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Lux Aurumque – Eric Whiteacre

Aaaah yes, the choir – the harmonies, the frisson, the hairs standing up on the back of your neck as a soprano haunts your soul.

This is a winter track – best listened to while looking out the window – watching the outside – inclement weather is the perfect accompaniment…

Mercy – Anthony Hamilton

R&B singer/songwriter Anthony Hamilton, assisted by activist Tamika D. Mallory, seeks to empower and atone for the adversity, hardships, injustices, and many wrongs suffered by black men on “Mercy”.

2121 – The Lasso

It’s spacey, fresh, sax-loaded goodness.

Brazil – Declan McKenna

An indie song worth listening over a Brazillon times…

Batismo – Populous (Feat. RIVA)

This playful track is for nighttime movers who want to get creative and playful with their flow.

What Are You Made Of? – David Favoice

Part ballad, part personal journey, David Favoice’s “What Are You Made Of”? straddles the divide between the universal and the more intimate with consummate ease. David Favoice is a fast-rising Nigerian songwriter, singer and performer, he is literally armed to the teeth with talent.

Sweet Life – Frank Ocean

For this week’s picnic track, I am going to shine the spotlight on one of Frank Ocean’s classic songs, “Sweet Life.”

Opal (Four Tet Remix) – Bicep

I absolutely love this song and, perhaps more so, the memories that come with it. It sends me back to some of the best days of my life, living in my student flat in Glasgow. Isn’t that such a great quality about music? I guess that’s what helped grow my profound love for this song.

Spell- Fireboy dml ft Wande Coal

This is a very groovy afrobeat track with lovely instrumentation and melody complimented with sweet vocals from Fireboy and Wande Coal, Enjoy!

Eighteen – Pat Metheny Group

As a guitarist I always appreciated Metheny’s lyrical melodies, which is a challenge when composing instrumental music to get across to the public. ‘Eighteen’ is a great example of his wonderful infectious melodies and the feel-good vibes that the group always seemed to evoke no matter what direction their improvisations would take them in a song. This is why the album won a Grammy for Best Jazz Fusion Performance; the first of many to come in the next decade.

Métamorphoses – June Cocó

This song has a special magic to it, it’s not just about the soothing voice or the comforting piano, it’s not just about the beautiful melodies or the precious harmony, not just about a mood or just a sound, it tends to get you somewhere you need to be.


With a very promising start to his music career, Monsune is on our radar as an artist to watch. Check out the full EP and the music video!

Travellin’ Man – DJ Honda feat. Mos Def

Get me outta here! Deuces for the last time to 2020 and get your 2021 travellin’ plans in order with this 1998 classic dj honda/Mos Def track.

There She Goes – David Place

You’ve heard me ramble about the honesty and grit of Australian artists time and time again – but there’s definitely something special about our humble approach. David Place is no exception with “There She Goes”.

Immutable Dusk – Pelican

One of the first post rock bands that made me fall in love with the genre was Pelican. This week’s track “Immutable Dusk” came out in 2013 and was an instant favorite. I’ve been diving into some of the music that has inspired me over the last nine years and couldn’t go without sharing this one with you all.

First in Line – Thando

First in Line comes of her debut EP titled ‘A Force To Be Reckoned With’ which explores self-discovery through beautiful melodies and lyrics and touches on a love that one can only wish to experience.

Live For – 6roady

The track isn’t over-produced and merges quite well with 6roady’s effervescent vocals. “Live For” perfectly captures the confusing turmoil that one explores in their 20s – consciously looking for something worth living for. Fusing immaculate confidence with poetic sincerity, 6roady summarizes a growing self-assurance, laced with youthful exuberance. “Live For” is available for all to listen, be sure to do just that!

Turnmills – Maribou State

Whilst much of this album, Kingdoms In Colour, relies on featured artists for their vocal chops, it’s the instrumental interludes which got me hooked. ‘Turnmills’ is a fantastic example of how you can make a track sound electronic without the staple electronic instruments such as synths and drum machines.

