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I’m A Mover – Free

English band Free’s “I’m a Mover” is music to my ears, and it’s the track I want to listen to while driving my pony on a stretch of cracked grey highway over green hills.

Unicorn by Kazumi Watanabe

“Kazumi who??? I know most of you wouldn’t know the name Kazumi Watanabe, however he is a great fusion guitarist from Japan.”

Told ya – Yeat

Yeat is currently running the underground hip hop scene. His success stems from persistance, but more importantly – virality…

Ghost Choir – Louie Zong

Take a moment. Breathe. I don’t have anything for you to ponder, sometimes you just gotta take a break.

Claire de Lune – Kamasi Washington

The ancient Greeks had different words for different types of love. There was Philia, a deep friendship, like the deep connection my taste buds share with Philadelphia cheese.

Kinematic Wave – Field Works, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Field Works create music from the every day world around us, see music in everything. Carefully capturing and lovingly crafting and stitching these sounds together to create a network of interconnected sounds, of captured moments.

Things I Thought Were Mine – Alfie Templeman

Immerse yourself with this jazzy modern indie-pop tune…

Joe Ventura ft Sulene Fleming – Shame (Doug Gomez Remix)

Summer goodness from the BIG Speaker Music camp!

September – Ayoni

On “September,” Barbadian pop singer Ayoni must atone for September, thanks to heartbreak courtesy of her ex.
Ayoni, Iridescent [Photo Credit: Ayoni]

Lying Eyes – Monophonics

Any track from this band would pair well with Chuck Berry’s “My Mustang Ford,” but I want to drive into a more or less psychedelic blues and garage rock direction. This makes “Lying Eyes” the perfect fit.

Temple – Love Machine II

TEMPLE will take you on a journey through disco to techno with a few stop off’s in between

Vielleicht Das Nächster Zeit (Maybe Next Time) by Rainbow

“An interesting tidbit is the album’s cover, designed by Hipgnosis, was originally intended as the cover for Black Sabbath’s 1978 release Never Say Die!”

Stairway To Heaven by Stanley Jordan

“Interestingly Jimmy Page originally wrote this song as an instrumental piece, which is exactly the way Stanley interprets the song himself.”

Follow Your Arrow – Kacey Musgraves

This song is one big F-you to the people thinking they have a right to decide what you can or cannot do. Do whatever makes you happy.

Broken Hearted Kota – Joseph Shabason

Funky, flowing guitar riffs join muffled, dusty sax in the melange of sounds caressing their ways through our veins, into our bloodstream until our very being is embodied by the sweet, sweet sounds.

The Only Way – Modern Nomad

Immerse yourself with this jazzy modern indie-pop tune…

My Mustang Ford – Chuck Berry

When I started curating Music to Play in Your Vintage Mustang, I had a very specific trajectory in mind. In fact, the initial name of the playlist was Music to Play in Your 60s Mustang.

Ballistic featuring Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) & Brian Tarquin

“Jeff had a very interesting approach for the track, he recorded different textures to start out his solo and then cranked out great riffs.”

Lock & Loaded featuring Gary Hoey & Brian Tarquin

“Santana was one of the shining acts of the festival, which is saying a lot considering how many incredible artists performed at Woodstock.”

Long Nights – Aby Coulibaly

It is great to hear raw talent come from your home country, it makes liking the artist all that more sweet.

Soul Sacrifice (Live at Woodstock) by Santana

“He later migrated to the Gibson Les Paul’s then the Yamaha’s and finally to PRS’s that all had double humbuckers.”

Race with Devil on Spanish Highway by Al Di Meola

“It falls in the Top 10 of best fusion guitar songs of all time and should be in any guitarists collection who worth’s their salt!”

Lightenup – Parcels

Lighten up the mood with this groovy n’ bright indie tune…

Understand – Omah Lay

Understand is an uptempo record with addictive lyrics and contagious rhythm. It is a song you will surely love listening to, The vibe is calm and at the same time groovy, Enjoy!

Lost You – Snoh Aalegra

Throughout “Lost You,” R&B artist Snoh Aalegra atones for loss, reminiscing about the best moments within a relationship.
Snoh Aalegra, Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies [Photo Credit: Artium Recordings / Roc Nation]

Deference for Darkness – Martin O’Donnell

Careful with this song in the middle it kinda… oh, you’ll see. It’s crazy how little people think about themselves, isn’t it? I sound like I’m advocating for narcissism, so let me explain.

Panacea – Disasterpeace

A panacea is a remedy for all illnesses and diseases. A cure-all. Now of course there is no real panacea, nothing to cure all the diseases and issues in our life. Except there is.

