Andrew McCluskey

Andrew McCluskey

The first visual memory I have is that of the white upright piano in Singapore, Hell and the Dark Forces lived at the bottom, Heaven and the Angels at the top, they would play battles through my fingers and I was hooked.

As a psychology graduate I studied how sound affects human performance.

As a musician I compose instrumental music that stimulates your brain but doesn't mess with your language centers, leaving you free to be creative and brilliant without distraction.

As a curator I research how music can improve your life and create flow - I can tell you what music to listen to when studying for a test and why listening to sad music can make you feel better.

As the founder of musicto I’m on a mission to inspire a global audience of music lovers and artists through the development of people powered playlists.

Very Very Soon – Aaron Cormier

18 June 2019

Do you ever find yourself in a place where you have to do something tedious? Maybe it’s spellchecking a document or changing the name of something you’ve used multiple times and you can’t use find and replace? I just spent the last hour swapping out URLs across the musicto website as we improve our search engine visibility – it’s tedious but it has to be done…

Getting Back Together – music2work2

15 June 2019

Written specifically for the Essay Writing Music album from music2work2 – to my ears, Getting Back Together is the least likely track to become popular with the essay writing crowd but – 150,000 streams in the last year or so would indicate that it does the job pretty well.

Sink – Elkvilla

13 June 2019

Does grief have to be depressing?

I know the widely misapplied Kübler-Ross model has Depression firmly locked in at stage four of five, but then she was talking about those receiving a terminal diagnosis – not those who’s partner just left them…

Broom Tree – Chad Hewitt

13 June 2019

It’s all kinds of melancholy at the moment – deaths in the family, struggles with depression, energy levels all over the shop and the desire to self-sabotage sounding more delightful every day. And yet…


There’s always Music…

The Finest Hour – Shibui Nigai

5 June 2019

The thing with music and playlists is that there’s just so much great music already out in existence I can guarantee that theres amazing stuff you’ve never heard that will blow you away – particularly on a list like this. However – when you’ve listened to all the solo piano tracks and ambient beats with groovy string pads etc – every now and then you’re looking for something fresh to help with the writing process…

Monsters – Lazyrevs

4 June 2019

It’s the voices!

The insidious fucking voices.

They never fail to appear – particularly when you’re down…

Tommi Tikka – Music to Curator Interview

31 May 2019

My name is Tommi Tikka and I live in Finland currently. I have a governmental position working with languages and am in a band called The Impersonators. I also write songs for other artists. And then there’s this blog called Music to Celebrate Life that you might have heard of. LOL.

Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It? Okay. So, I’m not sure what the word “this” in the question is referring to, so I will assume it refers to question 1 in its entirety. Here goes…

Into My Arms – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

30 May 2019

You never know when a song’s going to strike – when it’s going to hit you and glom onto your soul. Most often though it happens when you’re experiencing intense emotions – doesn’t matter what type – could be joy, grief, fear, desire whatever – it’s the intensity that creates the conditions for “Glomming”…

Dufy – Brique a Braq

30 May 2019

The act of creation is amazing,

I doubt many people look at it and sneer.

In order for something to come into existence,

You have to start,

You have to begin…

Symmetrical – Shai-Li Paldi

16 May 2019

You know why I love this track?

‘cos it’s human.

Sure – there’s the beat track, digitized to keep time to the nanosecond, but the performances that sit on top play with time and space in a way that is particularly un-machine like – and I dig that…

Megalith – Stello

14 May 2019

Sometimes all you need is the perfect voice with the perfect piano and you’re transported to the perfect place. And while I suspect that perfection is highly overrated – this track makes the whole pursuit worth it…

Caitlin Moss – Music to Curator Interview

23 April 2019

My name is Caitlin Moss. I live in Los Angeles, CA in the United States. I currently teach music and work as a drummer in a few bands. 

Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It? I’ve wanted to be a musician since I started playing drums over 20 years ago. I’ve always loved the way playing drums feels, getting to be with other musicians, creating new things, being in the moment and performing in front of people. I didn’t realize I wanted to teach until I was working with youth in another capacity and realized how much I enjoyed it…

Solace – No-kë

23 April 2019


Don’t you sometimes just want to run away from it all – turn tail and admit failure? Is it really worth it to live under the constant pressure of trying to “make it” while you struggle with finances, relationships & sanity? Would it be so bad to just call it quits – could you live with yourself?…

Streams – Manon

23 April 2019

Life is odd.