DKT – Oxlade

DKT (Dis Kind Thing) is a beautiful track by Oxlade which I’m sure you are gonna love, beautiful melody and instrumentation. Enjoy.

War – Edwin Starr

This week’s track is “War” by Edwin Starr. He had a handle full of hits and this is one that I’ve always dug and feels totally appropriate with the state of the world. Not only is it a great message but it funks hard and just makes you want to shake it.

This Must Be The Place – Sure Sure

I’m SURE SURE you’ll love this cover! A delightfully tasteful cover…

Peaceful Moments

The idea of having something beautiful and profoundly yours ripped away from you is probably the one thing that terrifies anyone in my position more than anything else.

fever dream – mxmtoon

Welcome to this week’s track fever dream featuring mxmtoon. As a rising star from California, her song has a unique harmony with a serendipitous melody.

Trajectory – FELIVAND

“…21-year-old producer/multi-instrumentalist/singer Felicity Vanderveen creates her warm, soulful and earthy tunes. Felicity creates music as FELIVAND, marrying the smooth, neo-soul stylings of Jorja Smith and H.E.R with the organic, DIY textures of artists like Still Woozy and The Internet.

Flight – Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar, daughter of the legendary Ravi, plays a beautiful Sitar that in Flight soars across land and sea to the roots of Yoga.

Sunday – lordkez

“It’s difficult to classify myself in the “typical way” people expect, I feel like with me, you will always get a musical experience, I will always put my heart into the music I make and I will always push the boundaries, I exist like that” – lordkez

Pense Bem – Manoel Tosto

There’s always a special feeling when I listen to Manoel Tosto’s music, it speaks to me about how life could be, I feel like I could really use some more of that kind of energy in my life.

Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones

It’s unlikely that anyone needs to be introduced to the Rolling Stones, or to “Sympathy for the Devil,” for that matter. This specific version is from the 50th anniversary edition of Beggars Banquet, originally released in 1968.

Do You Know? – Lee Fields & The Expressions

Lee Fields is the truth and The Expressions are raw funk.

Yellow Lights – Harry Hudson

The track finds Harry opening up his heart to that special someone. He lets down his guard on the sad and gloomy piece, showing off his vulnerability. Relatable and highly emotional, “Yellow Lights” is everything you’d want in a song about tumultuous love.

If E Happen For Lagos – Runtown

This is a beautiful track which truly represents the afrobeats sounds, from the instrumentation to the lyrics and delivery everything speaks afrobeat.. Enjoy!

Bebey – Theophilus London

The beat is slow and funky, something that you can bust a little two-step to whilst cooking your dinner, I think that’s why I like it so much – you can keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy the song at the same time, it’s not overpowering but it’s still enough.’


If you need to take a couple of minutes to relax, this is the perfect song to stick on. It is a super chilled out track that is so soothing to listen to.

Misty Mountain Hop – Led Zeppelin

This is one of those songs that as I dug deeper into it found so much to chew on and have grown to appreciate as an understated masterpiece. Give it a listen and as usual…turn it up!!!

Wind Parade – Jordan Rakei

Wind Parade is a song by Donald Byrd, part of the album ‘Places and Spaces’ released in 1975. Jordan’s re-work of the song is simply magnificent. He incorporates his style and personal touch, while playing tribute to those classic elements present in Donald Byrd’s original tune.

Ol ’55- Tom Waits

“Ol 55” has the perfect vibe and energy to bring you back – starring an amazing arrangement of keys.

Stream of Consciousness – Richard Crandell, Masumi Timson

The Mbira, the sacred instrument of Zimbabwe matches perfectly with the classical Koto sounds.

Woman – Down Dirty Shake

If 2020 were a woman, this blues-rock track — also called “Woman,” from San Francisco-based band Down Dirty Shake — would undoubtedly make for a more than appropriate theme song.

If I Got It (Your Love Brought It) – Aaron Frazer

Frazer has a sound that is sweet soul to the utmost. This is a feel good groover of a track.