Miroirs III. Une Barque sur L’Ocean – Ravel

I hate the ocean. I’m terrified of it. Waves do not calm me, they’re borderline a threat. It’s not the water the scares me of course, it’s the things in it.

Breath of the Wild Trailer – Hajime Wakai

ometimes you try your best and fail. I know, not the most positive way to begin, but sometimes positivity can be found in the harshest conditions.

Sinner – Adekunle Gold ft Lucky Daye

“Sinner” is a perfect blend of Afrobeat & R’n’b pop. AG speaks of how he is addicted to the love of his lover, SheIt is a song you guys will love.

Nostalgia – Tae

This track really gives that floaty dazed sound that perfectly matches that feeling of nostalgia, leaving you in a pleasant dream-like state.

Soon As You Get Home – Rose Gold

Rose Gold is probably a name a few of you haven’t heard before, but it’s a name you should get familiar with QUICKLY. This song, alone, woke me up to her and I am a fan. Music is a very spiritual and emotional thing to me and not just because I’m an artist just because of how music can affect you and take you to another world. This song is the very definition of escapism. It makes you wish you had a boo coming home to you. The way her voice compliments this track is really just beautiful and it is a song that DESERVES to be heard by the masses right this minute and it came out in 2019.

Guide – Kenyon Dixon

Guide is a special track to me, I can remember listening to the Expectations album for the very first time and amid the hype of songs like Sky’s The Limit or Toxic or Hard Way, which are all outstanding songs as well, Guide was a song that I replay over and over again because of the smoothness and sincerity of the lyrics. Dixon’s pen is crazy but his harmonies on this song are also very beautiful and as an artist, it’s changed the way I listen to music as far as developing background voices.

MASSA – Tyler, The Creator

Hop on the freedom train with one of the standout tracks from the mid-year candidate for Album of the Year.

Sapphire Tea – Mishell Ivon

The bass line and production on this track are undeniably hot. Mishell Ivon is dropping vocals with some sass here. Bringing a funky, synthy, get up and groove vibe and choice tones all around. 

Makin’ My Move – Easy Wanderlings

On the surface this hip little groover is catchy and dancy. But the Wanderlings give you much more than just that. You also get a pungent percussion break equipped with cuíca, and a fierce guitar solo. Accessible, yet tasty.

Love Doesn’t Live Here – T. Jonaè

Prairie View A&M University student T. Jonaè released this single in February of 2021. The writing on this song was superb and the vocals?????? *chef’s kiss* We don’t hear artists being this vulnerable and being able to emote in a way where you’ve never experienced or went through this pain before but you’re still able to feel and understand everything that Jonaè is singing about.

Until – Kaleem Taylor

London- native Kaleem Taylor’s style is more of an alternative R&B sound as compared artistic stylings of Kehlani, Summer Walker, Chris Brown, and so on. With that being said, Taylor brings an edge and sound to R&B that we haven’t heard in years and can be compared to artists like Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, and even more recently, Lucky Daye.

Us At Night – Samoht

Samoht has been making music for years but he first appeared on my radar in 2019 and I was blown away instantly at the vocal talent one person could possibly possess. From his runs to his tone I was impressed and instantly made a fan of his. You can hear the gospel roots in his runs and can tell that is his foundation and with that, his vocals are even made more valid. Samoht is one of those singers who such an authentic tone that when you hear him sing you’re automatically able to identify him.

Superstar – Usher

As soon as the guitar loop you’re immediately in a state of entrancement; you’re locked in into the Usher Experience. And then, Usher lets out an incredible falsetto run.
Usher Superstar Cover

Damage- H.E.R

This song was certified platinum on May 22, 2021. H.E.R. has already been an artist with an incredible future but even in her present, she is achieving basically everything at such a young age!

Damage is one of those that you already knew was a classic on the first listen, it just felt incredibly nostalgic and it was such a call back to the artists that came before her. With it sounding nostalgic, it also sounds like a song you haven’t heard before. You just immediately just relax, this song just had this incredible feeling to put you in this state “Woah”.

And it’s not even a feeling you can describe, it’s just one you HAVE to experience while listening to this song. Congratulations H.E.R. on the platinum certification, enjoy this song!

Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 In E Flat Major – Chopin

Humans are community creatures. We get somewhere we like and where we’re accepted and we stay there for as long as we consciously can

Resurrections – Lena Raine

I think resurrection is nice. It’s one of those concepts that’s just inherently good. Bringing something back to life in itself is never bad.

Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major – Bach (Yo-Yo Ma)

“Too little time in life.” It’s a phrase that is usually said in the negative. Too little time to do the things you want. Too little time to spend with loved ones. Too little time to live life.

