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You know that feeling when you’re just exhausted? When you’ve put everything you have in and still it’s not enough, still the tide comes and moves you on - again - with no clear destination or hope? If you know what I’m talking about you should definitely listen to this track.

Songs are strange things - they’re made up of music and melody accompanied by words - lyrics - that together create something greater than the sum of those individual parts. On a list like this it is often the lyric that comes to the fore - a story of heartbreak or death or loneliness or depression - these things are more easily conveyed with words - but sometimes - and to my ears often more powerfully - it is the music that lets you know what’s going on.

When I’m beaten down I don’t want to listen to up-tempo music - I don’t want to listen to a mid-tempo track with an uplifting message - when I’m down I want the music to reflect my mood - I want a slow hypnotic, beautifully constructed groove that I can bathe in and let wash over me - if by some magical occurrence the vocal matches the music - I’m in heaven.

There’s such a classic feel to this track - it had me immediately thinking of Sandy Deny and 70’s folk rock - check out Fotheringay’s The Sea on the classic Music to Blow Smoke Rings Across The Floor playlist - but it’s not stuck in the past and also had me thinking of Morcheeba’s The Sea from Music to The Ocean And Beyond - there’s a timeless to it that transcends decades and generations.

But of course the track is about heartbreak - about the loss of love - here’s what Jennifer had to say about its genesis:

the song was written in a year where pretty much everything hurt: it was the end of a marriage; end of several friendships; touring solo shows with endless hours between cities in an old truck; and the end of a brief love affair which inspired several songs on my debut record, one that i wanted to last longer, -or long enough to feel like not everything was going to end. but it didn’t; this song was about the point when it became clear it was over, and i knew i was leaving, even though we really still loved each other. i played it at every show that year and then couldn’t play it again for years. i hope you enjoy.
— U Wear It Well - Jennifer Leonhardt

and I do, I do enjoy. I hope you do too.

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