Matt McCalpin

Musician/Teacher/Songwriter/Producer/Music Collector. Matt McCalpin lives a life committed to music. He was born with a guitar in his lap, and soul in his heart. A funkified odyssey that began with an accomplished education from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, has refined into a relentless amount of music created, stages played, students taught, and friendships formed. Currently Matt lives in Michigan with his wife, kids, and pup. When not spending time with his family, he is avidly collecting music, performing, recording, and producing the funk band Medicinal Groove. "Music is the best!"

Barstow – Jacob Mann

20 October 2020

Barstow, although simple on the surface, is moving and glowing with texture. It’s a smiling track. The train is rolling along but there isn’t a parlor piano at play, it’s a warm, fully functioning Juno with funky accompaniment.

Vacant – Eric Krasno (KRAZ)

12 October 2020

It’s just a hot track worthy of being played at a high volume, but all this needn’t even be said because we all know Kraz knows what he’s doing.

Why Try – Ginger Root

5 October 2020

Hot track alert. It’s the latest from Ginger Root. This song feels fresh and spacey-deep.

You Me Us – Radon

28 September 2020

Unwind. Take a breather. Radon is here to groove you. This enigmatic, newly arriving band brings all the feel, chill, and groove-pocket that one could ask for.

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You Are What I’m All About – The New Birth

22 September 2020

This record was made in 1972 so it goes without saying that the overall sound is as cushy as possible. Truly a tune that deserves your attention and participation in dance and or sing-along form…

What Kind Of Cool (Will We Think Of Next) – Cody Chesnutt

14 September 2020

This treasure of a track is everything you want from a laid back feeling soul tune. It’s just for real funky.

Outerspace – Zbonics

1 September 2020

Another funkified grand slam via Color Red Music and Session Resurrection with this 2020 release from Zbonics. This track burns.

Trinity Way – Magic In Threes

25 August 2020

It’s a smooth little groover that lands a spaceship in its intro, then proceeds to lay down a flavorful soundtrack for you to stride on.

Do Leme Ao Pontal – Tim Maia

18 August 2020

Plenty can be said about Brazilian soul legend Tim Maia. Or you can just blast this track crazy loud to understand the man and his music in an instant. It’s feel-good-funk at it’s finest.

Picture On The Wall – Orgone

11 August 2020

It’s Orgone. Present day upholders of the funk. Picture On The Wall is a fresh, stand-out type of groove from their vast catalog…