달팽이 (Snail) – Panic

Sometimes the way home takes so long
Sometimes I get so tired and exhausted
As soon as I open the door,
I fall asleep
And when I wake up, No one is there

Meeting of the Sprits- Mahavishnu Orchestra & John McLaughlin

Mahavishnu Orchestra is the father of fusion and no other song of theirs represents that more than ‘Meeting of the Spirits’ from their debut album The Inner Mounting Flame released in 1971. What’s so special about the album is it features John McLaughlin who just came off of the earth-shattering Miles Davis sessions of Bitches Brew.

Blue Wind- Brian Tarquin, Billy Sheehan, & Doug Doppler

The groundbreaking instrumental album Wired by Jeff Beck was a huge influence on me in the 70’s with such tracks as “Led Boots”, “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” and of course the classic song written by Jan Hammer “Blue Wind”, one of my all-time favorites.

Felony- Ckay

Felony is a very beautiful song with very lovely afrobeat instrumentation, Ckay delivered a very captivating melody with his vocals, you will enjoy this one.

Buttons – meija

This indie song is as cute as a button! A steady calm beat that I guarantee will get your head bobbing…

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

“Black Sabbath” is the song that kicks off Black Sabbath’s debut album and ushered in the heavy metal movement. Who knows where music would be without this song, good thing we never need to find out.

Making Movements – RALPH TV

The Brighton-based quarter brings some funky and dreamy indie pop. As described by co-founding member (bassist/vocalist), Will Osborne “We like music that’s vibrant and colourful”. Drawing inspiration from all time greats like The Beatles, The Beach Boys and even Earth, Wind, & Fire the band encompasses a chaotic, yet beautiful vibe.

Healing – Sampa the Great

An awakening. The calm after life’s storms settle, that moment when we accept what has been and sink into what is. Let the healing begin.

Intense – Armin Van Buuren

This track manages to fuse together house, classical, and most importantly, trance into one track.

Bronx Blocks Rmx – DJ Big Inf

Those Bronx blocks are nothing to play with. Back in the ’80s it was no place to get caught sleeping, if you did, you would most likely not make it home.

In My Head (Landis Remix) – Party Favor, Georgia Ku

This that intoxicating party number that everyone will want to bounce and sing along. You keep wanting more of this song, wishing it never ended.

Silence – Grace Carter

The smooth piece is played over simple piano chords and slow-mid tempo beats. It’s a powerful track that showcases Carter’s strong and rich vocals while featuring emotively honest musings that will make you an instant fan of hers.

Dissociation – Ajuni

“Dissociation,” the second career single by Indian singer/songwriter/pianist, Ajuni (Anupreet Kaur), is truly moving and thought-provoking. The artist characterizes the record as “a dark, stormy, dramatic ballad, and a melodic fusion of east and west.”

Broad Rock – Butcher Brown

The latest from #KingButch is a tactful type of funk. The grasp on their own sound is evident.

Nantes – Beirut

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a lot of things. It’s interesting to see life as a series of past events and then finally accepting it as the here and now.

Blue & Grey – BTS (방탄소년단)

Forgive me for putting the lyrics of the whole song, since each sentence pokes my heart deeply! Wandering between instruments and human voices, between singing and rap, between melody and lyrics, between disappearance and reappearance, my thoughts have also become blue and gray, uneasy and melancholic. While the song is over, the feeling of lost and endless aftertaste comes into mind…

We Will Burn – Monolord

What stands out about this one is the riff and groove that closes out the last two minutes, just plodding and pulsing in stoner glory. When I talk to someone about heavy, this is what I’m talking about.

Save Myself – Ashe

Ashlyn Rae Willson, known as Ashe, is a wonderful American singer and songwriter from California. Her sentimental voice and beautiful songwriting are heart-touching.

0594 Help – Haich Ber Na

The electronic elements, along with the strong baseline are evidence of the constant efforts this artist puts in to push the envelope and create something new.

