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Take it Easy

Journey through the depths of a never-ending day with these everlasting tunes – featuring artists like Leon Bridges • Khurangbin • COIN • Devendra Banhart • Brett Dennen • Cannons • duendita • Mk.gee


Thematically and sonically, this was a perfect fit right after Blur. I’ve been an R.E.M. fan from jump…I connected with the music right away. Once again, I’m not entirely sure this song is actually about depression, but the word ‘low‘ can be interpreted in that context. The meaning can indicate position, as well as mood…. View Article

This Is A Low-Blur

This is a lowBut it won’t hurt youWhen you’re aloneIt will be there with you This song isn’t actually about depression. It was inspired by a handkerchief that Blur bassist Alex Jones gave to lead singer Damon Albarn. The handkerchief had a map of British shipping lanes printed on it, along with corresponding weather reports…. View Article


Journey through the depths of a never-ending day with these everlasting tunes – featuring artists like Leon Bridges • Khurangbin • COIN • Devendra Banhart • Brett Dennen • Cannons • duendita • Mk.gee

Petulia – The Kooks

Vocals and a Guitar. It’s the simplicity in this track that makes it so sentimental. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll see the passion of how love is defined; and how love through the melodies will keep you at ease.

O Xote das Meninas – Alceu Valença

This song, a typical Brazilian Xote is an invitation to find a partner and start dancing. Lyrics are telling the story of young girls that become women.

All Power to The People

The maddening, frustrating and inspiring experience that is humanity, and our daily struggle as we move forward… – featuring artists like The Stylistics • Flobots • R.E.M. • Mavis Staples • World Party • tulengua • Paolo Nutini • The Jam

A Mellow Daydream

a break from reality to get lost in a dream – featuring artists like Cage The Elephant • Szymon • Devices • Nick Drake • Drugdealer • Club Kuru • Andrew Jackman • Sleeping Jesus

Sweet Like Honey

Stop, relax, enjoy life’s little blessings – featuring artists like Bill Withers • Kadhja Bonet • L’impératrice • Erykah Badu • ROSALÍA • Laura Groves

Cochichando – Jacob do Bandolim

Choro from Pixinguinha, played by Jacob do Bandolim and his band. Cochichando is a fantastic example of this magical Brazilian genre, which mixes the European classical song structure with the African rhythms.

Things I Thought Were Mine – Alfie Templeman

Immerse yourself with this jazzy modern indie-pop tune…

Mad World – Gary Jules w/ Michael Andrews

All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere…

goin’ to the beach in my mind

Escape to your peaceful place in this genre-less haven – featuring artists like Noname • chromonocci • Tash Sultana • Porches • Isaiah Mostafa • Tom Misch • Sofía Valdés

Finkel Finds: Songs that feel like a silk shirt — a playlist by FINKEL • powered by musicto

This is a collection of songs that make you want to cuddle and/or shake your ass – featuring artists like James Blake • Sinead Harnett • Glass Animals • Big Wild • Little Simz • Leon Bridges • Illa J • The Marías • Lianne La Havas • Kamakaze • Toro y Moi

Organic Vibes

Organic unexpected vibes from all over the world – featuring artists like Baden Powell • Monica Salmaso • Alain Péters • Fela Kuti • Anna Paes • Hamilton de Holanda • Luiz Bonfá • Quarteto Novo

The Only Way – Modern Nomad

Immerse yourself with this jazzy modern indie-pop tune…

Lightenup – Parcels

Lighten up the mood with this groovy n’ bright indie tune…


“To seek the affection of someone, with the intent to begin a romantic relationship” – featuring artists like Alina Baraz • Free Nationals • Amaria • 53 Thieves • Syd • Lava La Rue • Solange • Connan Mockasin


Amp the Alt

Discover new alternative, indie, and rock bands and new songs every month – featuring artists like Yard of Blondes • Geography of the Moon • Penny Mob • The Wheel Workers • Samuel Brooks • Valarie Hill • Rebel Kicks • Monster Boy Lives

Amp the Alt


Discover a little extra somethin’-somethin’ for your tango taste. Rock and pop? When possible. Experimental and fusion? Likely. Trip hop? Occasionally. Tango? Mostly! – featuring artists like Gotan Project • Tom Waits • Grace Jones • Caro Emerald • Portishead • Parov Stelar • Touch & Go • Entangados



A COOL mix of dreamy alternative-pop – featuring artists like Frank Ocean • Tame Impala • Childish Gambino • Empire of the Sun • Flume • The Marias • Two Feet • The Neighbourhood

Chill Out

Songs that Exude Life!

Songs that exude energy and emotion! – featuring artists like The Beatles • The B-52s • ABBA • The Jungle Giants • The Cleaners From Venus • David Bowie • Arcade Fire • Chuck Berry

Intro To Summer — a playlist by 80/20 Records • powered by musicto

All the right vibes needed to get your summer started – featuring artists like Glass Animals • Bear Ghost • UPSAUL • SZA • Gabe Kubanda • The Mowglis • MGMT • The Maine

Favorites For Feeling Good — a playlist by Matthew McNeal • powered by musicto

Groove-filled tracks that defy genre – featuring artists like Leon Bridges • HAIM The Avett Brothers • Kevin Morby • Spoon • Matthew McNeal • Mac Demarco • Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Matriarch — a playlist by Mary Jennings • powered by musicto

This playlist is filled with women that have proven that stereotype wrong. In fact, they have squashed it, showing that to be a mother is to be a matriarch. Rock like a mother. Featuring artists like Imogen Heap • Tori Amos • Sia • Mary Jennings • I Am Snowangel • Halsey • Adele


Celebrating the determination of “one hundred thousand teenagers” to take over the streets of London to save their future from calamity, KIDSTRIKE! by novelist and singer songwriter JB Morrison – aka Jim Bob – is taken from the UK Top 40 album Pop Up Jim Bob released in August 2020 and inspired by the real life activism of countless young activists. But the song is run through with a rueful recognition of the singer’s own fading urge to save the world.


