Andrew McCluskey

Andrew McCluskey

The first visual memory I have is that of the white upright piano in Singapore, Hell and the Dark Forces lived at the bottom, Heaven and the Angels at the top, they would play battles through my fingers and I was hooked.

As a psychology graduate I studied how sound affects human performance.

As a musician I compose instrumental music that stimulates your brain but doesn't mess with your language centers, leaving you free to be creative and brilliant without distraction.

As a curator I research how music can improve your life and create flow - I can tell you what music to listen to when studying for a test and why listening to sad music can make you feel better.

As the founder of musicto I’m on a mission to inspire a global audience of music lovers and artists through the development of people powered playlists.

Variations on an Epitaph – Chloé Charody

10 June 2018

Suicide.  It’s in the air.  If you’re reading this in the future this was the week where Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain took their own lives and we all became familiar with the phrase suicide contagion.  And it’s shit – it’s shit for us who remain – who watch the tributes pour in as the tears pour out – and it’s the same damn question every time – Why!? Why?! Why?!

Luminous – Rachel LaFond

10 June 2018

One week i’m totally adding Gene Autry’s “Back In The Saddle Again” to the list – oh sure it would defeat the purpose of having instrumental music to help you writers out there but i bet you’re all familiar with the idea of returning to something after a break – it’s a weird thing!

Sleep Tonight Feat. The Ulster String Quartet – Robb Murphy

30 May 2018

It seems that Mental Health is very much in the fore front of the list at the moment – not surprising as May is Mental Health Awareness month but particularly with Scott Hutchison’s death a few weeks ago – we’ve been very focused on raising awareness of mental health issues…

It Was Something That Had To Be Said – Ben Hippen

30 May 2018

Every now and then you get a track submission which is truly perfect for the list and this week I think nails it!  Writer, Composer, Pianist and general all round creative, Ben Hippen recently produced an album – Scenarios that was commissioned specifically to provide the perfect sonic environment for writing.  Check out Ben’s initial submission notes:

Light As Air – Richard P John

24 May 2018

I’ve been living with this track for a while – it’s beautiful – and a really good fit for the Music to Fly With Confidence playlist too!  It’s one of those tracks that quietly seeps into your consciousness and has you going back to listen again and again.

Broken Soul In G Minor – Igor Longhi

23 May 2018

Do you ever grin when you listen to music?  No seriously – when you’re on your own and nobody’s looking and you don’t need to present the mask that the world seems to need – do you ever just joyfully let your face contort and unashamedly express how music makes you feel?

Death Dream – Frightened Rabbit

21 May 2018

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

…at least it was – it was when Scott Hutchison of one of my favorite bands Frightened Rabbit took his own life – probably acting out the story of a song he’d written 10 years ago – 10 years ago when he had more hope.

Dagger to the Heart – Anna Arco / Migdal Strings

16 May 2018

You never know what it is about a song that’s going to get you – could be the melody, a lyric, the overall instrumentation and production – but for a song to catch your attention – there needs to be a hook – this one gets you like a dagger to the heart!

The Essay 3 – Nils Ödlund

15 May 2018

So I’m super stoked about this week – we’re trying something a little different – instead of just one track – we’re presenting an entire writing mix – a playlist within a playlist – 1 hour of music lovingly stitched together to create the perfect sonic environment for all you out there who need to get the words down!

Flocons – Yann Dulché

8 May 2018

I’ve been grooving on this track for a few weeks now – there’s just something about it that I can’t get out of my head – and that’s a good thing – I think!

A relatively short track for the Essay writing list but it rewards repeat listening.  It’s the soundscape that I fell in love with…

Forever Changed – Carrie Underwood

8 May 2018

It’s a tough topic this week – Alzheimer’s disease – I believe we’re at the beginning of a massive increase in cases and I suspect we’re not really prepared.