You know what I mean? Life is just bloody strange at times – and I’m not talking about what happens to you as you go through it – I’m talking about what you do to yourself – particularly when you’re grieving…

Cold Blooded Blues (Burbank Remix) – Mike Casey

16 April 2019

What if you’ve never seen Chinatown? What if Sam Spade and the Maltese Falcon are as foreign to you as a trap beat would be to Casablanca’s Sam? What if your only exposure to a saxophone is Lisa Simpson, hell – what if you’ve never heard Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, or Bruce’s Jungleland or even Billy Joel’s Just The Way You Are, and hell, what if you have no idea who Charlie Parker or John Coltrane are, let alone know their sound?…

Not Okay – Tom Khan

16 April 2019

You never know what it is about a track that will get you, but sampling Barack Obama on mental illness sure does make the intro stand out. Having had my attention caught I found myself more and more drawn to this unique track…

Medication – Memoir

11 April 2019

Another track from the candidates list – but strangely enough not the track that the artist recommended. Which is rare – ‘cos normally you have a listen and decide whether you dig the track or not and if you don’t you move on never to think about them again – but Riley Goltz – or “Memoir” as he performs under, had a secret weapon!…

Cold Little Heart – Michael Kiwanuka

10 April 2019

Staring out the window on a beautiful day in Monterey, in an emotional coma for the last 4 days. I can’t cry and I can’t stop trying to rationalize it, shouldn’t this be illegal? Can’t I write a law? But it’s nature. It’s life. How humbling, how little control we have really. I can’t write a law. I can’t write a grievance. I can’t slam the door and walk away…

Hope Still Exists – Kapily

3 April 2019

I’m clearly in a defined space at the moment when it comes to the music I want to work to or write to – not that I can describe it terribly well but it’s certainly not the classical solo acoustic instrument stuff (although Vin Downes’ acoustic Streets of Sunday did sneak in a few weeks back.)…

Talk – Johannes Hirschmann

3 April 2019

It’s that time of year again – memories of deaths and funerals – photos appear in my feed and remind me of who isn’t here anymore – I drink too much and only later guess at why. It’s depressing really – you think you’re out the other side and suddenly you get slammed…

Cam Bigelow – Music to Curator Interview

29 March 2019

My name is Cam Bigelow and I’m from San Francisco CA, USA

Outside of being a curator for the Music to Practice Yoga Playlist, I work for a tech startup called Asana in San Francisco. On the side, I teach yoga part time at CorePower and run an online men’s group….

Artefakk – Rudegaze

26 March 2019

I don’t know how or why this track got into my head and made the list. The odds against that happening were long – the most perfunctory track submission with nary a line on why I should listen would typically result in being sent straight to trash – but for some reason I had a listen…

It Was Good – Radharani

26 March 2019


They’re strange things, commonly associated with Peter Pan and not generally looked upon with favor. However in the music world, they’re the holy grail of songwriting, performing the same piratical function of piercing your body and getting stuck deep inside your soul…

Ripples – SevenSoulsSevenSeas

20 March 2019

  • Coming in just shy of 8 1/2 minutes it works as that long track you can get lost in

  • Hypnotic groove that repeats easily so you can play it again and again without noticing

  • Multilayered and textured – dynamic interest without being overpowering

  • Underlying beat track that creates and gives energy while remaining structured and disciplined

blue – Rose Gray

20 March 2019

There’s a lot of Loss on this playlist – I’d say nearly two thirds of the tracks reflect the loss of something in one way or another, and while we’re familiar with the physical loss of a family member, close friend or lover, it’s the mental loss that has always intrigued me…

Streets Of Sunday – Vin Downes

12 March 2019

Sometimes you just gotta make the doughnuts – I was behind on a gig and was up at 4 to put the finishing touches on before the client session at 9:15. At that time of the day you don’t want anything too overpowering but you do need something to keep you awake – Hello Vin Downes…

Multiverse – Cesium Swimsuit

6 March 2019

Sometimes you just need some Cesium Swimsuit to take you to where you need to be…

Henry González – Music to Curator Interview

5 March 2019

My name is Henry González, I’m from Bogotá, Colombia, born and raised. I’m currently a student, rediscovering my life path. I studied music and graduated as a classical pianist, among other studies, but decided to take my life on a different path, so I’m currently studying Ayurveda, among other things, and have dedicated my life to find ways to heal and to seek wellness…

I Am Her. – Mike Bauer

5 March 2019

Grief and Loss.

