Rodrigo Medrano

The Gambler – Fun.

1 August 2017

If you thought last week was a bit cheesy, with this song of the week we are going to complete that cheesiness and maybe more. Maybe most of you know Fun. , but not everybody knows many of the first album’s songs or EPs around that time.

Better Together – Jack Johnson

24 July 2017

So, for people in the north hemisphere you will be having summer and for most of the south hemisphere is winter/rain season. I was thinking on a song that could connect both seasons. A song that you can listen to no matter where you are, you will end up feeling the same nice feeling.

Billie Jean – Pink Turtle

18 July 2017

After a great jazz week, why not extend it for another week showing groups making a difference in the genre. And this week we will be featuring Pink Turtle, an awesome french swing jazz band, making a great cover of Billie Jean…

Cheek to Cheek – Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

10 July 2017

This week we are take that piano and voice from last week and we are gonna use it with Tony Bennett’s band and the incredible voice of Lady Gaga!

This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole

4 July 2017

Don’t tell me it was a difficult one! The lovely Natalie Cole is our track of the week being introduced with that perfect combination of piano, claps with a funny bass and then her voice, big bass, strings and brass section. It’s impossible to not smile to that intro and move your head with the rhythm.

Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

27 June 2017

Stevie can’t be out of this. If you were born in the 90’s, you would know this song from the guys before in the playlist who did a blasting cover that actually sounds like Stevie’s live performance at The Beat Club in 1974 during his european tour.

Walkabout – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

22 June 2017

Nice bass, nice drums… Heeeeyyyy this is still funk, and I said Jamiroquai was the one in charge of funky through the 90’s when this song is from 1995!… Yes… but… this one has really good guitar riff and it’s John Frusciante so that makes it a special funk!

Alright – Jamiroquai

22 June 2017

I can bet that many of you were expecting this guy coming. Many clues were spread on the songs before (I’m just talking to the people who are actually following the songs in the order I chose): The king playing some upbeat, Morcheeba adding the electric guitar…

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day – Morcheeba

22 June 2017

You can think instantly “Macy Gray has a similar voice, so she can be in this playlist too” and yes, you’re right. Actually, Macy was my first choice but we were needing a little bit from the UK.

Love Never Felt so Good (Original) – Michael Jackson

22 June 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m so damn proud to introduce on this playlist the King of Pop! Michael Jackson!

The man who is still bringing hits after his death: the Pandora’s Box of Music. The unique voice praised by the world no matter which is your favourite genre, you will know him and like at least 3 songs.