Rodrigo Medrano

The Conversation of the Street Lights Will Pass as Quickly as Our Words – The Bowling Alley Sound

17 July 2018

Second week with a track submission and another great song. From an amazing mix of electro pop smooth style like Malibu Soma, to a completely immersive music style by The Bowling Alley Sound…

Interview With Malibu Soma

16 July 2018

“To whoever is reading this, I implore you to look for music that goes beyond what is mainstream. Find artists who are really making things because they’re passionate about the music and the creation process, not because they want clout or money or whatever. There are so many amazing artists out there that are struggling to make ends meet because the big blogs or labels aren’t giving them a chance because they’re not a surefire money maker like these trashy money-machine artists…

You & Me – Malibu Soma

10 July 2018

Do you like Stevie Wonder? Good! And what about Daft Punk? Like it too? Great! Nile Rodgers? you have to like him too, right? Perfect! Tame Impala? Alright, just keep on reading…

Cyborg – Hell Fire Jack

3 July 2018

A pair of angry bastards, loud as hell.

That’s how they describe themselves and it’s way too accurate. Let me explain…

Sucio y Desprolijo – Divididos

18 June 2018

I mentioned them last week presenting my favourite band. So now I feel of sharing with you, one of the roots of Mustafunk. The plow truck of rock and roll in Argentina, DIVIDIDOS.

This band is the baby from a historical band in Argentina called Sumo. When the lead singer of Sumo died, Ricardo Mollo and Diego Arnedo decided to try this formula. In only 10 years during the 90’s they became the plow truck they are today…

Sapo Rey & Monos – Mustafunk

12 June 2018

As an Argentinian I feel allowed to say we have the best crowd in the world. Videos will be shared to prove this is not just a thing I say, it’s a fact. But, this is not because people are crazy (not just because that…). We have been fed with excellent national music through the past 40 years and I’m not talking about quality on recordings and punk rock disasters.

Kishikaisei – WagakkiBand

21 May 2018

Last 5 tracks of this top 40 of Open Another Door and I can’t skip something that most of the music industry skips, all the music coming from the east.

I grew up watching anime and heard them in many languages, but something amazing is the masterpieces they create and never appear on the charts. For example this guys, WagakkiBand. 

Got to Get into my Life – Earth, Wind & Fire

14 May 2018

Eeemmm, I think I felt almost forced to put this song as it is the masterpiece of a masterpiece…

Fragments of Time – Daft Punk

7 May 2018

I posted a video 2 weeks ago of them giving a great example of funk, but it wasn’t enough.

Maybe they are not the creators (their creator is Giorgio Moroder, the actual father of electronic), but they are the Hercules of electronic music (Giorgio is Zeus)…

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

30 April 2018

And here we have little MJ’s prospect. Amazing talents on almost everything, Top 40’s machine (he lives on those charts), make you feel there’s still a chance on pop music and of course does a lot of what the king used to do which is completely respectable.