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There are voices that ground you into the vibrant microcosms of the earth and voices that float amongst the air after flying through spacey lungs. Voices that warm you with words baked in sunlight and voices with unpredictable power and simultaneous grace like wild water. Jessica Pratt seems to encapsulate these kinds of worldly elements that dance woozily with wise words. I imagine they are words written on worn and wrinkled pages. Pages that are touched by the hands of many but felt deeply by few.

Quiet Signs feels like rising to the brewing of dark coffee on dark mornings. Like wine sipped in dim candle light. Like eyes closed and words few and far between. Like deep inhales of heavy words and soft exhales of peaceful ones. It is most definitely an album that should be listened to with loved ones and listened to at night because she sounds like the darkness. Each melody is simple and sultry and draws you in like a siren song.

These are moments created by a voice that persuades quiet exploration of quiet signs. Her creation of “As The World Turns” in particular instills a bubbling existential introspection. Yes, I am indeed still riding the existential train of thought. Music that has recently called to me appears to be smothered in questioning existentialism - so as I find solace in the questioning, Jessica Pratt inspires jumbled thoughts of poetic language formed by an arrangement of quiet signs.

A voice like a spirit

colliding with yours

I can never quite find how to put into words

how it feels when music is felt from within

like veins in old vines

the oldest of their kind

the ones overtaking  

anxious thoughts in the making

the mind dwells on feelings

of fear with no meaning

out of all the unknowns

anxious thoughts will keep growing and growing and growing.

A voice that finds home in the veins of those vines

Is it yours or anothers

will you finally take comfort in all of your feelings

cause time remains fleeting

is it how you spend it that really gives meaning

to the thoughts that keep beating

like your heart or anothers

you haven't discovered the power of stillness

of just bearing witness to all that you are

you once fell apart in the crippling fear

that no one will hear your heartbeat again.  

A voice that was planted

in a garden enchanted

by songs long forgotten

somber sounds fill the garden

will flowers ever bloom from her voice like a rose

with sweet scented petals will they continue to grow

into rose infused tea

voices slowly released

but inhaled too quickly

the steam leaves you slipping

in words drenched with longing

the voice turns to yearning

for connection and learning your smile means the most to a stranger

Soon you grow sleepy and the voice joins the feeling

you slip into dreamland

the voice moulds the dream span

your desires are a dream

like invisible ink

of the love letters written

the words left unspoken

aloud to a crowd

that would never listen

the voice is now quivering

the candle light dimming

the last words are stolen

your mind isn't broken

you'll find there's a moment for all of these feelings to rest.

A walk through the quiet signs. The signs worth contemplation. Where everything holds meaning and meaning holds everything and we hold meaning in everything.

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About The Curator - Maria Fish

Maria Fish musicto Playlist Curator

You can most often find Maria in her garden humming along to an eclectic playlist titled “Life’s a Garden, Dig It” and of course tending to her beloved plants. This garden is located on the island of Kaua’i at her childhood home surrounded by tropical fruit trees and flowers. Beautiful music has always gone hand in hand with the beauty of the island. Just as she nurtures her plants, she looks forward to nurturing this playlist and the community of music lovers that feel like stopping by and having a listen.