Magdalena’s Song – First the Winter

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend on the Grieve to list of late where – for one reason or another – the tracks are becoming a little more optimistic – a little more hopeful. And while yes – there are times when that’s appropriate – it’s the sadness of a track that we’re drawn to – the pure melancholy of a love remembered or a life cut short – or – as with this week’s track – both!..

Show On The Road – Tom Freund

Are we doomed?

Is this how it’s going to be?


Damn I hope not…

The Bug Collector – Haley Heynderickx

At a time that simmers in fragility and fear – words are paralyzing. Sharing feels weighted in heavy uncertainty…

Experimental Mice – First the Winter

Do you have hope?

I know – it’s a heavy question – particularly at this time of writing when the corona virus is reshaping the planet – but – maybe because of that – the question has validity.


Do you?

Do you really?

Do you have hope?…

To Love – Jon Worthy & The Bends

I’ve been thinking a lot about Music to Grieve To and and about what kind of playlist I want it to be. The idea is solid – both for the audience – in that listening to sad music is good for you – and for artists because hell, if you can’t write a sad song – then – maybe this game isn’t for you!..

Stranger To Yourself – Loving

Are you a stranger to yourself? A habitually threaded thought stitched on the surface of an overcrowded mind…

Midnight – Motel Radio

Tangled in otherworldly harmonies – “Midnight” is delicately strung into an emotional encapsulation of the complexity that grows within our deepest infatuations…

wet dreams – sundiver ca

Inside patched up pockets of humbled innovations – the sounds of sundiver ca shreds effortlessly through manically moody tunes. Brimming with dreamy, dreary and distorted modulations..

Dreamstate – Heavy Chest

Consumed by a pensive energy, Heavy Chest revels in cumbersome introspection. With creations drenched in moody melancholy – Andre Smith, Josh Brown, Samuel Morgan, and Joe Sheppy form the sound of the warped dream that is our existence…

Nihilist Kite Flyer – Loving

The desire to deliver beautiful words and words that leave an imprint on the mind can often leave one in a paralyzing state of creative despair. Loving is a sound where the imprint is deep and words are soaked in life lived amongst the creative despair…

personova – Austenyo

This week of Music in Motion Month, I am all about those super duper groovy movey tunes that reminds us to be a bit more playful in our existence. Sometimes we need to feel lighter to get through the day and moving your body allows you to feel alive…

River – Matrick Jones

You know when you discover a new artist and immediately know you’re going to have a long lustrous love affair with their music? This happened to me recently with Matrick Jones aka Matthew Bilić. Once again my aussie roots grow deeper into my musical garden as this funky fellow hails from Sydney, Australia. Here in the warm shadows I would lovingly like to introduce Matrick Jones, a beam of golden musical light…

Society – Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou is the goosebumps tingling on your skin making absolutely sure you feel the depths of her words. Heavy truths wander through her airy melodies. She treads gracefully along the thin veil of authenticity we suppress through the universal understanding that “this is just the way life is”…

Somewhere Else – Mesita

It’s finally a warm night and it is welcomed with deep gratitude. The air is pleasantly humid and light breath flows in and out of my body with gentle ease. A steamy tea brews beside me. Always. Headphones are snuggly set in each ear, eagerly awaiting to float amongst the waves of sound…

Special Moment – Post Animal

What a time to be alive music lovers of the world! I had a profound moment of happiness in mindblowing proportions watching this group of snazzy fellows jam together recently in San Francisco. The band is composed of Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo, Matt Williams and Joe Keery (an inactive contributing member for the foreseeable future)…

Mombasa – Foreign/National

My aussie roots seem to be growing into fervent entanglement with some really snazzy australian artists. These roots have wrapped gently around the five-piece band known as Foreign/National. They have been a favorite of mine for quite awhile now and this track in particular keeps me groovin’ even when there is no groove left…

Buffalo – Inner Wave

Warmest of greetings to these five spunky, funky and full of life guys by the names of Pablo Sotelo, Jean Pierre Narvaez, Chris Runners, Elijah Trujillo, and Luis Portillo. Honestly, what first got my attention was their name. Anything wave related peaks my interest no matter the content…

Hand Me Down – Hales Corner

Still a fairly new band, Hales Corner was formed around 2015 through the collaborative efforts of Wes Cook and Caleb Adams. People of the world, they are SO worth the listen…

I Give You Power – Arcade Fire

For their first new material since 2013’s Reflektor, indie art collective Arcade Fire recruit legendary gospel singer Mavis Staples to present a clear and simple warning to our leaders: I give you power and I can take it away. This is not a threat, Mr Trump. it’s a promise.

The Altruist – Saddles

Since moving to Phoenix, Arizona, I have been fortunate to meet lots of creative and inspiring people.  Saddles is an example of the local talent that motivates me to create. This song is from their newly released album, “ Yoke.”