Why do you choose to listen?
Unconditional love for music is why we listen.

Music has saved our lives and torn into them.

We like to talk about these experiences together and connect through this language that we all understand, or at the very least, deeply desire to.

If music is your home, our door is open to you.

Do we sound like your kind of people?

  • Lyris Greene

The Power

Music is how we come to understand each other, it’s what we share experiences over and enables us to be seen. Here we try to represent the full spectrum of musical experience. Sometimes it can get pretty deep, other times we’re just having fun.

Still sounding good?

  • Original Motion Picture

The Purpose

Music is valued and preserved here. We care deeply about the creators of music and are grateful for the opportunity to listen to new tracks at the beginning of their journey. Deepening the relationships between music makers and curators is essential and encouraged.

We have human beings working on the platform


We’ve been going since 2015 – we have a dedicated team that is nurturing the community and building the platform. We all started as curators.

Where are we going? We are working to secure the future of musicto as a community owned organization.

This must be a playlist that you have created yourself - preferably on Spotify.
Context is everything - what you write here should make it easy for us to decide to listen to your playlist
We know that you love music - that’s a given - what we’re interested in here is your motivation behind your need to make playlists and share them with the world. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why your playlists are different.
What is it about musicto that attracts you? What is it you are hoping for by becoming part of our community?