It was a great conversation this morning with Sharon at Grief Reiki and rather than go over that – go watch the video below – Sharon has a lot of good insights and tools for those who are affected by this difficult disease…

Johnathan Fludd – Music to Curator Interview

3 May 2018

My name is Johnathan Fludd I was born and raised in Philadelphia but I currently live in San Antonio. Right now I’m just focusing on college, I’m not working at the moment.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I think it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always hated the music on the radio and enjoyed searching for new music. The feeling of finding a song you love that you would have never found if you weren’t digging is amazing…

Clarity – Ellipsis

1 May 2018

Aaaaah Clarity – that elusive nirvana of the mind’s eye – the state where mental blocks fall away and everything just flows.  This intentionally created Chillstep track from UK based producer Matt Jenko moves you through the jungle of information overload and delivers you to a place where execution is easy.

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

30 April 2018

You know when you’re full to the brim – when your emotions are so high you can barely hold them back and you’re struggling to keep yourself composed?  For me it’s never a sad song that breaks the dam – it’s always a happy one – and this track is the worst!

Azwani Monroe – Music to Curator Interview

25 April 2018

My name is Azwani Monroe from Los Angeles, California and I’m currently going to SCAD for graphic design.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

Playlist curation has always been really fun and I’m so glad that I found Music to because it allows me to share new music with a much larger audience. My favorite part about adding new songs to my playlist is the interaction you can have through listeners through social media.

I Could Be The One – Noonie Bao Acoustic Mix – Avicii, Nicky Romero

23 April 2018

I thought there’d be a couple of Avicii tracks in this week’s submissions and while Noka’s selection of Wake Me Up on the Music to Vibe To list was beautifully written and a must read / listen, it was the track from Matt Jenko and the Music to Save The World playlist that caught my ear.

Once Upon Impossible – Fiona Joy (Hawkins)

19 April 2018

We’re currently working with Fiona as part of the promotion of her new project Flow over on the Music to Write An Essay To playlist.  If you’re looking for beautiful instrumental music that has been produced to an incredibly high level, we can’t recommend this album enough.  Head on over to the track that we’re featuring – itself called Flow – and check this beautiful music out.

Kara Bean – Music to Curator Interview

18 April 2018

Hi there, my name’s Kara Bradford, I’m living in Pasadena CA in the USA, and I’m currently a student, swim coach, and songwriter! 

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I make playlists for myself pretty constantly, so making the switch over to doing it professionally was as easy as pie. I love being able to share the amazing songs I find, as well as songs that I love. I also love getting to utilize my skill in prose to describe what I’m listening to and why I love them! Sharing music has always been a joy of mine, so curating for me just makes sense. 

Free Ascent – Flow

18 April 2018

I realize that I can’t just run with one track from this stunning album – so in the spirit of helping you flow into your writing – here’s a second song from Flow The Group.

It’s the fourth track on the album and normally follows behind our featured track of the month – Flow.  Whereas Flow is all underlying energy and movement – Free Ascent is all about space, time, pause for thought and stunning sonic landscapes…

Jesse Albrecht – Music to Curator Interview

12 April 2018

Jesse, Nowheresville, Wisconsin, USA.  I’ve been self employed for almost 20 years doing fun corporate logo stuff, an artists dream.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I wouldn’t say that I ever really gave it a thought, it just kinda fell in my lap. I’ve always enjoyed sharing music/making a mix tape for friends, so there’s that, but I think I really enjoy listening to a LOT of new music.

Burning Blue – The Impersonators

11 April 2018

You never know what it is about a song that’s finally going to get you – the melody – the chorus – a particular lyric or even the video – but for me – Burning Blue has a hook to kill all hooks and it’ll haunt your dreams.

Chris McCann – Music to Curator Interview

4 April 2018

I’m Chris McCann. I live in Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. I’m owner/operator of Noosa Decorating, and I specialise in artisan paint and lime based finishes.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I’ve always loved exploring and sharing new music but I’ve only recently moved over to the streaming world. I still buy copies of albums though – there’s nothing better than having the real McCoy and not a compressed file. Even back in the days of tapes, it was always a buzz exposing someone to a new discovery. The streaming platforms take it to the next level and allow you to share on a global scale. Furthermore being part of the Music to community connects you with other like minded folk, artists and new music. It has so many facets that make it really unique.

