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24K Magic is one of the best modern day pop/R&B tracks to have ever been released and is one of the most iconic tracks to featured in Bruno Mar's music catalog.  

The opening of the song greets us with old school 90's auto tune while briefly serenading us into the full package. 

The song then bursts into a charismatic, energetic and flavorful blend of dance funk pop. 

Mar's 24K Magic is essentially about being carefree and spending your money on women and not giving a crap what anyone thinks. 

This track screams and commands you to have a good, loud, fun time which is what the listener craves when they listen to this incredibly fascinating pop gem. 

During the making of Mar's 2016 album of the same name, He told many various news source outlets that the album was inspired by 80's and 90's R&B - particularly the New Jack Swing era.  The album, according to Bruno Mars, is designed to revisit and revive all of the things that people loved about the 80's and 90's in terms of music particularly all of the musical elements that made R&B what it was back then. 

The album also gives the classic short track listing that often appeared on many vinyl records in the past making 24K Magic one of the most desirable albums to add to your vinyl collection. 

Overall the album is one great, big party record meant to electrify as well as satisfy everyone's inner party animals and if 24K Magic doesn't get you on the dance floor then you don't have very good taste in music.

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