Loss and Grief.

One follows the other surely as night follows day. How dark and how long that night will be – well – that depends doesn’t it…

Bitter – Ely

27 February 2019

What if it really isn’t you – it’s me?

What if the underlying reason for why we broke up is that, I’m a dick!…

Time – Morosity

27 February 2019

When you’re writing a guest post on another curator’s playlist, you’d better bloody not bury the lede! That this spectacular track comes with an amazing video just puts it over the top – stop what you’re doing and take 5 minutes to check it out – trust me – you have the Time!..

Voices In The Rain – Charles Szczepanek

26 February 2019


It’s the key to pretty much everything. Whether you’re learning how to throw a basketball or developing a writing habit (hey – even a meth habit for that matter,) the more you do it – the more likely you are to do it and the easier it becomes.

Aarushi Aggarwal – Music to Curator Interview

21 February 2019

My name is Aarushi and I live in Delhi, India where I am a student. Hopefully not for long though; I graduate in May.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do? What Do You Enjoy About It?

Yes, this is something I have wanted to do at least for the last 6 years. I realised I loved discovering new music and what bummed me out was people’s low tolerance towards new and good music. Everyone listens to the same kind of generic stuff that everyone else is listening to. As a result, some great artists and great music get ignored. My aim was to bring the less heard music to people: it started with me sharing music with friends and now it extends to the world. I get a kick out of people telling me that they loved what I introduced them to. 

Everyone I Know Has Seen A Ghost – Jonathan Titmouse

19 February 2019

People came from many miles
to say they loved you so
The mind, the trash
how loud you laughed
“The sun, the moon, he’s gone too soon.
But trust us dear, he’s here with you.

But is he? Really? ‘cos it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it…

The Lake – Kevin Kerrigan

19 February 2019

I don’t know about you but after the “insanity” that was valentine’s day – I need a rest! And while we’ve spent the last few weeks grooving on beats or counterpoint induced grooves – it’s time to get back to home base with a delicately chilled solo pano track which is – to quote the composer – “nice to write to…”

A Spirit’s Freedom – To Life

13 February 2019


Not the literary refutation – what we’re writing about today is the musical construct – the one where you have loads of different melodies all working together yet independently to create something bigger than the sum of its individual parts…

Love Of My Life – Queen

12 February 2019

Valentine’s Day huh?

Oh joy – another “holiday” that fills me with dread. The celebration of love – of togetherness – of Romance with a capital R. And yes – I suppose it’s kinda cute in grade school as we establish early on that popularity is driven by looks rather than smarts and the pretty ones count their cards – but as adults – really?…

Noka Agudah – Music to Curator Interview

11 February 2019

My name is Noka Agudah and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am an intellectual Property lawyer in sports and entertainment.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do? What Do You Enjoy About It?

I wouldn’t say it is something i have always wanted to do but i have always loved making playlists and having my songs of the moment easily I love that when i listen to an amazing track, i get to share it with other people and i like that i also get to write my feelings, thoughts on the track…

Small Little Green Cubes – Solar Fields

7 February 2019

Damn we use the word “Flow” a lot on this website!

I was looking for an entry into this track write up and was thinking of the whole Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi concept (here’s the wiki page if you’re unfamiliar,) out of interest I searched for entries using the word Flow and – well – just check it out – I gave up counting after the first 100 entries…

What It Is – Autumn Dawn Leader

28 January 2019

I like Autumn Leader – I like this track – and while it’s a little more raw than the majority of the songs on this playlist – the lyric is undeniable. Followers of the list will be familiar with my particular disdain for platitudes and positive messages – inspirational quotes – in quotes – make me want to throw up – preferably on the person who posted them…

Interview With Blake Byrd of FLOCK – Date Or Dance

27 January 2019

Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with Blake Byrd from the band FLOCK. Their new single “Date or Dance” is already out streaming on Spotify – if you’re up for some high energy pop with a feel good groove that’ll take you back to your High School Prom (or even to your forthcoming engagement!) – you gotta check it out – it’s a blast.