Hold On -East Forest

Hold on feels like the best advice we can manage just now as we ride out the turn of the year and in the midst of a storm that is yet to calm.

Chase It- Kosher, Eerf Evil & Joe Beard

Remember, it’s all about the journey, pace it.

Techno – John Scofield

The year was 1986 and it was this song Techno that turned me on to John Scofield, as it appeared on an acetate floppy record that came in an issue of Guitar Player magazine. For those of you who remember, this was standard fair every month in the magazine. It was great way of being turned on to new guitarists in those days-way before the internet, email, Instagram and all of the other geeky nonsense we have today…

Pressure Vessels

This is a bit of a mess of a piece. Think of it as a stream of consciousness, an examination of the pieces of thoughts that lie scattered about the ol’ mindscape.

Immortality – The Slim Kings

This is just pure funky, well-written, well-recorded, tasty goodness.

Guru – Ladi6

“Guru” is a chill r&b song with a dreamy soundscape that is perfect for a picnic on a sunny day. The musical production is very stellar and transports listeners to a different place. The beautiful keyboard melodies and otherworldly synths…

Sunflower – Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County’s music career is blooming! Sunflower is the ultimate feel-good song to get your groove on to…

Fables – Yard Arms

I’m all too familiar with the effects of becoming dependent upon drugs and alcohol – I don’t wish that on anyone – let alone myself – but in the immortal words of Irvine Welsh:

People think it’s all about misery and desperation and death and all that shite, which is not to be ignored, but what they forget is the pleasure of it…

When The End Comes – Andrew Belle

The beautiful track features optimistic synth lines that culminates in an exceptional falsetto-heavy chorus.

Again Remix – Wande Coal ft Wale

Again has a very calm vibe and melodious tune, it’s a song that you would enjoy listening to.

Binary Warriors – Humn_Error

Sometimes it’s just so fucking bleak – the past, the present, the future – nothing’s right – everything’s wasted, me included. At times like this – I need something simple, something recognizable, something tangible that I can attach myself to – I need sonic salve.

While the organic opening to this track is rather foreboding, the subsequent six minutes of solid 4 by 4 electronic beats feels relentlessly optimistic…

Deeply – HIRVM

La primera canción que escuché de HIRVM es en sí la canción que he seleccionado para ésta semana, se llama “Deeply” y literalmente es una canción con Piano que transmite paz, tranquilidad y enfoque.

But Not Tonight – Scott Weiland

Eleven days ago was the five year anniversary of Scott Weiland’s death and I’ve been contemplating adding some of his solo work to the playlist for some time.

Love Boat – Varnish La Piscine, Charlotte Dos Santos, Joyce Wrice

Charlotte Dos Santos, Joyce Wrice and Varnish La Piscine join forces and deliver magic with Love Boat, this is the first time they work together and we’re hoping it won’t be the last.

Distant Light – Brian Tarquin, Steve Morse, Hal Lindes

I have a had very fortunate and productive career as an artist and have been blessed by working with some of my guitar heroes. I wrote Distant Light especially for Steve Morse to guest on and being a fellow composer, he appreciated the dramatic strings and emotional feeling the song holds. I also had my dear friend Hal Lindes from Dire Straits add beautiful acoustic and electric guitar parts on the song as well…

La Lettre – Warren Ellis

La Lettre is from the opening sequence to Gauguin about the legendary French Painter of the same name as he looks for inspiration and freedom in the wild.

Runaways (Jay Hardway Remix Edit) – Sam Feldt & Deepend

This track has that optimism and freshness in its design.

OG Luv Kush p2 – Kaiit

The track of the week is a great successful single by Kaiit, an upcoming artist, hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

remember – smei

This debut track sways nicely. smei sings unconcerned, but collected. The beat is choice.

Way It Goes – Hippo Campus

Free your mind with this satisfying and chill indie-pop song!

Deadlove – Ben Howard

“Deadlove” comes in with daunting piano leading into distorted vocals. A reverberating beat of a female vocal sample, paired with the background beat, make this a tune everyone can vibe to.