Against All Odds – Phil Collins

4 April 2018

Sometimes only a classic will do & this 1984 track from Phil Collins most definitely falls into that category.  If you’re the one being left – if you’re the one standing there watching your love walk away and taking half of your heart with them – then this is for you!

El Mañana – Gorillaz

29 March 2018

I do this because I believe music can make the shit times better.  

Henry is a Music to Curator – he curates the Music to Stay Up Late At Night playlist – it’s a beautifully put together list – the music is often familiar and yet when you hear something new – it’s always great.  But for me – my favorite thing about his list, is the writing.  He writes with such an authentic voice that you can’t help but feel as if you’re sitting there, next to him…

Erin Murray – Music to Curator Interview

28 March 2018

My name is Erin, I live near Lake Cootharaba, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. I am a Writer, I have had many careers prior, Auditor, Plumber, I like this one the best, and I get to spend time at home with my family.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I think I always wanted to write, I love describing the things I see and feel.  It is great curating a playlist, it creates a space to explore how a particular song makes you feel, and then explain why you love it. …

Flow – FLOW

28 March 2018

I’m in love with this track – I’m listening to it on repeat as I write this.  

It has helped me outline the post, encouraged me to focus on what I want to say and created a perfect sonic environment where the outside world has disappeared – it’s just me and the text – and it feels great!

Leidseplein – Klangriket & Sjors Mans

28 March 2018

It’s the ticking clock.

Oh sure, it isn’t always there – you don’t always hear it, but you feel it – feel it in the same way we all do when something is due – when time is running out and we actually have to create.  And make no mistake, writing is a creative act and creating is hard – which is why this playlist exists – to make it easier 😉

Vranko – Music to Curator Interview

21 March 2018

1/ So First Off – Tell Us your Name, City and Country and what you currently do for a living?

My name is Vranko, I live in Barcelona, Spain and I am a pianist and writer.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I’ve always like to write and have discovered so many ideas that are often found sleeping inside the music.  I fantasize about what those ideas are and love to write out my interpretation of the track.

3/ Tell Us About Your First Musical Memory – Why Do You Think You Remember It?

My sisters used to listen to lot of pop music in the 80s when I was a kid. So my first memories are from pop artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John or Simon and Garfunkel. These kind of people were my first listenings!

Loss (The Bench) – music2work2

20 March 2018

So it’s the anniversary of my Dad’s death – it’s been three years – it’s weird.  I’ve been out of sorts for days – weeks actually.  While there’s been a lot going on I’ve just not felt right – not wanting to move forward – wanting to withdraw and not be a part of anything. 

Three King Fishers – Gábor Szabó

20 March 2018

There’s many ways you can use music to help you write your essay.  Sometimes you want something that will set a conducive environment for FLOW – other times you want something that evokes a certain emotion or memory – but every now and then – like this week – you want something to give you energy and get you going.

Jed – Music to Curator Interview

15 March 2018

1/ So First Off – Tell Us your Name, City and Country and what you currently do for a living?

Jed, currently in Lillooet, BC (Canada).  Doing graphic design, websites & video production.  

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

No, but I enjoy graphic design and making videos.  I generally like creative work — unless the assignment is particularly mundane.  I like trying to create balanced and pleasing compositions, I like color, and I enjoy creating rhythm and meaning in video editing.  I’m sick of building websites…

She’s Like the Swallow – Ian Wong

13 March 2018

A return to the playlist’s roots this week with a stunning solo piece from Canadian pianist Ian Wong.  While sad songs – and by songs I mean tracks with lyrics – can tell a specific story – sometimes you just need an instrumental track to create your own narrative.  Right now it’s raining outside, the sky is kinda grey and you know it’s cold – there’s a general melancholic feel to the world and this track accompanies it perfectly.

Vicky Cohn – Music to Curator Interview

8 March 2018

1/ So First Off – Tell Us your Name, City and Country and what you currently do for a living?