Wait For Me – Danny Randell

24 January 2019

Unrequited Love?

I’d posit that unrequited love is the norm – at least for a while.

The romantic idea that you both fall in love at the same time is ridiculous – unless you’re Clarence in True Romance – preparing to go for it and letting the chips “fall where they may”…

Drifting Down – Little Sailboat

15 January 2019

It’s raining here in Los Angeles – it does tend to do that at this time of year – the grey months of January and February where the desert forgets that it’s supposed to be dry and warm. And while I love the rain and am happy for the aquifer – damn if I’d forgotten how cold it can make everything!…

Fireflies – Marley Carroll

9 January 2019

Can you feel it?

No? Not Yet?

Oh but you will – and soon – Finals – they’re coming…

Alone With You – Zane

17 December 2018

Christmas parties – Ugh! Really – you mean that’s part of my job description now? That I have to go outside of work hours – off the clock – and socialize with people I can barely relate to when you’re actually paying me?!…

Home Alone, Too – The Staves

12 December 2018

“How I hate this time of year
It’s dark and it’s cold
And I feel I’m getting older…”

Resonating with anyone out there?

Venus – HOUNDTRACK, Too Much

12 December 2018

I’m laughing ‘cos I’m going back through the tracks over the last few weeks and the energy level has been rising slowly but surely – I guess a reflection of just how much external input I need to keep going. Oh – not that it’s that dramatic – it’s just that as we slide into the end of the year I find that I’m pretty knackered and need more energetic music to keep me in the zone…

Whole – Dear Tenement

5 December 2018

I’m Not Whole.

Ain’t that the truth – particularly for people listening to this list. Grief just takes a chunk out of you and it’s fifty / fifty whether it gets replaced – and even if it is – it’s with something completely different…

Two Moons Under – George FitzGerald

5 December 2018

I do – I sometimes feel like a song stealer – I sit here every week and listen to the tracks sent in by all the musicto curators – I’m exposed to all genres and types of music and – if there’s a track that I think works for one of my lists – I steal it – that’s right – I steal it – I steal it for you…

Alarm Bells – Iridesce

27 November 2018

So the Anthem theme continues and this week we’re off to Camden, North London to reflect on the bittersweet nature of life. The track’s been on my listening list since early October and yet last week it reached out and grabbed me and I started paying attention…

Snow – Miskeyz

26 November 2018

Sometimes you just need an energy boost – something to sit under your flagging mind and raise you up to a base level of competency – at least – that’s what you’re hoping for! ;-)…

Fake It – Morgan St. Jean

21 November 2018

I don’t know what it is at the moment but I’m in total “Anthem” mode – you know – the kinda tracks that you lose yourself in and sing along to at the top of your voice without giving a damn who hears you. There’s something incredibly cathartic to this behavior and it’s exactly why we are building the list…

Friday Morning – Khruangbin

20 November 2018

I have the best job in the world! 😉 Not only do I get to curate two amazing lists – this essay writing list and Music to Grieve to, but if you didn’t know – I get to listen to every track published on each week. Yes – it’s a tough gig – listening to sometimes over 30 hand selected tracks and reading their accompanying write ups…

Papillon. Oiseau – Brique a Braq

13 November 2018

This is the third track from multi-instrumentalist Derek Mount’s Brique a Braq project that has made it onto a Music to Playlist. The first two tracks: Raplapla and Le 4 Novembre were both featured on the Music to Love Piano list and if you dig this piece, I highly recommend you check them out…

Souvenir – the Depth and the Whisper

13 November 2018

While this playlist covers all kinds of behavior that can lead to grief, without doubt the most predominant theme addressed is that of loss: loss of a relationship, loss of a loved one, loss of anything that has a deep emotional connection to a person. And while everybody’s experience of loss is different, there are some fundamental desires that people dealing with loss seem to share:…

