Tracks to Take you to Europe

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You're excited. You're nervous. It's your first trip overseas. Get cozy on the red eye with Tracks to Take You to Europe, then get ready for fun when you land!

Featuring artists like: Fortheringay • Orbital • The Stranglers • The Beautiful South • The Tallest Man on Earth • Yo La Tengo • Beirut • Soccer Mommy • Them Crooked Vultures • Dua Lipa

Latest Collaborative Playlists from Musicto

Maria FishLena Goos

Monochrome Echoes, Rainbow Notes
a playlist by Maria Fish and Lena Goos

14 February 2024

Matt JenkoLena Goos

Inferno Galore
a playlist by Matt Jenko and Lena Goos

14 February 2024

Vasudev VashishtJenna Barton

Fall Jam
a playlist by Vasudev Vashisht and Jenna Barton

14 February 2024


a playlist by GIRL LIKE RENZY and Andie De Guzman

14 February 2024