Matt McCalpin

Musician/Teacher/Songwriter/Producer/Music Collector. Matt McCalpin lives a life committed to music. He was born with a guitar in his lap, and soul in his heart. A funkified odyssey that began with an accomplished education from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, has refined into a relentless amount of music created, stages played, students taught, and friendships formed. Currently Matt lives in Michigan with his wife, kids, and pup. When not spending time with his family, he is avidly collecting music, performing, recording, and producing the funk band Medicinal Groove. "Music is the best!"

Dilla & Madlib’s World (Beats)

2 September 2021

Top shelf J Dilla & Madlib instrumentals plus tracks that they have inspired – featuring artists like J Dilla • Madlib • Flying Lotus • Knxwledge • Georgia Anne Muldrow • Count Bass D • Karriem Riggins • MF DOOM

Sapphire Tea – Mishell Ivon

8 July 2021

The bass line and production on this track are undeniably hot. Mishell Ivon is dropping vocals with some sass here. Bringing a funky, synthy, get up and groove vibe and choice tones all around. 

Makin’ My Move – Easy Wanderlings

8 July 2021

On the surface this hip little groover is catchy and dancy. But the Wanderlings give you much more than just that. You also get a pungent percussion break equipped with cuíca, and a fierce guitar solo. Accessible, yet tasty.

skyway (get it over) – LostNoise

29 May 2021

This fat, tasty track has a mystic warmth to it. It feels real good.

Peaches En Regalia — Where to Start with Frank Zappa • a playlist by musicto

28 May 2021

The work of Frank Zappa spans three decades and contains 60 plus albums. On top of all that, he is completely unique compared to most rock musicians that came out of the 60’s and 70’s. A “Where to Start” playlist seems very necessary for one to dive into the ingenious world of Zappa.

Deep Relaxing Tracks

27 May 2021

Soothing, heartfelt songs from a blend of genres for taking relaxing deep breaths – featuring artists like Feist • Daniel Norgren • Joni Mitchell • John Lennon • Blake Mills • Mndsgn • Madison Cunningh • Dirty Projectors

Eureka – LeftField

17 May 2021

Fat drums and an almost afrobeat style B section…this grooves nice.

Chum City – WRD Trio

1 May 2021

This is basically the Avengers of modern day funk.

Corde Raide – witS & Smitty!

24 April 2021

This is a nice laid back groover with crispy, tasty style.

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About – Sam Fribush Organ Trio

12 April 2021

Fribush came outta nowhere sounding like a seasoned B3 champ, and he’s got Charlie Hunter riding shotgun.

Queen Bee – Ghost Funk Orchestra

7 April 2021

This playlist is a constant quest for deep, unique funk. Ghost Funk Orchestra embodies this concept to the utmost. Get hip to them because their stuff is always tasty as a mf.

Mufaro’s Garden – Georgia Anne Muldrow

1 April 2021

This garden is funky. Georgia Anne Muldrow is an essential groove poet. Always fresh. Always energetic.

All Day Sucker – Derek Frank

23 March 2021

Derek Frank’s fresh take on this fave Stevie tune is funky, good stuff!

Fall With Me – ANA

15 March 2021

“Fall With Me” just dropped and it’s soulful, swirling tasty stuff.

Best Friend – CAPYAC

12 March 2021

Sometimes an artist comes with a track so stankin’ that it’s funky fresh beyond doubt.


1 March 2021

NO GIMMICKS is a smooth slapper that’ll have you fetching your boombox asap.

The Little Green Man – MonoNeon, Daru Jones

16 February 2021

Bam! It’s the real deal. A soulful, soothing, oscillating song that yet again showcases Mono’s gifted songwriting artistry alongside his bold bass work.

Spacedust – Dux, Kosie

9 February 2021

This track is so blazing-hot-fresh you can smell it through your speakers.

Handful of Cash – Sun Tone

1 February 2021

Floatin’ upon a booming groove with a devious funk-flavor.

2121 – The Lasso

25 January 2021

It’s spacey, fresh, sax-loaded goodness.

Do You Know? – Lee Fields & The Expressions

11 January 2021

Lee Fields is the truth and The Expressions are raw funk.

If I Got It (Your Love Brought It) – Aaron Frazer

4 January 2021

Frazer has a sound that is sweet soul to the utmost. This is a feel good groover of a track.

Broad Rock – Butcher Brown

28 December 2020

The latest from #KingButch is a tactful type of funk. The grasp on their own sound is evident.

Immortality – The Slim Kings

20 December 2020

This is just pure funky, well-written, well-recorded, tasty goodness.

remember – smei

12 December 2020

This debut track sways nicely. smei sings unconcerned, but collected. The beat is choice.

Forward – Fred Simon feat Nanna.B

7 December 2020

This track will have you moonwalking in the moment.

Little Push – Mocky

30 November 2020

This track is fresh bumping production with a Portugal sunrise smile.

