Rodrigo Medrano

Don’t Look Back Into The Sun – The Libertines

10 October 2017

I really loved last week’s intro, so I thought of another great song with a great intro…

With this band I heard for the first time the genre “post-punk-revival”. What a name for a genre, right? sounds cool… can be catchy… but normal people call this as indie but of course with a “70’s vintage” influence (Aha! I bet you were not expecting this definition… which is even worse than the post-punk-revival).

You! Me! Dancing! – Los Campesinos

3 October 2017

This week is not going to be about Los Campesinos songs.

This week we will take a look to the marvellous video and we will go through many epic videos like this following the indie road.

Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men – The Strokes & Regina Spektor

25 September 2017

My real first option was going to be The Hard Way – Pink Floyd just to continue with a wonderful bass, but the lovely spotify didn’t have the immersive box set of the Dark Side of the moon.

So immediately thought “why don’t go with, who I consider the fathers of Indie Rock, The Strokes”. And it got better because I realised there’s something much better than The Strokes, which is Regina Spektor AND The Strokes.

Knee Socks – Arctic Monkeys

12 September 2017

We are staying in the UK but now going back to the north. This time is Sheffield, the home of Arctic Monkeys!

Creepin’ Up The Backstairs (live) – The Fratellis

5 September 2017

From Liverpool we will go a bit more to the north (like Game of Thrones), The Fratellis from Glasgow are delighting us with their song and that broken voice singing those lyrics.

See the Sun – The Kooks

29 August 2017

From Glasgow now we are going down south up to Brighton, The Kooks and this delightful song.

See the sun is part of the tracklist of the album Konk, actually recorded on the famous Konk Studio. Produced by Tony Hoffer it’s just a little clue you get before listening this album that this is a piece of art. The real clue is the talent this guys have and the fact they always knew the direction for their “pop” influenced by 60’s british invasion and post punk revival music.

Lady Madonna (Love version) – The Beatles

21 August 2017

You have no idea idea the huge effort it took me to not put a Beatles’ song in the playlist. Selecting the last 3 songs, Lady Madonna was always on my mind and obviously as a Beatles’ freak I tried to not open this door. But, they are the “fathers” of Open Another Door.

Grace Kelly – MIKA

15 August 2017

After Dylan Dunlap’s week, first guy and song in my mind was this extremely happy song. Mr. Mika, that nice piano and those high pitch tones looking for love (actually is a song complaining about they wanted him to more “normal” pop).

An Interview With Dylan Dunlap by Rodrigo Medrano

11 August 2017

Dylan Dunlap released his new EP “Feels Right at Home” almost two months ago. His past EPs and Album shows all the potential of this 21 year old multi-instrumentalist, but more importantly they show his way of singing about life and his way of verbalising himself to the world. This is why I think he’s a perfect example of the idea of Music To Open Another Door.

Purpose – Dylan Dunlap

7 August 2017

I honestly don’t know where to start with this guy. He’s in charge of transforming this cheesy mood we were having for the last two week into a nice indie upbeat.  Taught himself piano since he was 6 years old, grew up listening Linkin Park, Yellowcard and then Coldplay changed his world. Today he gets inspiration from any kind of genre (even heavy metal!) and his music has an original upbeat.