Matt Jenko

Matt Jenko
Hi my name is Matt, but my friends call me Matt. I’m on the wrong side of 29 (damn I hate it every time I have to update that number), definitely feeling my age, but never felt happier and more content than I do at this point in my life. I’ve been through some rocky patches (who hasn’t) and lived to tell the tale, and boy do I gots some stories. When I’m not giving opinions absolutely nobody asked for, I’m doing a worldbuilding with my passion project, vivaellipsis. If you like offbeat nonsense delivered through immersive escapism, then go and get involved. Or don’t, I’m not telling you what to do. I’m not yer boss. I’m a simple man with simple interests. I like Yorkshire tea, the sound of rain on the window, and a bloody good story.

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Music to Escape Reality

Transcendence to Tranquility

19 May 2022

Alone and awake and auspiciously taking for granted when the sun rises and lifts us all into lighter bodies. We seem to slip in and out of life itself, asking for a sense of belonging. Are you so deep in denial that you’ve lost sight of the light that brings out the mourning? I often wish I could share my thoughts with an ounce more simplicity but who’s to say this would change anything.

As you learn about life in its granularity, the sky opens wider like a moth’s wings. Unlike the numbness you once lived your entire day undoing, you now notice the moth and that a moment with the sky can save you from your own unbecoming. Inevitably, we still slip in and out of mourning with a hopefulness and heartache that silently consumes our awakening.

You find yourself alive – untethered and undecided, intertwined and insignificant. What does it mean to take up so much space in distress and the denial of it? If we were to leave this skin and land in another body, would our sense of desperation follow or flee? I think I saw loss running away with mourning, but I can never predict where it is they are going.

I never thought I could be so discouraged and delighted at once, so deeply inspired by being. I have never been found so perhaps this is why I keep looking. Sometimes I wonder if a life of longing can become the brightest part of the story. 

I ask all these questions, not to find the answers, but to live in the wondering. Here I connect to this kind of discomfort, here I’m grateful for not knowing. Where would we be if we really knew anything and everything knew nothing? I’m not sure these questions are really worth asking but somehow I’m alive in these words and a willful witness to the illusion of self discovery.

Is this where we find transcendence to tranquility?

Sails Across the Sea with Sympathetic Vibrations

3 May 2022

Chamber of Reflection

19 April 2022


18 April 2022

Neon City

13 April 2022

cool electronic?

12 April 2022


11 April 2022

We flippin love synthwave so we do

From Andie:

Glass Prism by Windows 96 – First thought, light electro with high synth. It’s as if you’re traveling through space. It starts off with that deep base and then you find yourself speeding by those slow tones and high synth points/dots – dots? I had no other word to describe it, but listen and you’ll totally get it.

America Online by The Midnight – The Midnight just HAD to be on this playlist. It’s so smooth, plus the steady bass with those synthesized vocals? Perfection. And if you listen closely, you get that bit of static sound and I think that just makes the whole track come together as if it really shows that “online” feeling.

Don’t Want To Change Your Mind by FM-80 – Something about this track that’s gonna take you back. It’s like that nostalgic feeling since it sounds like something from the ‘80s. And the vocals here are one of the best. All I can say is that you’ll really feel this one. FM-84’s cinematic synth is beyond beautiful.

Powertrust by Absolute Valentine – I think the perfect way to describe this is to look at its album’s cover art. Heavy and fast synthwave, but it has a part in the middle when it slows down and you can feel its pressure like a heartbeat- in the best way.

Perpetual Tides by Euan Ellis – The perfect mix of different kinds of synths. Euan Ellis poured so much “dreamy synth” in this track, but it’s balanced with that electronic and light-energetic sound (light-energetic? More like a subtle hit).

From Matt:

Dream Tower by Caspro – One from Andie that really stood out to me as being a really vivid soundscape. I could see this being the soundtrack to a cyberpunk search scene, somewhere near the end where the protagonist has almost given up hope. Almost.

Looking For Tracy Tzu by Carpenter Brut – Can’t do a synthwave list without Carpenter I’m sorry that would be illegal. This track hits like a truck with one damn fine vocoder hook as the driver and I for one am ready 2 be collided with. Exquisite every time.

Zodiac by Sung – Listen to the start of this track and tell me you don’t feel instantly ready to go and do stuff. I first heard this driving around the streets of Edinburgh at night (in Forza 4 lol) and I don’t think anything embodies the sound of nightdriving more than this wee beastie.

Dr. Online by Fury Weekend – Who is Dr. Online? I don’t know but they clearly have a PhD in groove (hahaha good 1). With that rolling guitar line over the top this track is prime for movement, though where we’re going I have no idea. PS I LOVE the crush of the underlying chords

Salem by Dance With the Dead – oh wow, what a powerful track! One absolutely laden with deep emotion, again undercut by those really grizzly guitar rings. If this is your first foray into DWtD or even synthwave as a whole, I can think of no better place to begin.


11 April 2022

We said ‘let’s make a playlist where the only rule is the album cover is really bright and vibrant’ and so that’s exactly what we did

From Andie:

Coastline by Dezza – Deep bass, electronic dance sound. More than halfway into the track, you listen to those airy vocals and It’s like a whole new track merged with it. Definitely, something to dance to, just being free.

Eros by Dusky – For this, all I can say is, you’re gonna need it on loop, that’s for sure. And…I had to attach the music video for the cool visuals:

Satisfied by Catching Flies – The ambient melody is insane. The vocals add a whole new depth to the electro vibe and you just have to close your eyes and…feel it.

Scarlett Groove by Maribou State – The build-up of this track gets better and better. Its soothing pop beats make you wanna move and the vocals added here and there make the perfect transition.

Signals by Cinnamon Chasers – The album title’s called Doorways, and listening to it, it’s as if you entered a doorway to another dimension. Its deep electronic makes you sink, but then you get hit with a beat, and bam… you’re brought back. It goes on like that and it’s the best feeling ever.

From Matt:

Found by Matt Fax & Estiva – I’ve been playing a lot of Raft lately and I had this playlist on loop for like 3 hours whilst doing so, so now this track really reminds me of going on an oceanfaring journey. And now I’ve planted that imagery in your noggin, it can for you as well! Put it on a sail the seven seas you salty seadog!

Fireflies by Uppermost – I flippin love Uppermost. I think we may have ended up adding like 3 of his tracks to this list haha. Fireflies is such a standout because it really evokes the imagery of the name. It’s such a warm sounding track, I can see meself stood by a lake at night watching the fireflies do firefly stuff.

Elemental by Phaeleh – Flippin eck this track goes for a walk! If you’re looking for a sonic adventure you’ve find one my hobbit friend! Elemental has all these subtle elements fading in and out and by the time you reach the end, you feel a real sense of being somewhere new. But wait, there’s more…

More Than Human by Luttrell – …because (totally by accident) I discovered Elemental melts seamlessly into More Than Human, so much so I can’t listen to one without the other without me ears going ‘eh, what’s happenin’. Listen to them as a matched pair, preferably on a 12s crossfade, and disagree with me go on I dare u.

Ten Tigers by Bonobo – I’m gonna cheat here and copy and paste something I already done a writing of for this track by Bonobo on me where to start list (also called Ten Tigers): “this track does something truly special. It moves through this feeling of tension, suggesting phrases initially, before opening up to give the full truth.”


Froggin’ Bullfish

27 March 2022

Are Friends Eclectic? These Friends Are!

20 March 2022

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