Maria Fish

Maria Fish
Emerging from a life shaped by islands - a spirited sanctuary to be grown from - where reflection is gathered in the compost and propagated in papaya seeds. I find the deepest joy in being a steward of sound and of soil. Much like a Community Garden - I am hoping to invoke a sense of curiosity, intention, playfulness and mindfulness into the way we cultivate and connect through song. You can find me in the redwoods, dancing in the mountains, sipping on nettle tea, planting sweet peas and fava beans, walking endlessly, listening endlessly and sharing the gift of music to those who choose to listen.

Transcendence to Tranquility

19 May 2022

Alone and awake and auspiciously taking for granted when the sun rises and lifts us all into lighter bodies. We seem to slip in and out of life itself, asking for a sense of belonging. Are you so deep in denial that you’ve lost sight of the light that brings out the mourning? I often wish I could share my thoughts with an ounce more simplicity but who’s to say this would change anything.

As you learn about life in its granularity, the sky opens wider like a moth’s wings. Unlike the numbness you once lived your entire day undoing, you now notice the moth and that a moment with the sky can save you from your own unbecoming. Inevitably, we still slip in and out of mourning with a hopefulness and heartache that silently consumes our awakening.

You find yourself alive – untethered and undecided, intertwined and insignificant. What does it mean to take up so much space in distress and the denial of it? If we were to leave this skin and land in another body, would our sense of desperation follow or flee? I think I saw loss running away with mourning, but I can never predict where it is they are going.

I never thought I could be so discouraged and delighted at once, so deeply inspired by being. I have never been found so perhaps this is why I keep looking. Sometimes I wonder if a life of longing can become the brightest part of the story. 

I ask all these questions, not to find the answers, but to live in the wondering. Here I connect to this kind of discomfort, here I’m grateful for not knowing. Where would we be if we really knew anything and everything knew nothing? I’m not sure these questions are really worth asking but somehow I’m alive in these words and a willful witness to the illusion of self discovery.

Is this where we find transcendence to tranquility?

Wave Walkers Dance To A Different Kind Of Rhythm

6 May 2022

Surf and Sunday mornings fill dawn with sandy wax and sleepy shuffles that wake sticky opihi’s up one by one. The tips of toes are the first to be woken up by the lips of morning light. The rest of the body seems to dissolve into foamy oblivion, leaving behind salty teeth in the shape of smiles. Those who have already left themselves behind slide by along the surface of something greater. Like a secret we can’t seem to keep, I offer you the sound of salted water.

From the voice of a fellow wave walker, the secret washes upon more endless shores.

Chris discovered surfing from an early age, growing up at a holiday house on Bribie Island along the east coast of Australia. Surf was seasonal there and only came in with certain winds and weather patterns, thus making it the perfect learning ground on the small ripples and small surf. The fascination and passion grew and as a teen, big household name’s and Hawaiian legends were worshiped.

To this day Chris still gets out when he can, teaching his son about the ocean, the etiquette, and the physical meditation it brings.

If you find yourself swept into the waters embrace, embedded in the words above, Chris and Maria have shared some visual stories for you to get in on the experience 😉

Catch Me in the Beat

27 April 2022

A collaborative project that started with a beat that makes you want to get up and dance. By the second song, the funk hits hard and continues bringing you into a psychedelic melody. You’ll find yourself on your feet dancing with a few moments to sit down and take a breather; only to get right back up by the end of the playlist.

Fingers and Flight Go Hand in Hand

10 March 2022

Fingers and flight go hand in hand. A softness lives in black and white and the spaces in between. The rise and fall requests a feeling, a movement that muscles its way up and down spines and spirits. Must this movement become materialized to be real?

What is real when hands move faster than heart and healing is just a hope we have when nothing else shows up.Are we walking out of tune, into something deeper? Is depth what we are really asking for?
I think today, I’d rather be playful with a purpose. I start to wonder if projection is the place we really strive to be in and if intangibility is where the free really live.

You see, fingers and flight go hand and hand and so do we when our light and shadow is inevitably revealed. We can always begin again and again and again.

Photo by Hannah Tims on Unsplash

A Parallel Universe in Retrospect

17 January 2022

Are you someone who is often reflective and a fan of indie? Want to tune out for a bit and travel through time and space and everything in between? Then this playlist is for you.

Reflect and zone out to the distinct sounds of these tracks as they take you through different memories, timelines, and perhaps even other dimensions. From the first track to the last track you’ll be going on a journey and traveling through the sound frequencies. The songs will make you feel like you’ve traveled through different periods of music. It will make you reminisce as if you are there in the stories as they unfold.

Listen to this while getting ready for bed and let it carry you away, or even let it chill you out on a long drive as you watch the sunset in the distance. Do you need a burst of creativity while writing that paper you need due tomorrow? Let this be the soundtrack to spark your thoughts and take you on a ride. Let it take you somewhere familiar, close, yet far away. Somewhere only your mind will know how to navigate you to. Somewhere beautiful, magical, and out of this world.