Vicky Cohn. That’s a hard one, as I see myself as a cosmopolitan that is constantly moving between Berlin / Germany, London / United Kingdom and Tel Aviv / Israel. However, I will be soon back to London and staying there for a while again… 

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

Creating playlists is definitely something I already did a lot in my tender years, when tapes were still a thing. Music was always my first and obsessive love, but after I had to deal with a death case in my family, I asked myself, what I would do if I had only one year to live, so it became then very clear to me that I needed to start my new career within the music industry. Coming beforehand from a creative background of film/video making, I looked here too for something that could really fit me and my personality and I found that curating playlists sounded so me and so fun, so I just went for it. 

Tommi Tikka – Facebook Live Interview!

8 March 2018

This week’s Music Curator chat is with Tommi from the Music to Celebrate Life playlist. It’s another wide ranging discussion looking at the problems associated with territory restrictions in the digital age – the challenge of how to listen to all the music that’s being submitted to a great chat on the nature of song writing and what makes a great lyric – it’s great stuff – thanks Tommi!

Man I’m Supposed to Be – American Aquarium

7 March 2018

I was writing a few weeks back about how it’s often seeing an act of human kindness that will make me cry – more so than experiencing something sad.  There’s something in that – focusing on the good rather than the bad – that makes this track resonate for the grieve to list.

Lady in Red – Afrosamuraiist

7 March 2018

You know one of my favorite websites?

When I’m feeling like I currently am it’s a definite go to ‘cos when it says “Yes” I can relax knowing that the weird discombobulating shit that’s surrounding me is down to weird ass planetary mechanics and completely out of my control.

Matt Jenko – Facebook Live Interview!

6 March 2018

The second Facebook Live interview with our brilliant Curators – this one is with the talented Matt Jenko, producer extraordinaire and curator of the uplifting Music to Save The World playlist.  We talk a wide range of topics from – what makes a good song – the nature of song recommendation – how to beat perfectionism and why perfectionism exists – complete with wine and advice for his future self. Check it out…

Sleep Tonight – Robb Murphy

1 March 2018

Listening to sad music isn’t exactly a group activity. 

You don’t call your friends up and go “Hey guys, fancy coming round and spending the evening bawling your eyes out…?”

Sad music is best listened to in isolation…

In Case of Trouble – Darren Korb

28 February 2018

Still kind of discombobulated but almost getting my shit back together – it’s at times like these that I’m grateful to listen to every track submitted by the entire music to community of curators.  While most aren’t suitable for the Essay Writing playlist – some are just gems!

Mert Turan – Music to Curator Interview

28 February 2018

1/ So First Off – Tell Us your Name, City and Country and what you currently do for a living?

Hi I’m Mert, I live in Ankara, study Philosophy at Middle East Technical University and work at Radio ODTU 103.1 as production manager. 

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I am always madly fond of creating playlists, I guess. As I heard a so damn unique tune, I want to hear more and search alike tunes. It’s like an obsession but you know, I can’t help it. What I enjoy so much is that I can be where I wanna be unconditionally, when I turn the playlist on. It helps me to get away with stuff especially when I am really fucked up. It’s beautiful…

Julia Maehner – Facebook Live Interview!

27 February 2018

This was so much fun – Julia from the brilliant Music to Conquer Mountains playlist stopped in for our first Facebook Live Interview.  Julia talks about the state of music journalism in Germany, being 8 when MP3s hit the market – Andrew totally lies about his age and we end up in a great discussion on what makes a great track – enjoy…

Ada Bayramoğlu – Music to Curator Interview

22 February 2018

1/ So First Off – Tell Us your Name, City and Country and what you currently do for a living?

My name is Ada Bayramoğlu. I live in İstanbul, Turkey. I am a student.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I spend a lot of my time creating personal playlists and I am very happy to finally share them with the world. Before I joined Musicto, my playlists were just for me and my friends. But now, everyone can look up keywords on their laptop and find my playlist.  I love that I can reach out to someone very far away from my own house. People trusting my taste of music is what I really enjoy about it.

The Bird & The Rifle – Lori McKenna

21 February 2018

I’ve been living with this track for weeks now – letting it creep up on me and infect my bones – I knew it would appear on the list – just didn’t know when.