Joshua Tree in the Headphones – Deb Talan

7 November 2018

It’s a blessing to be able to look back at the bad times – particularly the really bad times – tragically there are too many who didn’t make it through to create memories…

Caledonia – Dougie MacLean

31 October 2018

Yes I’m Scottish and I can romanticize Scotland – (along with a crazy amount of Outlander fans!) – but this track’s about more than that – to me it’s about the idea of home and the strange relationship we often have with it…

Twilight – RelaxingVibe

30 October 2018

Alright – time to get down with some classic ambient, chill out, new age, relaxing music to write to. Looking for a simple sonic groove that delivers the tranquility of the sunset yet with enough action and interest that it can hold you and take you along for the ride – check out this track from the rather talented Frank Iengo…

Unknown – Kutiman

22 October 2018

So this week’s track might not work for everybody but good god does it work for me! There’s an expression in the start up world called “Dogfooding,” in essence it means to use your own product and I’m a big believer. In fact – most of what you see at and its surrounding digital footprint was built while listening to the essay writing playlist.

Hypomania – Video Compact

22 October 2018

You always complain I wanna stay on top,
looking back, I might have stayed a while
too long…

It’s the pause between “stayed a while” and “too long” that turns this track into a beautifully written and smartly delivered insight to the agony of loving a broken person.

Lyris Greene – Music to Curator Interview

17 October 2018

My name is Lyris Greene aka DJ Lyris. I’m originally from Nashville, TN and I’m a dj/vibe curator in Atlanta, GA. 

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

Yes, music curation is actually something I’ve been doing since I was younger…

Find Me Far Away – Jon Meyer

17 October 2018

Sometimes you just get lucky – I’ve been running a backlog a few months deep and was about to start sorting through the hundreds of track subs for the essay list and somehow found myself listening to this track from Jon Meyer. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why it was the first one I listened to today but damn I’m glad I did…

Everybody Hurts – The Corrs

16 October 2018

What can you say about a classic – even harder how do you cover it and interpret it in a way that respects the original but also adds a different perspective – a different flavor? Well – The Corrs have taken care of the second part of that question – I’ll try to answer the first…

Paul Sims – Music to Curator Interview

10 October 2018

Music to Shake a Hoof, came from a friends comment ‘I’d shake a hoof to that’ I’d heard it said before but in this context it was instantly recognisable as meaning to dance and that is what the list is all about, looking for new dance music, doesn’t matter what genre, It’s just got to have a groove to make you shake that hoof…

I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You – Joe Pass

10 October 2018

Sometimes it’s all about mood setting – you want the music to whisk you away to a certain time and place by creating an environment you can get lost in. What I love about this process though – is that it’s still totally subjective – the place I go to when I listen to this track is going to be way different than yours – I suspect ;-)…

August – Vincent Lima

9 October 2018

I started this playlist with the simple idea that if you’re experiencing grief, then listening to sad music is actually a good thing – we even wrote an article about it here. Over the last year or so the playlist has covered many different types of grief, or at least, reasons for grief – but there’s something about the experience of losing a loved one – particularly if it was unexpected or they were very young – that drives a particularly deep and powerful type of grief…

Matt Jenko – Music to Curator Interview

3 October 2018

My name is Matt Jenko, and I live in the UK. I spend my time illustrating, animating, composing and producing music for my project Ellipsis, and I’m the first (and second!) artist to release a track through Music to…

This Time – Andy Tallent

3 October 2018

It’s October,

It’s midterms

It’s time to write…

Lonely Too – Evan Lesniak

2 October 2018

Unrequited love…

Is there anything so ruinous to the soul?