Hike With Me

20 December 2021

Hiking is perhaps the best way to relish the humungous benefits nature around us has to offer – aka Nature’s Therapy! You find yourself unwinding and reconnecting with yourself while appreciating the subtle refinements in the trails that you tread on.
Ben Howard and Passenger are here to swing you with their beautiful acoustic arrangements, Shantanu Pandit and Sami Simon will add the needed lyrical prowess to your trek, and Sean Rowe & others shall be your guiding force – empowering and reenergizing you throughout the hike.
There might be moments where you feel like giving up, but such tunes guarantee you an experience that shall empower you to – cross that ridge, meander through those meadows, trek up that hill, or pave through that river-crossing!
Or, when you’re back home tucked up in bed and missing the mighty mountains, driving through a thick forest at night, sleeping under a dome of stars, or relaxing after countless hours spent trekking up rigid slopes -these frivolous, uplifting melodies will engulf you with a soothing charm and transcend you back into the care-free, leisure backed time in the woods!

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks” – John Muir.

The Sky Seeks To Soothe You

3 December 2021

November is a tender month, so I choose the chrysalis. It will metamorphosize the grief with a grace I don’t hold yet.

The arrival of sunrise shells says it all. No one knows what it means to be born from these colors, to be seeded in sheltered soil is the bounty and burden. Is that when the sovereignty of the sky is chosen?

November is a tender month, so I choose the moth. The grief found in wings is the grace I must always remember to learn from.

Rhythms of a Dancing Rainbow

24 November 2021

Andrew Writes:

Dance. Dancing. I have a strange relationship with it.

On one hand there’s the carefree abandonment of pure rhythmic self expression – on the other – the crushing sense of humiliation and external judgement.

Over the years I have moved through both extremes – the joyous innocence of youth followed by the terrified stumblings of teen years fueled by late puberty. Having my sister give me new moves and dancing my ass off in the gay bars of Glasgow only to be followed by the shame and self doubt of a directionles man in his twenties.

Now, thirty years later – sometimes I’m confident and charismatic – and sometimes I’m not.

It’s weird.

What I’m placing on this list are tracks that at some point in the past, I’ve been able to shake off self doubt and expressionist temerity, and just dance.

They’re tracks that invariably put a smile on my face and indeed, a beat in my step.

Maria Writes:

A dancing leaf laughs at your hesitation to twirl, only given a short swoon to show off its grace and gratitude…it is a moment not to be missed. Flamboyant feels finite, their only dance lives infinitely in your body, now swaying to a song of remembrance with the newfound grace and gratitude dancing closely beneath your fingers.

Dancing has always been a movement easily distorted by distractions, a delight dimmed in an instant. In the same breath – to move can be the only gratitude you need in a day. If you are able to move through distortion and into the breath, the dance of life will be waiting there in your lungs and is as delightful as filling your cup with spirit on a hopeless and humid day.
Movement feels like being brought to life by becoming what the moment requires.

Glory Of The Glacial Galaxy

7 October 2021

Where spoken language must be surpassed to reveal the wholeness of a moment.

This two hour expedition was curated to accompany you through the Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. If you find yourself here – your experience of the expedition is welcomed and encouraged by the creator.

To embody a moment in the presence of grace gathered in galactic proportions feels as truly out of reach as the glaciers before you. Wisdom is the wind and the water morphing with the breaking down of their bodies above. A reflection of erosion rises…the way we are all broken down, only to reveal more of what we hold and allow space for the growth of others alongside us. An invitation for an adornment in rainbows of lichen and sage and edges to mold into hands and spaces for water to move magnetically.

Herein lies the truth of our broken spirts and reveals the wholeness awaiting on the other side if we choose to hold it all together…we are all found along the broken edges and the rainbow lichen – a gift to be here at all.


4 October 2021

About this playlist

Imagine a day like any other, but filled with an endless cycle full of constant flourishes of night and day. Hour by hour, our hearts sink lower into our chests, and our minds dwindle further into an abyss of groove.

Lost in the motion of the tunes, we become stuck in time. A time of true pleasure. A moment of pure delight. Our souls intertwined into each chorus. Our ears clinging onto every chord. Our bodies swinging to the side as the momentum grows. We become one with the music.

From the start to the end, twinges of Leon Bridges’ “soul-spired” moodiness to duendita’s lowkey eccentricity become the story.

We’ve only just begun.

Newcomer Foreign Colour details a real kind of love with ethereal grooves whilst Brett Dennen relaxes into a state of hushed greatness in “What’s The Secret?” Further, this playlist guides you to an environment never before seen. Ride the waves of eclectic mariachi and introspective indie folk.

Take time today to explore the regions of your mind, body, and soul. Enter the depths of a playlist that translates through you no matter the time of day and the space around you.