Matt McCalpin

Musician/Teacher/Songwriter/Producer/Music Collector. Matt McCalpin lives a life committed to music. He was born with a guitar in his lap, and soul in his heart. A funkified odyssey that began with an accomplished education from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, has refined into a relentless amount of music created, stages played, students taught, and friendships formed. Currently Matt lives in Michigan with his wife, kids, and pup. When not spending time with his family, he is avidly collecting music, performing, recording, and producing the funk band Medicinal Groove. "Music is the best!"

Do You Know? – Lee Fields & The Expressions

11 January 2021

Lee Fields is the truth and The Expressions are raw funk.

If I Got It (Your Love Brought It) – Aaron Frazer

4 January 2021

Frazer has a sound that is sweet soul to the utmost. This is a feel good groover of a track.

Broad Rock – Butcher Brown

28 December 2020

The latest from #KingButch is a tactful type of funk. The grasp on their own sound is evident.

Immortality – The Slim Kings

20 December 2020

This is just pure funky, well-written, well-recorded, tasty goodness.

remember – smei

12 December 2020

This debut track sways nicely. smei sings unconcerned, but collected. The beat is choice.

Forward – Fred Simon feat Nanna.B

7 December 2020

This track will have you moonwalking in the moment.

Little Push – Mocky

30 November 2020

This track is fresh bumping production with a Portugal sunrise smile.

Runaway – Freekbass

24 November 2020

Runaway bumps you to your soul. It’s got all the fixins including some crispy hi-hat work.

Our Way – Otis McDonald

16 November 2020

Otis is a force of scorching hot funk. A musician/producer with a PhD in soulful syncopation stacking.

Boogie – Medicinal Groove

11 November 2020

It seems like a good time to boogie. A fine time to believe in yourself and what it is that you do. Especially if you throw this hot track on. Medicinal Groove creates funk for your health. Go ahead and feel it.