Matt & Andrew Take Cover

by and

Collab list of covers that do justice to the og’s but also shine on their own

Featuring artists like: Scary Pockets Erykah Badu HAIM Khruangbin The White Stripes Los Colognes Fugees The Black Keys

Latest Collaborative Playlists from Musicto

PhoenixThe Hoof

Diamonds In The Smooth
a playlist by Phoenix and The Hoof

2 October 2023

Brandon HauserMaria Fish

Sounds Like Classics
a playlist by Brandon Hauser and Maria Fish

29 September 2023

Ivan SantiniAndie De Guzman

Elbow high, Cruising by
a playlist by Ivan Santini and Andie De Guzman

28 September 2023

BerniceMaria Fish

Smooth Feels
a playlist by Bernice and Maria Fish

28 September 2023