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Your Light – The Big Moon

“This song is about freeing yourself from all of it, just for a moment.” – Juliette Jackson

Essence – Wizkid ft Tems

This track titled Essence features Tems, They both connected perfectly and created a magical tune, The vibe, rhythm and sound is amazing, it puts you in a lovely mood. Enjoy!

Mufaro’s Garden – Georgia Anne Muldrow

This garden is funky. Georgia Anne Muldrow is an essential groove poet. Always fresh. Always energetic.

Think It – ORBIT 22

musicto started out with a vision to become the #1 Independent playlist site on the planet. To that end we set about recruiting amateur playlist curators with the promise that – if we all worked together under the same brand we would eventually be able to monetize our playlists – not through pay to play, but through sponsorship and ultimately single track distribution deals…

Paralysed – The Staves

There’s this idea in life that just because you know a thing it makes it easier to deal with.

Like sitting down with a therapist, driving through your history until you find the behavior that causes you, many years later, to run away from connection or drink too much or insist on cleaning everything 3 times.

Sodus – Cemeteries

6 and a half minutes of pure, evocative haze. Well worth taking the long route home.

Bridged By A Lightwave – Deadmau5, Kiesza

The track was first played out at Deadmau5′ CubeV3 shows in early 2020 and was finally released late in the year.

Millions of Birds – Richard Houghten

As the harmonics flit and spark, diving and swirling into our sound ways we are lifted up and away.

Confident – Demi Lovato

People who are confident can be very intimidating. Personally, I’d rather be intimidating over being nonthreatening. But that’s just me.

Where I Roam – MOXIE

This is a song is simply gorgeous, especially with the addition of Julia Spanu on Vocals. A super cool fact I found out was that the band asked fans to feature on their upcoming single.

Babydoll – Dominic Fike

“Weeks pass and I never grow tired” …of this song…

Try Again – Ovrkast.

Underground Bay Area hip-hop. What else do you need to know?

Melbourne Blues – Eleni Drake

Melbourne Blues boasts a gorgeous kind of moodiness, that renders it a status of classic vintage timelessness.

People Like Us – Kelly Clarkson

Today doesn’t define tomorrow. So, in the words of Clarkson herself, “Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever.”

Staring At The Sun (Nolan van Lith Remix) – Vanic

A one of a kind gem, you don’t come across once in a couple hundred tracks according to me!

All Day Sucker – Derek Frank

Derek Frank’s fresh take on this fave Stevie tune is funky, good stuff!

Success – Jessica Nicole Brown

Make sure to check out Jessica Nicole Brown, they are one to watch.

Strangers – Before You Exit

It has a haunting feel to it which merges well with the vocals of this talented trio.

Every Time the Sun Comes Up – Sharon Van Etten

And in one swift and fatal swoop – Sharon Van Etten painfully reminds us that each new day poses an entirely new threat of self-destruction and defeat. Damn.

Stay – The Hails

Don’t just stay there, GO listen to The Hails…

“American Pie” by Don McLean

A long, long time ago I can still remember how that music Used to make me smile And I knew if I had my chance That I could make those people dance And maybe they’d be happy for a while But February made me shiver With every paper I’d deliver Bad news on the doorstep… View Article

People – Les Bods

I can’t believe that it has been just short of a year since Les Bods, a band out of Brighton, England, sent me their first single, “People.” I also can’t believe it has been a year since this COVID-19 shitshow began.

Les Bods

Stalled Boson – Olan Mill

From the album Paths, described by its creators as “an account of both melancholy and euphoria”. This is an exploration of sounds that encourages the listener to dive in and immerse deeply in their own journey.

The Crossing Place – Beelzebub Jones, Half Deaf Clatch

If the Devil had a bastard child I think I just found him.

Morning Sun – Melody Gardot

I’ve been coming back to this song everyday at around 5pm, when I just need a breather! Soulful and gentle, Gardot says ”It’s about life, and the people living it — right now.”

Orlando in Heaven – Brian Tarquin & Hal Lindes

I composed, produced & performed on this track in memory of the victims from the horrific shooting events that occurred in the Pulse Nightclub June 12, 2016 at 2:02 AM. In fact, my family and I were in Orlando at the time of the shooting.

Fall With Me – ANA

“Fall With Me” just dropped and it’s soulful, swirling tasty stuff.

Infiltrate – Cappadonna

Step back in time to the Boom Bap era, where lyricism was the foundation or rap. Throw up your W’s!

Best Friend – CAPYAC

Sometimes an artist comes with a track so stankin’ that it’s funky fresh beyond doubt.

Cliffs of Dover – Eric Johnson

Not only was the song great, but the guitar tone and techniques were amazing. The beautiful part was no one else really knew who he was, except for us guitarists.

