…

Watching You – Charlotte Dos Santos

26 February 2019

Empowering. Gentle. Melancholy. Sensual. Vocals that are sultry, soulful and eloquently woeful. A tune dripping and bursting with flavor reminiscent of biting into the first peach of summer. Versatility beyond comparison. Just a few words that might aid you in understanding the artistry of this eclectic, beautiful woman by the name of Charlotte Dos Santos…

Special Moment – Post Animal

19 February 2019

What a time to be alive music lovers of the world! I had a profound moment of happiness in mindblowing proportions watching this group of snazzy fellows jam together recently in San Francisco. The band is composed of Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo, Matt Williams and Joe Keery (an inactive contributing member for the foreseeable future)…

Never Answer – The Frightnrs

6 February 2019

The winter blues are such a real thing my friends. I was born and raised on a warm tropical island where the temperature would only enter a low of 59 degrees on occasion and the rain was warm and always inviting you to dance along with it. So on days where the cold begins entering the emotional veins, reggae is able to warm the mind and soul…

Mombasa – Foreign/National

29 January 2019

My aussie roots seem to be growing into fervent entanglement with some really snazzy australian artists. These roots have wrapped gently around the five-piece band known as Foreign/National. They have been a favorite of mine for quite awhile now and this track in particular keeps me groovin’ even when there is no groove left…

HKG – The Paisley Daze

22 January 2019

A little funkier than your average duo. Maybe not your cup of tea yet but they soon will be. These super groovy brothers go by the names Trippy Kish Daze and Peefs Daze. They draw their inspiration from anything and everything and it’s a totally tantalizing blend of adventurous sounds on every track they create. ..

I Wanna Know – Saib

16 January 2019

There is something eternally satisfying about the sounds of nature on a track that I fall in love with instantly. It may be from growing up on an island with an abundance of natures songs versus the more common surroundings of overstimulated commotions found amongst bustling cities. Both have a place in our lives but our connection to one far outweighs the other…

Buffalo – Inner Wave

9 January 2019

Warmest of greetings to these five spunky, funky and full of life guys by the names of Pablo Sotelo, Jean Pierre Narvaez, Chris Runners, Elijah Trujillo, and Luis Portillo. Honestly, what first got my attention was their name. Anything wave related peaks my interest no matter the content…

Gold In The Air – Jesse Woods

18 December 2018

The soft and enamored vocals of Jesse Woods is something I immediately associated with a warm cup of tea or the warmth of the sun as it emerges from snoozing behind the clouds. There is just something about a song that allows you to simply feel good. Nothing more and nothing less…

Wolfcat – Still Woozy

5 December 2018

Oooh baby this guy has got me so stoked on music right now. As someone who is constantly on the search for new sounds, I absolutely revel in the feeling of pure bliss when I hear something that reinvigorates my zest for music…

Keep You Dreamin’ – Flitz&Suppe

28 November 2018

Hello my groovy music lovers! I welcome you with gratitude and love today. This week I wanted to get a gentle start and keep it on the mellow side of life. Introducing Flitz&Suppe, a special duo from Germany…

Friday Morning – Khruangbin

20 November 2018

Be prepared to take a deep dive into your wild ocean of feelings while listening to Khruangbin. I had the glorious pleasure of recently witnessing the live performance of these three funky gurus creating pure sunlit sounds…

Flirt- Biig Piig

6 November 2018

Gentle rapping and sultry vocals is what initially got me hooked on Jess Smyth. She exudes a rather soothing and hypnotic voice that draws you in immediately. There is truly something intriguing about darling Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig…

Selfish Lover – Mild Orange

30 October 2018

Hi, hello and welcome snazzy music lovers. I present to you this week a window into the inner workings of Mild Orange. I am fairly certain they’re cool with it if we just take a quick peek inside. These mellow kiwi fellows have a beautiful ability to share simple words and sounds with a truly relatable and meaningful message to go along with it…

Hand Me Down – Hales Corner

26 October 2018

Still a fairly new band, Hales Corner was formed around 2015 through the collaborative efforts of Wes Cook and Caleb Adams. People of the world, they are SO worth the listen…

Sundown Syndrome – Tame Impala

26 October 2018

Sundown Syndrome is a seriously underrated song of a now wildly popular band. My 16 year old self was introduced to the genius work of Kevin Parker by a childhood friend from New Zealand. To him I am forever grateful.