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Songs that Exude Life!

Songs that exude energy and emotion! – featuring artists like The Beatles • The B-52s • ABBA • The Jungle Giants • The Cleaners From Venus • David Bowie • Arcade Fire • Chuck Berry

Wow! That Exists??

Enjoy new sounds you may or may not have heard before! – featuring artists like CAN • K.C. Accidental • Fly Pan Am • Boards of Canada • Woody Guthrie • Robbie Basho • Arthur Russell • Air

Some Nights – FUN

This specific song isn’t your typical happy-go-lucky pick me up title but it captures a story that is close to home for me, so i feel compelled to share it. This song tells a story of an individual far from home reminiscing about his family.  It follows his ups and downs and how he is overcoming his situation…

The Gambler – Fun.

If you thought last week was a bit cheesy, with this song of the week we are going to complete that cheesiness and maybe more. Maybe most of you know Fun. , but not everybody knows many of the first album’s songs or EPs around that time.