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The Bug Collector – Haley Heynderickx

At a time that simmers in fragility and fear – words are paralyzing. Sharing feels weighted in heavy uncertainty…

Magick Love – Mae Powell

Sat atop a creaky old rooftop deck on a late May evening. San Francisco falls under a blanket of fog and lulls the city sounds to hum to a slower rhythm. Huddled humans speak in buzzed banter…

As The World Turns – Jessica Pratt

There are voices that ground you into the vibrant microcosms of the earth and voices that float amongst the air after flying through spacey lungs. Voices that warm you with words baked in sunlight and voices with unpredictable power and simultaneous grace like wild water…

Damn – Nat Lefkoff

The light air of spring is finally as warm as my morning tea, so naturally this feels like a good time to ponder the existence of self. Perhaps I can interest you in some spring cleaning of the mind, body and soul. For whatever it’s worth, I think we are all destined to explore and question the boundaries of existentialism. The kind of stuff that makes you feel lost in what is unknown and overly consumed by what is…

Gold In The Air – Jesse Woods

The soft and enamored vocals of Jesse Woods is something I immediately associated with a warm cup of tea or the warmth of the sun as it emerges from snoozing behind the clouds. There is just something about a song that allows you to simply feel good. Nothing more and nothing less…

They Thought I Was Asleep – Paul Kelly

So stoked to bring you another Aussie gem, back to back with last weeks “Cruel Sea”.

Paul Kelly would have to be one of the most respected Singer/Songwriters in Australia. Every couple of years he’ll pop up in an intimate Theatre or home town show, whether he’s solo or with his band you can be guaranteed the night of your life.

Painter In Your Pocket – Destroyer

To me, “Painter In Your Pocket” represents the new confidence, views and creations that evolve with experience.  I find this song interesting because it shows this growth through the eyes of the past.

Goodbye Weekend – Mac Demarco

Choosing to live a less traditional lifestyle is often met with misunderstanding, which many creative people can relate to. This song reinforces my belief in the importance of dismissing these misconceptions.