80’s Comedown Machine – The Strokes

The lack of something being the opposite of that thing can extend to other things, even some non-tangible things.t

80's Comedown Machine - The Strokes

19 – 99 Neighbors

My favorite song currently. The choir makes it hit so hard and the chill beat plus haunting choir. All that plus the smooth flows that is the perfect transition to the… you know what? Scratch that.

19 - 99 Neighbors

Aphelion – vivaellipsis

This is a really cool track for lots of reasons – some of which I might outline below and others which I won’t – ‘cos I’m a cryptic motherfucker like that! You can learn more about vivaellipsis here.
Aphelion Cover Image

Sacrifices – Dreamville

It’s perfect for the start of this playlist in my opinion. I see it as kind of a song to meet you at the starting point, when you’ve barely seeped into your mind at all.

Sacrifices - Dreamville

Lace – Random Rab

Beauty can be found in the simplest of movements, the repetition of rhythms that grow in depth the more time we spend with them and soften into them.

Lace by Random Rab

Hello It’s Me – The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers added smokiness and umbre to it. They’re not just singing the song, they’re living it.

Hello It's Me - The Isley Brothers

Kenny Casanova – Akeem Ali

So This Katt Akeem Tapped into a vibe and sound that only a few can do. Camp Lo, Bruno Mars, Anderson Pakk just to name a few.

Kenny Casanova - Akeem Ali

skyway (get it over) – LostNoise

This fat, tasty track has a mystic warmth to it. It feels real good.

skyway (get it over) - LostNoise

Metropolis – Larry Coryell & Brian Tarquin

“Let’s just get stoned on this beautiful music man. What I’ve heard so far is great!”

Metropolis - Larry Coryell & Brian Tarquin

Tyrants – 3 Headed Snake

Killer write up here! You can learn more about 3 Headed Snake here
Tyrants - 3 Headed Snake

“Instant Karma” – John Lennon

What in the world you thinking of
Laughing in the face of love
What on earth you tryin’ to do
It’s up to you, yeah you

"Instant Karma" - John Lennon

Yarden – MADLISK

This track must be what it feels like to float within the clouds

white clouds and blue sky by rebecca campbell on unsplash

Bourrée – Son of a Bach

Check out the song “Bourrée” with its neo-classical rock influences and you’ll see what I mean!

To Sea – Aurora Sect

This week is a shameless plug. I’ve been playing with Aurora Sect for a few years and we started getting some momentum with making some new music before the world shut down last year. A handful of songs are getting ready to be released and the first track with me on bass, “To Sea”, came out last week. Check it out and enjoy.

Places – Shlohmo

Places oozes a sensuality in its flow and presents a chance to connect with your body and be playful.

Wild – Royal Teeth

Royal Teeth bring such a youthful, exuberant and contagious vibe, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Wild - Royal Teeth

Eureka – LeftField

Fat drums and an almost afrobeat style B section…this grooves nice.

Far From Any Road – The Handsome Family

A dark dusty track, used in the introduction to the instant cult classic – “True Detective”.

Far From Any Road - The Handsome Family

Staring at the Sun – Insomnia Beach Club

Let this fun indie track be your song of the Summer…

Peg featuring Chuck Loeb & Brian Tarquin

One of the huge movements of course was fusion, which stringed together all of those elements and produced the band Steely Dan.

Starless – King Crimson

After a little break I’m back with a gem from one of my favorite albums. King Crimson changed the way I listen to music and always feels like home when I go back.

Where’s The Goodbye? – BASE

The production on the track is quite polished, illuminating the work the band have injected into making this composition a reality.

Shanghai – Swindle

Swindle’s method and musicianship embodies this meeting and embracing at the crossroads of sound and flow.

Day 7 – Tabitha Westley

“Day 7, Day 7 got me thinking about our relations / Day 7, Day 7 it’s down to miscommunication.” So, what’s the significance of this ‘seventh day’ in context of “Day 7”? Basically, for R&B singer Tabitha Westley, she’s going through the effects of lockdown

day 7 – tabitha westley

Wolves – Kota the Friend & Statik Selektah

Separate from the pack with the leadoff track from Kota and Friend and Statik Selektah’s outstanding album

Demonic featuring Brian Tarquin & Trey Gunn (King Crimson)

Despite the comic relief of the surrounding area, the wind blew in these fantastic sounds of Seattle bands less concerned with their image and more concerned with their music.

Sunrays – Mark de Clive-Lowe ft André Espeut

Broken beat, jazz meets electronica on ‘Sunrays’…

Chum City – WRD Trio

This is basically the Avengers of modern day funk.