Threnody – Frozen Silence

20 February 2018

It’s been a pretty odd few days – my dog died, I flew to Scotland, my mum had surgery, I didn’t sleep and I’m pretty much all over the place – I had no track for this week and by chance this submission landed right in my lap.

Chances – Athlete

14 February 2018

Sometimes you just want to cry.  Do you ever get that?  Where for whatever reason you realize that your emotions are full to the brim and you think you’re about to burst?  When I’m in that space it’s this track I listen to – actually – it’s this track that I watch.

While the idea behind the playlist is that sad music can make you feel better – when I want to cry, I don’t go looking for sad things – I go looking for beauty.  I am way more likely to well up when I see human kindness than I am over human despair.

Julia Maehner – Music to Curator Interview

14 February 2018

My name is Julia, and I live in Munich, Germany. I’m a trained journalist and I do a lot of things – play guitar and sing, make awesome salsa and bread, write about music and hiking. My job is working as a marketing specialist for .objective Software, an IT company based in Munich. They build software for the automotive sector – autonomous driving, car-sharing and all that – as well as smart cities. 

Malagueña – Petri Kumela, Joonas Wideniu, Manuel Granados

14 February 2018

I’m fascinated by music’s transportive qualities – the ability to transport or cause transports.  And while I often think of the emotional aspect – how music can move your emotional state – today i’m more intrigued by its ability to ‘virtually” transport you across the globe.

Ana Clara – Music to Curator Interview

8 February 2018

Hello, my name is Ana Clara and I live in Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil. I am a lawyer, a writer/blogger/copywriter and a songwriter! …

Seb’s Song – Roxanne Emery & Richard Bowcott

7 February 2018

I was chatting with Val, host of the Loss to Profound podcast and we ended up talking about music – shocker huh!?  We were talking about how music is this amazing tool to help people when they are down because it delivers a way for them to connect to humanity without the need for anyone to be there…

Erland – Joonas Widenius

7 February 2018

Do you ever wonder why we do this?  By “We” I mean Music Curators – people who show up every week and write about a track and share it out to the world?  We do it for tracks like this – for people like Joonas Widenius.

Cormac McGee – Music to Curator Interview

31 January 2018

I’m Cormac McGee, from Toronto, Canada. Similar to many folks in the music industry, I’ve got a few different gigs. I do some concert production and promotion, artist management and DJing, and help run The Music Den: An incubator for musical entrepreneurs based at Ryerson University. 

Growing Up – Igor Longhi

31 January 2018

I’m having a bit of a piano week – actually I’m having a bit of an Igor Longhi week! 😉  His beautiful melancholic track Broken Soul is featured on the Music to Grieve to list and while running through his catalog I feel in love with this track too.

Broken Soul in G Minor – Igor Longhi

30 January 2018

So we’re going back to our roots this week – soulful, sad piano music designed to put you in a reflective state and allow the melody to work its magic.  Igor Longhi is most definitely a magician!

Adrian “Science” Robinson – Music to Curator Interview

24 January 2018

From our weekly series of Music to Curator Interviews, this week we’re chatting with Adrian “Science” Robinson from Music to Taste The South – check it out:

Everything’s Not Lost – Coldplay

24 January 2018

This is another song from the other perspective. 

If last week’s Radiohead track was about mental illness and what it’s like to be in love with someone who has it – this week’s track is about relationships and what it’s like to be the one who leaves.

Equilinox Main Theme – Jamal Green

23 January 2018

I’m a big fan of video game soundtracks for writing to – as evidenced here and here – they exist solely to accompany you doing something – and hell – what’s the difference between writing and killing a few trolls?

Big Inf – Music to Curator Interview

17 January 2018

From our weekly series of Music to Curator Interviews, this week we’re chatting with BIG Inf from Music to Rep New York – check it out:

Black Star – Radiohead

17 January 2018

It’s interesting to see the main themes that come out from this music to grieve to playlist – certainly there’s death and loss, there’s depression and mental illness, there’s the whole relationship breakup genre and there’s family and friend trauma, although strangely enough, not many songs about moving house (which often makes the top 5 lists of “most stressful things that can happen to you!”)