Older – Sasha Sloan

If you haven’t heard of Sasha Sloan, give it a few years, I’m sure you will. She is a rising star in her own right…

Organ Farmer – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

I can’t stop listening to this record. There is no fat on it and it has everything I love about music. “Organ Farmer” is just plain rad.

Of Course It’s All Things – Lowercase Noises

Seeped in the simplicity of one synthesizer and one guitar, there is a gentle warmth to the swelling, sweeping musical vistas in Of Course It’s All Things. There is a sense of peace found in simply slowing down – so move slow and listen long.

Midnight City – M83

This track, in all its ubiquity, uniquely captures the very individual feeling of the relationship between a soul and their exterior surroundings. An explosion of auditory colour that renders this track timeless.

War of the Gods (Part 1) – Billy Paul

With “War of the Gods (Part 1),” late soul icon Billy Paul seeks atonement for all of the bad promoted by Satan asserting that “The time has come, for the war of the Gods.”

Amsterdam – Sofia Valdes

Inspired by Brazilian music, Motown, and Soul, Sofia has a beautifully unique approach to her songwriting and singing.

Unite and Fight – Mustard Plug

A high-speed combination of punk chorus and ska verse, Mustard Plug’s singalong Unite and Fight is just one of a sensational 28 tracks on the Ska Against Racism album compiled by Bad Time Records in 2020 to raise funds for non-profit organisations working to improve education, opportunity and justice for black people in the USA and beyond. With a barrelling momentum and a repudiation of violent action, this uplifting song is a call to arms for those of us committed to disarmament.
Unite and Fight - Mustard Plug

I Fuck Around – Melvins

I love this band and their new record started off with a laugh I needed this week. A great take a on a classic song.

Lovely Day – Bill Withers

The song is simple in its approach. It has an uncomplicated melody, a catchy refrain and Withers’ dulcet vocals. Songs like this epitomize the 70s, full of happiness and love. Pop culture always defines eras. The movies, television shows and music mirror the times. “Lovely Day” symbolizes the 70s, but it’s eternal in its outlook.

Goodbye Forever – Evenings

Gentle waves lapping the shore, maybe a little calmer than before. An uplifting guitar picking pattern is joined by a jaunty but almost regimental marching rhythm, like a merry army of peaceful warriors guiding you towards Savasana – the final conscious, wakeful rest.

Slowzy – Nápoles

This is a chilled out track that just hits different.

1st Time – Bakar

If this is your first time listening to Bakar then it certainly won’t be your last…

Lose Yourself – Roho

Ephemeral is an ode to a transformative period in my life-about a summer that changed everything. The water-themed record fully allows Roho to explore his signature brand of cool, sexual and spiritual whilst revealing more layers of his vulnerability. Ephemeral works as significant introduction to those unknowing of this alt-R&B act’s work and this episode finds Roho telling us all about the inspiration behind it.

Lose Yourself - Roho


NO GIMMICKS is a smooth slapper that’ll have you fetching your boombox asap.

12:34 AM – Billy Lemos ft. Omar Apollo, Maxwell Young

This collaboration by Billy Lemos, Maxwell Young, and Omar Apollo was released in 2017. Since then these three artists have created a name for themselves in the industry, along with strong fan bases. 12:34 AM served as the start and showed what these artists have to offer, and until this day it remains as one of their most popular songs, despite huge success in their individual projects.

12:34 AM - Billy Lemos ft. Omar Apollo, Maxwell Young

Dollas and Cents – TOBi feat. Juls

A track that works equally well in the club, living room, or bedroom. Repeat value on high

Never Disappear – Brian Marquis

Brian is a close friend and an amazing singer and songwriter. I’m glad to be able to include him on my playlist and love this record.

Soft Plans (v1) – Alan Lili

Shout out to Maria for recommending this track it fits perfectly with the vibe of this playlist. “Soft Plans (v1)” is a smooth and psychedelic R&B experience from up-and-coming artist Alan Lili.

The Attitude Song – Steve Vai

I knew Steve from Zappa, but I thought to myself, “Is this the same guy?” because he sure as shit didn’t sound like that on any Zappa records I heard.

Mr. Sun (miss da sun) – Greentea Peng

South East London’s own Aria Wells, artistically known as Greentea Peng provides a silky smooth neo-soul tune with Mr. Sun. This song is part of her 2019 EP ‘RISING’. She self-describes as a ‘psychedelic R’n’B’ singer and songwriter with musical influences from legends like Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. She has collaborated with fellow British artists p-rallel and Foreign Beggars.

Komorebi- Catching Flies

Melodic and moving, light in the dark, simple yet intricate, spacious while dense and uplifting yet grounding. Let’s play musical yin and yang, catching flies and playing with our breath and bodies in the dappled light flickering as we begin to awaken from winter’s slumber.

Kiss Me Like You Miss Me – Ckay

This is is a very beautiful song with amazing melodies, you will enjoy this one.

