Rodrigo Medrano

Time Won’t Wait – Jamiroquai

23 April 2018

After some rock weeks, let’s bring the funk back to our lives and I couldn’t find anything better than this bloody amazing track.

Just… Just…. Just listen to that beginning… Drummer counting, Bass with the best groove setting the atmosphere, background keys completing the scenario. Later drums building up a bit more and strings for the explosion…

To Be With You – Mr. Big

17 April 2018

After an amazing anthem song for our nights out, why not continue the vibe and make encourage our drunk friends to sing even louder (and out of pitch of course)…

Interview With Matt Edible & the Obtuse Angels

13 April 2018

And here we are with the artist of this week. The guy who brought us a new anthem to sing with “God Gave Rock and Roll”, but making it clear in half the time. Nothing against Argent, but is a good point when the message can be sent a bit shorter…

Nightclubbing – Matt Edible & the Obtuse Angels

9 April 2018

This is what I love from Track submissions, every each of them has something interesting. Sometimes there are not for what I want to share in music to open another door, sometimes I love them but it’s hard to include it and sometimes they just surprise you like this week’s track…

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

3 April 2018

After a long time (almost 4 months…), I’m back to this beautiful place missing it a lot. That’s why this week we are having a great song focusing on this pleasant place and that me, you, them, everybody! (too much Blues Brothers) are crazy!…

An Interview With Year of October by Rodrigo Medrano

28 November 2017

Welcome Again to this section where bands/artists that submitted their song, have a little interview to more about them and make their week more informative apart from the awesome videos.

I normally try to introduce the band giving some info about them, but with these questions we have plenty data of the to be introduced, know them better and love them. So, let’s start with the interview.

Come & Get It – Year of October

21 November 2017

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m proud of introduce this band that submitted this track and since then I’ve been listening to all their albums learning a bit more of them. Here they are – Year of October!

These Days – Foo Fighters

14 November 2017

I was waiting for a really good moment to introduce this guys. The band that is keeping the american rock n roll legacy active and strong even if the last two albums are sounding a bit british, which is not bad but we have Arctic Monkeys for the british rock n roll legacy.

Little Black Submarine – The Black Keys

7 November 2017

These guys reached the top of their rock career with this song, after this track on that album their music became something that was not rock anymore.

The Black Keys, the perfect band at a perfect time for rock. A power duo with a mad drummer and a vintage guitars freak…

Black Hearts on Fire – Jet

31 October 2017

Alright alright alright, I was needing some more rock here and this guys knows how to make that step and still be connected with The Libertines.

Ladies and Gentlemen, This week – JET with Black Hearts on Fire…