Matt McCalpin

Musician/Teacher/Songwriter/Producer/Music Collector. Matt McCalpin lives a life committed to music. He was born with a guitar in his lap, and soul in his heart. A funkified odyssey that began with an accomplished education from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, has refined into a relentless amount of music created, stages played, students taught, and friendships formed. Currently Matt lives in Michigan with his wife, kids, and pup. When not spending time with his family, he is avidly collecting music, performing, recording, and producing the funk band Medicinal Groove. "Music is the best!"

Feel Free – Quinn Oulton

5 August 2020

Sometimes certain music can knock you out upon first listen because of its uniqueness and energy. That’s what is happening here…

Bangs – Manycolors

28 July 2020

The summer heat is here and this groove from Manycolors is breezy af. Bangs has that push and pull, wavy-stutter rhythm to it, but with buoyant, dream-like melodies rounding it all out…

Detroit Funk – Karriem Riggins

20 July 2020

This groove can serve as an “interlude” for this playlist. What is it about funk from the midwest being so deep? Is it the long winters? Who could say, but it is what it is…

The Stomp – Mokaad

8 July 2020

Y’all know Mokaad? Few ensembles were dropping funk arrangements this high level in 2012. This house party worthy track is like five tracks in one…


30 June 2020

There is something pure and honest about this mellow groover of a track from HOMESHAKE. It swirls and waves so nice. It’s like a cozy type of funk…

Rise – Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles

22 June 2020

If this vigorous, fiery, four-on-the-floor funk track doesn’t make you wanna rise, then feel free to stay seated. But there’s some church organ led soul going on that is simply indisputable…

Black Man – Stevie Wonder

1 June 2020

Turn this track up louder than usual…

Nobody Can Be You – Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame

19 May 2020

Throwback this time around because let’s be real, there’s so much funk to be had…

Love Yoself – Joanna Teters

12 May 2020

This hot soul track waves, wobbles, and gets you motivated in a peaceful type of way. There is good symmetry of a care free feel, while maintaining a positive message…

Your Life Is Wild, Keep Smiling – MonoNeon

5 May 2020

Life is wild, keep smiling. That’s first rate advice. The world could learn a lot from MonoNeon..