Hold My Girl – George Ezra

The track is a heart-wrenching tune that will probably bring tears to your eyes but only because he delivers it so exquisitely.

Infinity – Olamide ft Omah Lay

It’s a song that will get you moving your feet in no time, trust me you will enjoy this vibe.

Beach House – Prince Woods

This track gives those eerie goosebumps during the drop when the noise effect creeps up at you

Baby Don’t Talk – Léon

Desde entonces he estado encantado con toda ésta corriente de Electro y R&B con toques nostálgicos y sonidos frescos.

Birds – Crown Lands

I stumbled across their track “The Witching Hour” a couple of months ago and it sent me flying back in time to the early 90s, sitting in a former cathouse-turned-bar, listening to the likes of Soundgarden over the speakers

Good Love 2.0 – Priya Ragu

From the smoothness of the drums and melody, and into the finishing details of the outro, this track is an all around classic. This track immediately puts Priya Ragu in our radar of artists to watch, and she should be in yours too.

Smirr – Adenine

There’s music on this list that’s there to help production – to provide an energetic accompaniment to your writing or typing – the tracks are not terribly reflective – they’re there to help an existing idea manifest.

But what if you don’t have the idea? What if your muscle memory is all warmed up and ready to go but nothing’s coming out? How do you write your essay then?

Honestly – Second Hand Poet

I’m trawling along the bottom again – I don’t know why – honestly…

It’s the not knowing that kills – and not just you, but your loved ones too as you can’t articulate and are forced to watch as they project and hurt…

It Feel Like Floating – Mary Lattimore

The title gives this track away- You sink into the mat, as if into a cloud and then float up into the ether…it feels like floating.

Forward – Fred Simon feat Nanna.B

This track will have you moonwalking in the moment.

Anenome- The Brian Jonestown Massacre

You can feel the uncertainty of the year gone by through the songwriting and definitely with the lyrics – delivering a dreamy, what the fuck 2020, that almost allows you stand on the balcony next to Hood.

Love Is To Die – Warpaint

This week I want to feature a current band that is new to me and I’m super into. Warpaint is a Los Angeles based quartet of super talented women and I am loving exploring their music and learning more about them.

I Saw The Bright Shinies – The Octopus Project

As humans we go through countless, sometimes contradictory moods, emotions, and thoughts. This song seems to acknowledge, sooth, and recharge them. Listen to have your ears opened and existential remorse quelled.

All I Am – Jess Glynne

The joyous piece is an upbeat treasure of a song and finds Glynne celebrating being in love as she sings about being united as one with her love interest.

The Tramp – Ollie Stephens

Ollie Stephens crea con su set acústico, su música y su voz, todos aman su performance y claro debe ser algo único y especial.

La Dispute – Yann Tiersen

The song of the week is one of Tiersen’s darkest tracks: “La Dispute”. He says this piece “is about extreme violence, blood, death and the strange state of shock you feel in the moments after something horrible has happened”, however people might think “it’s a romantic thing to listen to on a date”.

Alaska (Ambient version) – Kwoon

Connect with stillness tonight, at least just for a couple minutes, sometimes it only takes a second to deeply transform a life and put it in the right path, a path full of guidance and gifts.

These Days – Wallows

These Days is a mesmerizing track perfect for moments where you want to daydream about staring in an indie film

Mystery Girl – Johny Drille

The song passes a very beautiful message and will capture your attention in no time, Enjoy

Stranger – GINGE

“… with a voice that reminds me of a mix of somewhere between Peggy Lee and Joy Crookes – but one that is unique in its own way. GINGE’s vocals remind me of dripping honey, the sharpness of a lemon and the tang of a lime; sharp and intoxicating…”

Dazed and Confused – Led Zeppelin

This track was a must listen for any guitarist in 70’s, not to mention the whole album of Led Zeppelin I. Recorded in 1968 at Olympic studios in London, this track is a masterful work of hard rock British blues!…