Matt McCalpin

Musician/Teacher/Songwriter/Producer/Music Collector. Matt McCalpin lives a life committed to music. He was born with a guitar in his lap, and soul in his heart. A funkified odyssey that began with an accomplished education from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, has refined into a relentless amount of music created, stages played, students taught, and friendships formed. Currently Matt lives in Michigan with his wife, kids, and pup. When not spending time with his family, he is avidly collecting music, performing, recording, and producing the funk band Medicinal Groove. "Music is the best!"

Eureka – LeftField

17 May 2021

Fat drums and an almost afrobeat style B section…this grooves nice.

Chum City – WRD Trio

1 May 2021

This is basically the Avengers of modern day funk.

Corde Raide – witS & Smitty!

24 April 2021

This is a nice laid back groover with crispy, tasty style.

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About – Sam Fribush Organ Trio

12 April 2021

Fribush came outta nowhere sounding like a seasoned B3 champ, and he’s got Charlie Hunter riding shotgun.

Queen Bee – Ghost Funk Orchestra

7 April 2021

This playlist is a constant quest for deep, unique funk. Ghost Funk Orchestra embodies this concept to the utmost. Get hip to them because their stuff is always tasty as a mf.

Mufaro’s Garden – Georgia Anne Muldrow

1 April 2021

This garden is funky. Georgia Anne Muldrow is an essential groove poet. Always fresh. Always energetic.

All Day Sucker – Derek Frank

23 March 2021

Derek Frank’s fresh take on this fave Stevie tune is funky, good stuff!

Fall With Me – ANA

15 March 2021

“Fall With Me” just dropped and it’s soulful, swirling tasty stuff.

Best Friend – CAPYAC

12 March 2021

Sometimes an artist comes with a track so stankin’ that it’s funky fresh beyond doubt.


1 March 2021

NO GIMMICKS is a smooth slapper that’ll have you fetching your boombox asap.