Green Sugar – Kikagaku Moyo

16 January 2018

Sometimes all you need is a grooving bass line and everything falls into place.  There’s just something about the constant motion, the repetition, the familiarity of tracks like this that just make them easy to write to.

Coming Back Home – De’Wayne Jackson

10 January 2018

You know what grief is good at?  Apart from the whole making you feel like shit and depressed and generally pretty miserable – grief is really fucking good at forcing you to be real – to be honest – to be true to who you are.  Most things in life you can skate over, even unpleasant memories can be safely tucked away and dealt with maybe never, but grief – grief you can’t control – grief hangs around, discombobulating your daily life until you deal with it.

Imagination – Elskavon

10 January 2018

I’m grinning, I’m grinning because I like smart music – I like people who make smart music – I think listening to smart music when I’m writing rubs off on me and makes me a better writer!

I do!

Sean Machado – Music to Curator Interview

9 January 2018

From our weekly series of Music to Curator Interviews, we start off the new year chatting with Sean Machado from Music to Soundtrack Souls – check it out:

The Battle – Gladiator – Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

3 January 2018

I so don’t want to write this.  I’m not ready.  I’m still decompressing from a gnarly 2017 and yet – if I don’t write – if I don’t publish – then nothing happens – and I sooooo want something to happen.

Frustration – music2work2

2 January 2018

Have you ever put your heart and soul into something for years and yet it didn’t work out?

If so, this track’s for you.

The frustration I’m referring to is not the angry, cheated emotion – it is the sad one.  The frustration of not getting what you want – to be frustrated in one’s efforts.

White Wine In The Sun – Tim Minchin

21 December 2017

So – before we go any further – you should know that this one is for my Dad. 

He died in 2015 and I miss him immensely.  He was as flawed as the rest of us, but I remember him as just, a really good man.  Husband for 51 years, father of three super capable children, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, served his country in the Air Force, lover of books, of music, of humanity, of laughter, of hard work and perseverance – I am incredibly grateful for what he gave me and thankful to have been his son.

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen – Robert Dixon

18 December 2017

It’s that time of year where the planet gets together to celebrate the shortest day and the promise of a returning spring.  Amazingly enough it appears that many religions – by sheer coincidence – have significant events at this time too!  The different faiths have their own holidays and dates but the big daddy at this time of year – the one that half the planet will be celebrating – is Christmas – the birth of Jesus.

Turtle Soup – Wagon Christ Mix – DJ Food

13 December 2017

Ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon?  You know what it is even if you didn’t know what it was called – it’s the thing where someone mentions a type of car and suddenly you see that type of car everywhere.  It’s the frequency illusion and it’s really cool – you can read a better summary of it here.

Antartica II – Prince Jelleh

13 December 2017

Sometimes grief is debilitating – it takes away from you – your hope, your desire, your demeanor – and yet sometimes – it fills you with an energy that you just have to express.  We’ve all been there – shouting at people who don’t deserve it (particularly ourselves!) driving too quickly or barely stopping before we put a fist through the wall.  And yet – so long as we don’t actually hurt anybody – I’m a huge fan of this kind of energy.

Emma – music2work2

6 December 2017

One of the earlier music2work2 tracks, it has been played over 120,000 times on YouTube and has a small but loyal group of people who swear by it.  Coming in at just shy of 20 minutes it is one long extended development that goes all over the place and yet still retains some weird kind of identity.

Don’t Give Up (feat. P!NK & John Legend) – Herbie Hancock

5 December 2017

I remember hearing this track for the first time when it was performed by the writer Peter Gabriel and I think it was Kate Bush – it was one of those songs that you immediately recognize as classic – even to my then teenage ears.

Ghostwriter – RJD2

29 November 2017

Me: I need some energy and a boost to help me write

Also Me: Have you heard of RJD2?

Rest In Peace – Aron Wright

28 November 2017

Society does a poor job of dealing with grief, particularly in western European culture – it seems as if we’re happier to just tuck it away, not deal with it – to keep it hidden and put on the brave face.  But we all know that’s a  shitty way to cope with it, why wouldn’t we want help? 

