Juan Amigo

Hi, my name is Juan Amigo. I come originally from Barcelona but I live since some years now in Ibiza, both in Spain. I have been listening to music since I was 14 when I bought my first vinyl as a single edit: “tainted love” from “Soft Cell”. Since then I have accumulated many years of musical experience by listening to a lot of music of very different and eclectic genres and attending to a lot of concerts and music festivals. This passion for music has had always a practical side as well since I have been a DJ since I was in my teens. I play all kinds of music. When I play for the dancefloor, I play electronic music (disco, space disco, funk, house, trance, electronica, Balearic, chill) and indie pop and rock. I do like all music genres, with only very few exceptions. For me the music is a way into spirituality and when playing as a DJ is a way of expressing myself explaining stories through the music and trying to reach the communion and connection with the dance crowd. Here you have my fan link with live sessions on YouTube or on SoundCloud and various recorded sessions in SoundCloud. https://fanlink.to/juanamigo

Electronic Spaceship

15 December 2022

Hop in, we’ve got a universe to explore. Featuring artists like: Nicolas Jaar, Lawrence Hart, Kiasmos, Yotto, NTO, deadmau5, Rodriguez Jr., Bicep

Eclectic Sound Melange

30 November 2022

An eclectic playlist that starts rather introspective and ends up with more bright tunes. Featuring artist like: The Smile, Nothing But Thieves, Gorillaz, The Herd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rick James, Midnight Oil, Claude François

Ibiza Sunrise to Sunset

10 November 2022

The sun rises and sets to the sound of music on the island of Ibiza featuring artists like: Aphex twin, Henrik Schwarz, Chilly Gonzales, Tim Deluxe, David Holmes, Jazzanova, Saint Germain

Ibiza Melancholy

27 April 2022

Melancholy with some brightness, abstraction and melody, featuring artists like: The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Crystal Castles, The Cameleons, Cocteau Twins, Desire, Yo la tengo, HVOB