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Harvest Moon – Neil Young

Harvest Moon by Neil Young had to be in this playlist; for obvious reasons. Just the soothing, comfort of this five-minute track never fails to make me swoon. Give it a listen and know a little more about it here!

Album Cover for Harvest Moon by Neil Young

Garden View – Hales Corner

A two-minute song and my emphasis here would be the lyrics yet again. This slow and starry-sound track has both dreamy vocals and warm lyrics. A beautiful listen.

Album Cover for Garden View by Hales Corner

Stoned Soul Picnic – Chicano Batman

The perfect track for when you want to take a step back. This will give you a feeling of sitting on the grass and watching time go by, well, for four minutes and twenty-eight seconds at least (but a really serene one at that!).

Album cover of Stoned Soul Picnic

Video Child – Many Voices Speak

The warmth of this song is what you’ll feel the most. Songs that make us remember what we’ve been through and how we grew from those experiences are really so, so powerful. You’ll definitely feel this while listening to this track. So get ready for a journey, and press play.

Petulia – The Kooks

Vocals and a Guitar. It’s the simplicity in this track that makes it so sentimental. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll see the passion of how love is defined; and how love through the melodies will keep you at ease.

Jesus, Etc. – Wilco

The first time I heard this track, it literally put me in a state of calmness. It was as if I had nothing to worry about and I was just lost in the song. Listen for yourself and you’ll understand what I‘m talking about.

A Mellow Daydream

a break from reality to get lost in a dream – featuring artists like Cage The Elephant • Szymon • Devices • Nick Drake • Drugdealer • Club Kuru • Andrew Jackman • Sleeping Jesus

Maggie Is Napping – One Of Them

A quiet, mellow, contemplative piece – complete with soothing Owl hoots – that wrapped my psyche in a warm acoustic blanket and gave me the gentle encouragement I needed.
Maggie is Napping - One of Them

MASSA – Tyler, The Creator

Hop on the freedom train with one of the standout tracks from the mid-year candidate for Album of the Year.

Wolves – Kota the Friend & Statik Selektah

Separate from the pack with the leadoff track from Kota and Friend and Statik Selektah’s outstanding album

Let Me Fly – DMX

One degree of separation between me, my grandmother, and DMX

Try Again – Ovrkast.

Underground Bay Area hip-hop. What else do you need to know?

Beam Me Up – Gloria

While the band is on the verge of releasing a new LP, Sabbat Matters on March 5, 2021, this track is off of In Excelsis Stereo (2016). And if their new album is as great as this one, then we all have some fantastic tunes to look forward to in our near future.

freetime – Schwey feat. Satchy

Start off your newfound escape by grabbing a drink and playing this track. Either Johnnie or Crown will do.

Harder Than My Demons – Big Sean

The trials and tribulations of Big Sean have been thoroughly documented over the past decade. It’s that perseverance and devotion to God that he raps about on this track, that manifests itself as success despite the obstacles.

The Bug Collector – Haley Heynderickx

At a time that simmers in fragility and fear – words are paralyzing. Sharing feels weighted in heavy uncertainty…

Stranger To Yourself – Loving

Are you a stranger to yourself? A habitually threaded thought stitched on the surface of an overcrowded mind…

Canada – Desmond Cheese

A song best explained in sounds. Sounds that feel almost familiar – but not quite – like a foggy memory…

Lagunas – Getaway Dogs

A creation of powerful sonic transformation. Colorful soundscapes course through the vibrant veins of Getaway Dogs in their expression of nature and our state of belonging within it…

Loverboy – The Marías

The wistful, the wiser and the wilder side speaks louder than the rest and here arises the raspy roar of María – a lioness awakening all things ethereal and otherworldly…

Dreamstate – Heavy Chest

Consumed by a pensive energy, Heavy Chest revels in cumbersome introspection. With creations drenched in moody melancholy – Andre Smith, Josh Brown, Samuel Morgan, and Joe Sheppy form the sound of the warped dream that is our existence…

Hurts Me Too – Faye Webster

The manifestation of restless emotions is released within the slow stream of melodic tears on wounded skin. Here enters a voice which glides as delicately as a dragonfly along sun soaked water in its waltz with the wind. Much like the sounds of a brewing summer storm, she serenades with a brooding intensity…

Nihilist Kite Flyer – Loving

The desire to deliver beautiful words and words that leave an imprint on the mind can often leave one in a paralyzing state of creative despair. Loving is a sound where the imprint is deep and words are soaked in life lived amongst the creative despair…

Magick Love – Mae Powell

Sat atop a creaky old rooftop deck on a late May evening. San Francisco falls under a blanket of fog and lulls the city sounds to hum to a slower rhythm. Huddled humans speak in buzzed banter…

As The World Turns – Jessica Pratt

There are voices that ground you into the vibrant microcosms of the earth and voices that float amongst the air after flying through spacey lungs. Voices that warm you with words baked in sunlight and voices with unpredictable power and simultaneous grace like wild water…

Gold In The Air – Jesse Woods

The soft and enamored vocals of Jesse Woods is something I immediately associated with a warm cup of tea or the warmth of the sun as it emerges from snoozing behind the clouds. There is just something about a song that allows you to simply feel good. Nothing more and nothing less…

Keep You Dreamin’ – Flitz&Suppe

Hello my groovy music lovers! I welcome you with gratitude and love today. This week I wanted to get a gentle start and keep it on the mellow side of life. Introducing Flitz&Suppe, a special duo from Germany…

Friday Morning – Khruangbin

Be prepared to take a deep dive into your wild ocean of feelings while listening to Khruangbin. I had the glorious pleasure of recently witnessing the live performance of these three funky gurus creating pure sunlit sounds…

Flirt- Biig Piig

Gentle rapping and sultry vocals is what initially got me hooked on Jess Smyth. She exudes a rather soothing and hypnotic voice that draws you in immediately. There is truly something intriguing about darling Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig…

Selfish Lover – Mild Orange

Hi, hello and welcome snazzy music lovers. I present to you this week a window into the inner workings of Mild Orange. I am fairly certain they’re cool with it if we just take a quick peek inside. These mellow kiwi fellows have a beautiful ability to share simple words and sounds with a truly relatable and meaningful message to go along with it…

Hand Me Down – Hales Corner

Still a fairly new band, Hales Corner was formed around 2015 through the collaborative efforts of Wes Cook and Caleb Adams. People of the world, they are SO worth the listen…