Curator Interview: Big inf – Music to Rep New York

25 November 2017

1) Who is Big inf

Big Inf is a Emcee/dj.curator who currently has a New Album called New industry in all Digital music platforms

Sigila Violeta – Vranko Magas

21 November 2017

My general rule is that tracks with lyrics are not the best music to write to ‘cos you get distracted by the words – i.e. they compete for space in your language centers – better to not have them around if you’re looking to create your own.  However – there’s always the expectation to the rule and this track proves it pretty nicely.

All the Way Home – Natalie Migdal

21 November 2017

I really didn’t want to put up another devastating reflection of loss in love this week – with Seepeoples’ mea culpa followed by Heddwen’s unrequited longing – I was kinda hoping for something more morbid… and then I heard Natalie Migdal’s voice.

Where’s the Deluxe Version? – Cliff Martinez

14 November 2017

I know I normally advocate for sticking with one track and putting it on repeat – but where there’s a little more leeway is when you start to play with movie soundtracks.  We already have quite a few soundtracks on this list but I surprised myself that I hadn’t yet put up something from the brilliant Cliff Martinez.

Thin Man – Heddwen

14 November 2017

I was going to introduce this track with a couple of super strong reference artists – but screw that – ‘cos while – if I said those names – you’d immediately go “Oh yes” and forever on associate Heddwen with them – that’s doing these artists a disservice.

Truth – Balmorhea

8 November 2017

It’s been that kind of month so far – I was reflecting on last week’s Aphex Twin super ambient chilled out track and thinking – my god – I need something similar.   However – unlike last week – where I just needed something to calm me down – this week I was ready to work – I needed something to carry me along.

Scapegoat – SeepeopleS

7 November 2017

This track has been in my head for a couple of weeks now – it has well and truly burrowed under my skin and I’m hopelessly in love with it.  Having said that – I’m not sure whether it’s a 100% right for the Grieve to list but I suspect that anyone who’s ever wronged their partner may just resonate with it.

#3 – Selected Ambient Works Volume II – Aphex Twin

1 November 2017

Sometimes all you need is the calming influence of a ridiculously slow, chilled out ambient track and if you’re lucky, everything quietens down and you’re able to hack through the to do list – or even – start that first paragraph.

Memories – music2work2

31 October 2017

This is a track about loss – specifically about the loss of one’s father – a father that was truly and deeply loved.  It is relatively short for a music2work2 track but it stands out for its simplicity and sweetness.

Heavy Goat – Seepeoples

24 October 2017

One of the reasons Musicto playlists are different from the soulless things that get delivered to your phone several times a week – is the writing.  Think about it – when you interact with a playlist on Spotify or Apple there’s no context, there’s no reason as to why you should listen or what to listen for – it’s just served up, track after track like a great big smorgasbord!

A Little Bit Of Everything – Dawes

24 October 2017

Have you ever had a track that quite literally – stopped you in your tracks?  While the opening piano is short and sweet and shows us where the melody is – it’s the opening line, 26 seconds in, that just grabs you and pulls you along for the ride.

Outside – Helen Jane Long

18 October 2017

So this appeared on one of my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlists – which was cool considering it was sandwiched between an alt country track and an EDM remix.  So yeah – Spotify for the win!  (with human curation added as a top level!)

Million Dollar Bill – Dawes

17 October 2017

I’m so stoked for this track – it’s from one of my favorite bands – Dawes – I try to see them every time they play Los Angeles – they’re just a great band with a great vibe and the most incredible songwriting.

Flight-Time – Donald Byrd

11 October 2017

I’m being totally cheeky this week and “borrowing / stealing” a track from one of my fellow curators.  We have a fabulous new list called “Music to Satisfy Your Inner Jellyfish” and it is as groovily eclectic as the name sounds!  

Leavin’ – Shelby Lynne

10 October 2017

I remember hearing this song for the first time – I was in the midst of post break-up depression and oh man did it hit the sweet spot!  You know it’s going to be kind of “Torchy” from the opening beat but then Shelby’s incredibly sexy spoken word delivery comes in and it floors you.