Vices – Mothica

Everyone has them, in one way or another. Drinking, Drugs, Binge Eating, etc. are all vices, or wicked habits, that people around the globe take part in.

Unlabeled – Isabelle

If you are someone who feels like they will never be acceptable according to society. If you think you are imperfect and will never achieve “perfection” this song is for you.

Antidote – Nao ft Adekunle Gold

This collabo from Nao and Adekunle Gold is a very groovy song with amazing vibes, It should get you moving your feet in no time, Enjoy!

Electric U – Kid Bloom

U will be shocked by how electrifying this song is…

Uptown Girl – Runda

This is an amazing track from Nigerian singer, Runda. Its a beautiful song with lovely rhythm, Enjoy!

Temptation – Jackmillz ft Aziz

As we enter the month of love, i decided to share this beautiful love song with you guys. It is accompanied with lovely vocals and instrumentation.

Spain – Return To Forever

RIP Chick Corea. A great song from an incredible band.

Fallingwater – Maggie Rogers

Fallingwater” is a song that describes rapid change which can be heard from sharp instrumental variation and the tempo switch right at the mid-section of the track.

Say It. – ((( O ))) & FKJ

An artist formerly known as June Marieezy, their music is absolute sweetness.

Beyond The Trees – Kisnou

The Italian musician and composer behind the name turned to music as an escape from pain, to be free within his passions.

The Little Green Man – MonoNeon, Daru Jones

Bam! It’s the real deal. A soulful, soothing, oscillating song that yet again showcases Mono’s gifted songwriting artistry alongside his bold bass work.

Eat Me Alice – ElectroMush

With “Eat Me Alice,” ElectroMush delivers an ear catching, enigmatic, and thought-provoking record that seeks to atone for self-doubt in regard to sanity and normalcy in a crazy world… sort of.

Beam Me Up – Gloria

While the band is on the verge of releasing a new LP, Sabbat Matters on March 5, 2021, this track is off of In Excelsis Stereo (2016). And if their new album is as great as this one, then we all have some fantastic tunes to look forward to in our near future.


Whether stuck at home in a dead end job, or just stuck at home, “FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT “ is the stimulation you need to get up, get out and get something.

Sense & Sensitivity

I’ve long been fascinated by the acknowledgement of internalized negativity, by the idea that the authors of the narratives we grow up believing are not necessarily the Pulitzer prize-winners we assume them to be.

3AM – Amber Kamminga

Through a moving bassline, Kamminga refines rousing lyrics into the dreamiest pop music and in the process winning over the hearts of fans and critics alike.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun – STRFKR

Groove along to this fun indie cover of an 80s classic…

Spanish Harlem featuring Frank Gambale & Brian Tarquin

I always liked Frank Gambale’s style, especially after hearing his 1990 release Thunder from Down Under and his work with Chick Corea’s electric band.

Satch Boogie – Joe Satriani

“Satch Boogie” is one of those head turning moments for a guitarist that you will never forget by Joe Satriani from his album Surfing with the Alien. I distinctly remember hearing it in college for the first time and running out and buying the album in 1988.

Bubbles – Yosi Horikawa

Yosi Horikawa is what music with no limits sounds like. Move to Bubbles with no limits.

Groovy – It’s Pedrito

It’s Pedrito is an Angolan born British artist from North London. Musical ambition has run through his veins even from the early age of 13. The lyrical content behind ‘Groovy’ is based on experiences with friendships and relationships from 2018 to 2019. It’s Pedrito is not one to stray far from his own experiences when it comes to lyrics in his songs.

Mopar Man- Doug Wilshire

He brings an authentic feel and sound to his music – with a blend of sub genres – rich vocals and the ability on a Steel that would leave Junior Brown talking.

Crush N Sprite – Banks Porter ft. Loopy Loop

Something New From Up and Comer Trapper/Rapper Banks Porter from the gritty streets of the Fordham Road Section of The Bronx.

SHADOW – Lexie Liu

This song starts with an acapella choir with a magical harmony in a minor tension. It is catchy, rhythmic but soft. Followed by futuristic beats and vocal, “SHADOW” will take you into the cyber future.

Like I Do – Jay Trigga

Jay Trigga is versatile and his sound varies from Trap to Afro-Pop. In his words; “I do music as a way to channel my emotions as well as inspire and better the lives of people around me, I hope with my music I’ll be able to bring hope to the Zambian youth that anything is possible and change lives, I feel its upon me to bring joy and hope for a better day”, he aims at changing the game internationally having worked with artists from China, Nigeria, Namibia.

Spacedust – Dux, Kosie

This track is so blazing-hot-fresh you can smell it through your speakers.