What do you do with all that emotion – all that raw feeling that you know – deep down – will never be reciprocated? Maybe you cling to hope – hope that one day they’ll see you – that they’ll learn to love you- that you’ll ultimately be together,…

If Only – Erica Lee Martin

27 September 2018

One of the hardest things about grief is how you incorporate it into your daily, “normal” life. We all know the visceral immediacy of a tragic event – a death, a breakup a loss etc – grief is expected and overwhelming and allowed – but then – when everything dies down and attention has turned away, what then?…

Soft Sunrise – Charles Szczepanek

26 September 2018

Yes I’m on a solo piano groove again – not surprising really considering the genesis of the playlist – it’s not as if I don’t have some really interesting beats and even some noise tracks lined up but – for now – it’s all about the keys…

Questions – Cinthya Garcia

19 September 2018

Music to write to is such a subjective thing – whether you’re looking for energy, distraction or pure emotional inspiration – what works for me may not work for you. As a result I tend to go for longer form tracks – tracks that you put on repeat so you don’t have a jarring “vibe” change as you move through the playlist…

Wonder – Happy Walters ft. Ruelle

19 September 2018

It’s amazing quite how much power an amazing hook has:

“Is anybody out there can you lead me to the light
Is anybody out there tell me it’ll all be alright”

Departures – No-kë

11 September 2018

Charlotte and I spent time together.

Not the type of time you spend with family, classmates or colleagues – the time we spent together was from choice.

I added it up – just for fun – turns out that over the years – we spent more than 2,000 hours talking with each other…

The Ocean – Jackson Love

4 September 2018

Music to apologize to – that’s what I’m calling this piece – The Ocean is the eponymous track from Jackson Love’s 5 track EP release this year – it’s bloody great music to write to – especially if you’re saying sorry…

I Don’t Love You – New Video

30 August 2018

If you happen to be female – between 35 and 55 – love classic pop and remember 80’s bands like Aha, Mr. Mister and enjoy a good jangly guitar – then you should definitely check this out 😉

Tearing Me Up – Bob Moses

27 August 2018

Ever grieved your own behavior?  Ever been at a momentous point in your life and made the wrong decision – like, knowingly?  I used to do shit like that – it was awful.  Not only do you pay in the end but you get to hate yourself in the process – awesome!…

Apathy – Abist

23 August 2018

Apathy – what a perfect name for an essay writing track!  

I’m sure like me you’ve never felt any lack of enthusiasm or lack of concern for your project – no – never – honest…

Ruby – Foster The People

23 August 2018

Sometimes it’s all just so exhausting – you know?

Everyone has their own “thing” to deal with – the thing that drains you of energy and intent – the thing that has you spiraling down into bad behavior and ever increasing distance from normal.  And what do you do when you’re here?  When you’re self sabotaging and listening to the wrong voices?…

Summertime (Sweat Mix) – Deep Dive-Corp

15 August 2018

Sometimes it’s just too hot to do anything – you know the heat I’m talking about – the humidity is high and energy’s in short supply – it’s as if a dentist on quaaludes is physically extracting motivation from your body.

Yet – we still gotta write – right?…

Red Travellin’ Socks – Malcolm Middleton

15 August 2018

How do you start a road trip? 

Maybe you’re the kind who takes a “Leaving bowl,” puts on a super mellow track and then chills out as you blend into traffic.  I personally am a big fan of such an approach – however – this week – this track – is not that kind of track!…

The Owls – Yotto

1 August 2018

And so here we are – we’ve come to the end of our little experiment in playlist swapping and you know what?  I’ve bloody loved it!  I hope you haven’t been too freaked out by the slightly different flavor brought to the list.  Who knows – maybe at some point in the future Matt’ll let me come back…

Roadhouse Blues – The Doors

31 July 2018

“Well I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer!”

I joined one of the school rock bands at the age of 14 – I had an “In” – my brother was the lead singer and guitar player.  We played mostly originals that I would co-write with him but would occasionally throw in the odd cover…

Crying Like A Church On Monday – New Radicals

25 July 2018

I was at a loss this week – too many balls in the air and I didn’t have time to listen to all the new track submissions – I was starting to feel overwhelmed and anxious about the whole thing and before I knew it, balls were dropping making me feel even worse and suddenly I’m on this whole downward spiral… Sound familiar?…

Regular World – Spirit Animal

25 July 2018

I’ve loved curating this list for the last month and there’s still one more track to go! 😉  The major themes have all been about us – us humans – how we interact with each other – how we tackle our seemingly insurmountable problems and how songs can help us do these things.  But this week’s track puts forward the idea of – what if you don’t actually need saving?

Interview With UK Producer Matt Jenko – Himalaya

18 July 2018

Last week I had the pleasure of once again chatting with UK Producer Matt Jenko about his new release, Himalaya.  This is the second track released through the new Music to label and we’re super stoked to have Matt on board.