Build – music2work2

5 October 2017

There’s something about metronomic repetition that just conveys the idea of “Come on – let’s go…”  The opening of the track sounds as though it’s written in 2/4 time – the classic marching beat – and that was intentional – the entire first minute is designed to have you thinking about getting started – getting moving – getting to flow.

Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty

3 October 2017

Oh god – where to start with this one.  It’s been a shitty week in America – a shitty week in many places on the planet.  Aside from the insanity of the Las Vegas mass shooting, Tom Petty died.  The minute I heard, I knew what this week’s track would be.

March into the Sea – Pelican

27 September 2017

If you’re looking for a sad song this week I’m sorry but you’re shit out of luck.  If however you’re looking to get to grips with your grief, maybe take it out and show it what you think of it – this might be the perfect track.

Fastlane – Rozza Slow Motion Remix – Jorn Van Deynhoven

27 September 2017

So I’m hungover as fuck and my brain is working at – like – 2 miles an hour and yet I have soooooo much to do!  I could berate myself and slump into self hatred procrastination but screw that – today I’m subscribing to the 7 second rule and moving on.  So what do you do when you’ve got to get your shit together – you have words to write – a to do list to polish off and no desire to do anything?

You put this fucking track on – that’s what you do!

Wheels Within Wheels – Penguin Café

20 September 2017

One of the cool things about being a Music to curator is that you get to hear the tracks that other curators have selected – and they’re always bloody amazing.  There’s just so much music “out there” it would be impossible to know it all, so to have a group of amazing music lovers hand selecting a track a week just means that we get exposed to the really good stuff!

Too Far Down – Hüsker Dü

20 September 2017

And so another musician dies and we look to their music for comfort.  I had read about Grant Hart dying of cancer at 56 and while I knew of Hüsker Dü, I’d never really listened to their music. It took Chris from the Burn A Million Miles playlist to hip me to this track.

Custom – Yellow6

5 September 2017

I suspect that some of you are not going to dig this track – which is fine – you can’t please all of the people all of the time and a playlist like this is set up so you can skip ahead if something doesn’t match your mood.  Me however – I love this stuff! ;-p

Weathered – James Walker

5 September 2017

Break Ups – perhaps the “safest” form of grief there is – no-one actually dies or is maimed but yet – when you’re going through them – safe isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind.

What I like about this track is how we’ve all been there – how when you think you’re out the other side you start to speak to your ex again and – in many cases get back together, but here – James deftly steers us away and puts an additional melancholy spin on the whole process.

A Tune For Jack – Lemon Jelly

30 August 2017

It’s the cool thing about being in a community of music lovers – you get exposed to all kinds of tracks you’d never normally come across.  This Lemon Jelly track actually first appears on the Music To Blow Smoke Rings Across the Floor Playlist – curated by my English Teacher – crazy how the world works huh!?

What About Me – John the Asian, E10

29 August 2017

Depression is still one of those things society doesn’t really like to talk about – hell – the people dealing with it don’t exactly like to broadcast it.  And yet, all the data that we’ve accumulated from studies along the way say the best approach is through socializing, through contact, through talking about it and working it through.

Eulogy – Simeon Walker

22 August 2017

Sometimes all you need is a bit of a space and a melancholy piano – hell – sometimes you don’t even need the space – a pair of decent headphones can be world building – especially if the soundtrack comes from Simeon Walker.

Las Claves – Dr. Fuego

22 August 2017

We’re in Barcelona, dodging terrorists and finding our work groove.  You’re probably just starting or about to start school again – the evil spectre of Essays looms over you.

This track is going to help – here’s the previous write up:

Grey Together – Tristâme

15 August 2017

The best bit about curating a Musicto playlist is when you come across a beautiful new track that you would otherwise never have heard.   It’s the beautifully measured voice that stands out in this track – the melody and subtle backing is reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel’s version of “Scarborough Fair” but Rami’s gorgeous tone takes this to a different place.