Lost Boy – Ruth B

On Lost Boy,” Canadian singer-songwriter, Ruth B taps into the world of Peter Pan. It’s the first song she ever wrote and revolves around themes like separation, escaping reality and diving into one’s imagination.

My World Is Empty Without You – The Supremes

I grew up listening to a ton of Motown, it’s part of me. The Supremes were one of my earliest memories of a singing group and still a favorite. So, in honor and memory of founding member Mary Wilson this week’s track is “My World Is Empty Without You”. So many of their songs are part of my DNA and this is one I have always loved. Enjoy!

Noir ou Blanc – Ichon ft. Loveni

Based in Montreuil, France, Ichon is a dynamic rapper and singer. In this track he partnered with fellow artist Loveni, they are both part of the Bon Gamin crew/label alongside producer Myth Syzer. This crew has been present in the Parisian Music scene for the past few years, creating a devoted community around them.

102 – Spyro

As we enter the month of love, i decided to share this beautiful love song with you guys. It is accompanied with lovely vocals and instrumentation.

Affelaye – Morning Tremor

As soothing as it is uplifting; Morning Tremor suits flowing asana’s and vibrant vinyasa flows. The intricacies of the track are submerged within soft, warm layers that wrap around you and flow through you like breath through the body.

Devil in The Desert – Jakob Drummond

Devil in The Desert is this week’s stripped back acoustic gem…

Dark, and cool as fuck! – it captures the journey of a man on the run, his taste for blood and his final demise.

Tocar Madera – Larry Coryell

I was very fortunate to have worked with the “Godfather of Fusion” Larry Coryell in 2016, only months before his passing. He is one of the most influential guitar players of the 20th Century and beyond. His invention of jazz-rock electric guitar playing in the 1960s, was revolutionary and spurred an entire fusion movement that came of age in the 1970’s.

Handful of Cash – Sun Tone

Floatin’ upon a booming groove with a devious funk-flavor.

Used to Be in Love – The Jungle Giants

Fall back in love with The Jungle Giants…

Sukha – Ladislav Pazdera, Karlijn Langendijk

When you listen to music like this one you also remember what it is to be connected to nature, you remember part of the sound of nature in that organic sound, the wood just resonating to the sound of strings being touched, you remember the essential and feel ready to transport yourself again to the best parts of life.

Sukha - Ladislav Pazdera, Karlijn Langendijk

Rags – Chef

Time to start stacking (or cooking) your cheddar, provolone, mozzarella with this breezy 2019 track

Avril 14th by Aphex Twin

New year new start huh?!

Yeah – that didn’t exactly work out for me either – but – but – it’s the end of January and I’m feeling kinda – what’s that word – I used to use it all the time… it’s odd isn’t it – when you don’t use something for a while it removes itself – giving up space to something more popular – but I’m trying to remember now – what was it – oh yeah – Optimistic!…

I Dey There – Jujuboy Star

This jazz-tinged afrobeat track is one for the books, its melodious and groovy rhythm accompanied with amazing vocals will get you moving your feet in no time. Enjoy!

November – Gabrielle Aplin

November” falls into the indie-rock genre and simply explains how this particular month has been ruined, due to a memory she can’t seem to forget. The track is a light-hearted one, fully showcasing Aplin’s incredible vocal ability. She is a truly gifted artiste and I hope to share more of her magnificent tunes with you.

Eyes Of The Mammal – Elbrus

Elbrus has a great vibe, kind of a mix of folk, 60s blues rock, and modern stoner metal. If you’re a fan of Cream and Black Sabbath you should check them out.

Venezuela Riddim – Hak Baker

Very fitting to the time we are all in right now, in Hak’s own words: “‘Venny’ is the feel-good track of the tape. Yeah, we’ve all had it hard, but let’s celebrate, innit! It’s gonna rain anyway.”

Ms. Stress – Floetry

The track of the week is a great 2000’s R&B. More one track about love and complicated relationships.

“It’s better that it hurts. It’s better that it feels this way to me”

Ms. Stress - Floetry

Lightenup – Parcels

Out of Byron Bay, Australia, and currently based in Berlin, Parcels is a five-member electro-pop band. They evoke and combine a few genres in their music and as described by the band “sort of a blend between electro-pop and disco-soul”

Spring – Willow Robinson

This track captures the feeling of spring on record, it is relaxing and inspiring. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and enjoy the journey this song will take you on

The intensity of resonances – Matt Wilier

This little stream of resonances is crafted with a gentle ostinato that flows deep inside. Enjoy!

Room 335 – Larry Carlton

The 1978 self-titled solo album of Larry Carlton, also known as Room 335, opens up with the song “Room 335” named after his recording studio in Hollywood, CA. The track has always been under contention for borrowing heavily on the Steely Dan song, “Peg”.

Harvest – Tom Trago

In the club or on the mat, hearts beating as one, breath flowing in tune as we still the rippling waves.