Himalaya was purpose written for Matt’s own playlist – Music to Save The World and is a natural progression from his first track – Clarity.

Handlebars – Flobots

18 July 2018

Aside from the villains of the MCU and DC Comics – have you ever stopped to wonder what the world needs saving from?  It’s easy to focus on the alien overlord and understand his need for galactic domination – it’s big and tangible and thankfully we have someone in a cape who will defend us – but in the real world – things are a little less clear…

Send Me A Boat – Lazyrevs

17 July 2018

I love this gig – I get sent music from all over the world – it literally appears in my inbox with a written note from the artist as to why I should listen to it.  And while sure – a lot of the tracks submitted aren’t right for the list – every now and then you get a gem.  Here’s what I received this morning:…

Only Songs – The Wild Reeds

11 July 2018

Who is it that actually saves you?

Oh sure, the caped God can rescue you, but if I’m not much mistaken – the act of being saved starts from within…

Sober – Demi Lovato

9 July 2018

Addiction scares the shit out of me.  It’s easy to look at people who succumb and wonder just how they let it happen, and yet for me it really is often “There but for the grace of God go I.”…

Himalaya by Ellipsis – Music to Track

6 July 2018

We’re stoked to announce the launch and distribution of our second home grown Music to track – Himalaya.  Working once again with UK producer Matt Jenko of Ellipsis, this time we’ve gone with another Chillhop style track…

Himalaya – Ellipsis

4 July 2018

Life is a crazy ass thing – one minute you’re strolling along, minding the world’s business, acting out the role of superhero and wondering – what if this is all there is?  Suddenly you’re pulled out of your body and replaced by something else – something weird – something foreign – something possibly Scottish!…

Growing Up – Igor Longhi

4 July 2018

So we’re going to be making some changes to the Music to Fly With Confidence playlist – after a year of curating we recognize that while the idea was great and that yes – soothing piano music is a great way to calm your fear of flying – we’re probably hiding our light under a bushel here…

Let Her Go – Passenger

4 July 2018

We started the Music to Grieve to list based around the idea of sad music being good for you.  We researched and wrote a long article breaking down how sad music actually helps you grieve, and the original idea for the list was that it was going to be populated by sad songs.  The thing is – as my countryman Robert Burns once said “The best laid plans o’ mice and men gang aft a gley!”

Jon Ewing – Music to Curator Interview

28 June 2018

“Music to Fight Evil is collection of songs by and about people whose rights – and in some cases lives – are under threat. It’s for anyone who needs inspiration to fight back against injustice…“

Let You Go – Cathal Flaherty

27 June 2018

It’s a double header this week – back to back Cathal Flaherty tracks and this one isn’t even released yet but oh my god – it’s a stunner!  If we were bending the rules of the list a bit last week by having Two Hearts – we’re back with a direct examination of lost love and the agony it induces…

Baby Bluebird – Little Sailboat

26 June 2018

Amara, the artist behind Little Sailboat asked me what it was about this track that caught my ear and I remember laughing thinking – you know what – I have absolutely no idea – but if I’m going to add it to the list – I’d at least better try and explain. ;-)…

The Moon Illusion – Ben Hippen

19 June 2018


That’s the word of the week!

The thing about music to write to is that some times you want a general piece – something to sit in the background that you don’t really connect with – it just creates the environment where you can get your head down and get something done.  Other times…

Two Hearts – Cathal Flaherty

18 June 2018

This week’s track is a little different in that it isn’t what you would typically call a sad song – but then not every track on the Music to Grieve To playlist is going to be morose or downbeat.  Tracks make this list because they’re great at evoking emotion – the songs on Cathal Flaherty’s recent EP The Head & Heart are brilliant at this.

Ashlee Villaseñor – Music to Curator Interview

10 June 2018

 My name is Ashlee Villaseñor. I live in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas in the US. I just graduated from college so I’m just trying to figure out my life, honestly.

2/ Is This Something You Always Wanted To Do?  What Do You Enjoy About It?

I love sharing music. I love making my friends playlists. I love finding new music, so being able to be in charge of a playlist and share it to the world is awesome!