Runaway – Freekbass

24 November 2020

Runaway bumps you to your soul. It’s got all the fixins including some crispy hi-hat work.

Our Way – Otis McDonald

16 November 2020

Otis is a force of scorching hot funk. A musician/producer with a PhD in soulful syncopation stacking.

Boogie – Medicinal Groove

11 November 2020

It seems like a good time to boogie. A fine time to believe in yourself and what it is that you do. Especially if you throw this hot track on. Medicinal Groove creates funk for your health. Go ahead and feel it.

Fixer Elixer – Slug

3 November 2020

It feels real and funky with synth laden goodness and a thick rhythm section foundation. Just don’t worry about a damn thing for a couple minutes while it plays.

Like Moses (Malone) – The Motivations

27 October 2020

This week’s track is authentic, genuine jubilation. The Motivations have created a feel that brings a smile to your groove. We all know heavy is good, but sometimes light and carefree is a nice type of funk too.

Barstow – Jacob Mann

20 October 2020

Barstow, although simple on the surface, is moving and glowing with texture. It’s a smiling track. The train is rolling along but there isn’t a parlor piano at play, it’s a warm, fully functioning Juno with funky accompaniment.

Vacant – Eric Krasno (KRAZ)

12 October 2020

It’s just a hot track worthy of being played at a high volume, but all this needn’t even be said because we all know Kraz knows what he’s doing.

Why Try – Ginger Root

5 October 2020

Hot track alert. It’s the latest from Ginger Root. This song feels fresh and spacey-deep.

You Me Us – Radon

28 September 2020

Unwind. Take a breather. Radon is here to groove you. This enigmatic, newly arriving band brings all the feel, chill, and groove-pocket that one could ask for.

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You Are What I’m All About – The New Birth

22 September 2020

This record was made in 1972 so it goes without saying that the overall sound is as cushy as possible. Truly a tune that deserves your attention and participation in dance and or sing-along form…

What Kind Of Cool (Will We Think Of Next) – Cody Chesnutt

14 September 2020

This treasure of a track is everything you want from a laid back feeling soul tune. It’s just for real funky.

Outerspace – Zbonics

1 September 2020

Another funkified grand slam via Color Red Music and Session Resurrection with this 2020 release from Zbonics. This track burns.

Trinity Way – Magic In Threes

25 August 2020

It’s a smooth little groover that lands a spaceship in its intro, then proceeds to lay down a flavorful soundtrack for you to stride on.

Do Leme Ao Pontal – Tim Maia

18 August 2020

Plenty can be said about Brazilian soul legend Tim Maia. Or you can just blast this track crazy loud to understand the man and his music in an instant. It’s feel-good-funk at it’s finest.

Picture On The Wall – Orgone

11 August 2020

It’s Orgone. Present day upholders of the funk. Picture On The Wall is a fresh, stand-out type of groove from their vast catalog…

Feel Free – Quinn Oulton

5 August 2020

Sometimes certain music can knock you out upon first listen because of its uniqueness and energy. That’s what is happening here…

Bangs – Manycolors

28 July 2020

The summer heat is here and this groove from Manycolors is breezy af. Bangs has that push and pull, wavy-stutter rhythm to it, but with buoyant, dream-like melodies rounding it all out…

Detroit Funk – Karriem Riggins

20 July 2020

This groove can serve as an “interlude” for this playlist. What is it about funk from the midwest being so deep? Is it the long winters? Who could say, but it is what it is…

The Stomp – Mokaad

8 July 2020

Y’all know Mokaad? Few ensembles were dropping funk arrangements this high level in 2012. This house party worthy track is like five tracks in one…


30 June 2020

There is something pure and honest about this mellow groover of a track from HOMESHAKE. It swirls and waves so nice. It’s like a cozy type of funk…

Rise – Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles

22 June 2020

If this vigorous, fiery, four-on-the-floor funk track doesn’t make you wanna rise, then feel free to stay seated. But there’s some church organ led soul going on that is simply indisputable…

Black Man – Stevie Wonder

1 June 2020

Turn this track up louder than usual…

Nobody Can Be You – Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame

19 May 2020

Throwback this time around because let’s be real, there’s so much funk to be had…

Love Yoself – Joanna Teters

12 May 2020

This hot soul track waves, wobbles, and gets you motivated in a peaceful type of way. There is good symmetry of a care free feel, while maintaining a positive message…

Your Life Is Wild, Keep Smiling – MonoNeon

5 May 2020

Life is wild, keep smiling. That’s first rate advice. The world could learn a lot from MonoNeon..

