I’ve been passionate about music for as long as I can remember, so why not share that passion and the music I find with Musicto. Shake a hoof is a slang term, meaning to dance, it came from a comment “I could shake a hoof to that” made on the Facebook group I started five years ago ‘TROY’ named after the Pete Rock track ‘They Reminisce Over You’ where we share classic music from the 60’s to present day. On Musicto we are looking for brand new music to shake a hoof to and then sharing and promoting the music and playlists on our social channels with a featured artist on the main multi genre shake a hoof playlist and track of the month coming from our specialized genre playlists.

Paul Sims musicto Playlist Curator

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when did the blues become indigo is a reference made by a music journalist I read some years ago, it’s meaning is about how one genre of music mutates into another, we continually search to discover new shades to add to that spectrum and tell the story of how the blues transformed into today’s music, if you are making or promoting music that you think would fit our playlists share it below.


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