2AM – Gavin Turek

Dancing and laughing and just basking in the energy of being free of typical worries

Replay – Dumbie

The track certainly doesn’t disappoint, as it sweeps you away into a blissful daydream.

“Ballad of a Thin Man” – Bob Dylan

You walk into the room with your pencil in your hand You see somebody naked and you say, “Who is that man?” You try so hard but you don’t understand Just what you will say when you get home Because something is happening here but you don’t know what it is Do you, Mr. Jones?… View Article

Jetstream – Lusine

Jetstream passes through and around us, picking us up in its flow and the leaving us floating in its wake.

Pretty Pictures – Celibate Rifles

Sadly we’ve lost Damo but his music will cement his immortality forever.

Corde Raide – witS & Smitty!

This is a nice laid back groover with crispy, tasty style.

Lie To Me – Vera Blue

Speaking on the music video for the track, Vera expressed her love for “delving into new visual landscapes of colours, shapes, lighting and symbolism, and the idea of inventing an alternative reality that tells a story and captures the emotional roller coaster of falling in love again.” I think what struck me most about this description, was how much it compared with the surrealist qualities that I have always associated with night-time driving; far stretching roads, expansive landscapes, abstract and shapeless objects and a fresh vision which seems to escape me during daylight hours.

Lie To Me – Vera Blue

Emoji – Au/Ra

This song tells the story of the problems of communication in today’s virtual dating world.

Time We Never Had – Christoph Sebastian Pabst

Enjoy a moment to remember what we have… and to picture a future full of possibilities…

Time We Never Had - Christoph Sebastian Pabst

Motion Sickness – Phoebe Bridgers

For Phoebe Bridgers, driving and the motion sickness that can oftentimes come with it, becomes a means of metaphorically translating the feelings of ‘emotional sickness’ that she herself experienced within an abusive and toxic relationship.

Far Away Coast – Koresma

Koresma’s music is inspired by the landscapes and their influence on sound.

Tracy, CA – Larry June

Larry June “Tracy, CA” is a super cool Hip Hop record that’s more enjoyable every time you hear it.

Triflin’ Kids – Johnny Dynamite and the Bloodsuckers

The layers in the production that are packed with amazing synths creates a world around the listener, filled with bright lights that shine to the fullest.

Skippy – Allan Holdsworth & David Hines

After having a successful career as a contemporary jazz artist and TV/Film composer, I had the crazy impulse to start a record label concentrating on producing records for the artistic value.

I Am Here – P!NK

Do you ever feel the need to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are exactly where you are supposed to be?

Stone – Jaymes Young

Jaymes Young is an American singer-songwriter whose musical delivery falls into genres like alternative rock, indie electronica and indie pop

Control – Catalina

Agradezco a Catalina por mostrarme a mí y a éste playlist una de las razones por la cual amamos la música y su poder natural que es Sanar y transmitir energía

Control - Catalina

End Of The World – IAMDDB

Manchester’s finest IAMDDB, an acclaimed lovechild of trap and jazz

Losing My Grip – Junior Mesa

Get a hold of this sick indie tune…

A Further Look at Loss – Andrew Wasylyk

I was feeling sad – and I know why, but damn it’s so hard at times.

I’ve sat and watched as circumstance came in and deconstructed my defences one by one – constant pain leading to lack of sleep to lack of writing to lack of self care to lack of confidence to lack of hope to – STOP!

A Further Look at Loss - Andrew Wasylyk

Something We Lost – Sekuoia

Some tracks just feel right, like they just embody the type of sounds you want to promote beyond the borders of genres and labels.

Year or Two – Lily Agnés

Not only that, but she also sings insanely well, and I mean INSANELY. I’m pretty sure we are about to see a big year ahead of her

Year or Two - Lily Agnés

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About – Sam Fribush Organ Trio

Fribush came outta nowhere sounding like a seasoned B3 champ, and he’s got Charlie Hunter riding shotgun.

Fight Song – Rachel Platten

We have all hit some lows, some valleys. But valleys are surrounded by mountains. Climbing back up may be challenging, but the top of the mountain has the best view.

Monalisa – Ruger

Another crazy afrobeats tune for this playlist, Listen to Monalisa by Ruger and be ready to groove all through. Enjoy!

Monalisa - Ruger

Balance – Kashcoming

Enjoy this afrobeat jam by Kashcoming, the groove will surely make you move those feet.

Let Me Fly – DMX

One degree of separation between me, my grandmother, and DMX

BEST INTEREST – Tyler, The Creator

“BEST INTEREST” is an R&B/Hip-Hop loosie that Tyler, The Creator released despite not making the final cut on his most recent album, Igor. Interestingly enough, Tyler performed and produced this song. This was one of my favorite songs that…