Team Sports – Cory Wong

27 April 2020

Yes! It’s Cory Wong. A true upholder in the current status of groove music. Cory has plenty of notable achievements, associated acts, and a lot of music released…

Yo Momma – The New Mastersounds

21 April 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, The New Mastersounds. You cannot have the last 20 years of good-gritty-soul-funk music without them…

Caught Up – Mac Ayres

15 April 2020

Mac Ayres is a prime example of what a soul music artist is today. This track is optimal to cozy up and boogie to…

Big City Lights – Average White Band

7 April 2020

There hasn’t been a throwback track added to the playlist in a few so lets do this. This scorching boogie beauty is by Average White Band circa 1978…

Byram’s Groove (Cut A Rug) – Slakah The Beatchild

2 April 2020

Ahh the sweet, beauteous sounds of well textured funk. This hot track from Slakah The Beatchild aka Beatchild aka Slakadeliqs is a winner in the world of soul-boogie-art…

Suburban Dream – The Stepkids

24 March 2020

Sometimes it is good to have an off-kilter type of thing in your grooving. In truth, it’s always a good thing…

Happy Days – Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles

10 March 2020

“Let’s create some happy days.” What a concept. What a fresh track. The latest from groove champion Cory Henry has got the real deal feel…

What Kinda Music – Tom Misch

4 March 2020

Damn. Tom Misch is constructing some of the most sincere music around today. Any which way you slice it, or whatever you want to call it, it always sings brightly and earnestly. What Kinda Music is his latest output with the fearless Yusseff Dayes on drums. Together these two have formed a deep, dark, and gritty track that is potent with individuality…

It Ain’t Your Sign It’s Your Mind – Roy Ayers Ubiquity

11 February 2020

Retreat! Back to 1976 when funk-soul recording sessions were pure hot fire. Roy Ayers is certainly atop the list of musical heroes in history that transitioned gracefully from the jazz world over to funk…

Blue Star – Dux

29 January 2020

Hot track alert. This is not your typical electro-boogie dance song. This is Dux: an artist on the move. He’s undoubtedly space bound, or from outer space…

Fight The Fire – Turkuaz

22 January 2020

Hip track alert from the latest Turkuaz album. Fight The Fire is the last song on the record but it’s absolutely worth sticking around for. It has a great symmetrical blend of feel-good but no-nonsense weight to it…

You Can’t Rush The Funk – Mocky

13 January 2020

This weeks hot track has but one lyric. But who could argue a statement that is so accurate? Mocky is a brilliant musician who has written and or produced a substantial amount of unique music…

Gentle Swag – Kosie

7 January 2020

Sometimes a song title truly describes the track. Sometimes a track is so fresh, it needn’t have the vocals. LA based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and music-crafter Kosie has found a striking balance of sounds…

When It Comes Down To It – Minnie Riperton

17 December 2019

This Groove You throwback is necessary for so many reasons. Minnie Riperton is perhaps best known for her five-octave vocal range and doing that Mariah Carey thing before Mariah Carey did it…

Shooting Star – Richard In Your Mind

10 December 2019

If you’re a raw chiller, you can dig on this track. Richard In Your Mind may be considered more of a “Psych Rock” band but alas there are no rules for this playlist…

The Stroll – TriOrca

3 December 2019

This track is such a lush, glowing groover. The sounds and songs that LA’s TriOrca have created on their debut album Missing are magnetic…

Ava’s Song – Jimmy Olson

26 November 2019

Jimmy Olson is a force. This track exhibits his funky individuality as an artist, songwriter, and keyboard warlock. “Ava’s” unique piano melody pulls at the heartstrings while simultaneously…

Get With The Program – Doug Shorts

19 November 2019

I’m not too sure if the cat is out of the bag yet on Doug Shorts, but it’s bound to be. At least for real-deal boogie enthusiasts it will be. This track is undeniably hot…

How Have I Lived – Neal Francis

12 November 2019

This new album from Neal Francis is pure soul. “How Have I Lived” is a fave track from the record and why wouldn’t it be? Vocally he’s playing it cool, meanwhile the band is boiling hot and tone-time traveling with 70’s era swagger in modern time…

It’s Hard To Stop (Doing Something When It’s Good To You) – Betty Wright

5 November 2019

Throwing back to 1973 because that’s how I play it sometimes. This Betty Wright track is classic funk at it’s finest…

Truth – Isaiah Sharkey

29 October 2019

Attention all groove connoisseurs, this ones for you. If your thinking, how did an artist achieve such a proper D’angelo vibe?…

Flirt – Cameo

25 October 2019

Throwback alert. This is what proper funk from the 80’s sounds like. Do not judge these groovers by where they may be at today…just get on board with how heavy this recording is and celebrate that it exists. If this track doesn’t rock your dance party you may want to invite new guests…

Liquid Deep – Dreamcast

25 October 2019

Hot track alert. This song will pick you up and simultaneously relate to how you’re feeling. A tricky balance to achieve I know, but Dreamcast does it for you here. It’s like being able to dance but you don’t have to attend the party. Nonchalant, deep, groovy goodness. Smile and let it rain down upon you…