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Warmest of greetings to these five spunky, funky and full of life guys by the names of Pablo Sotelo, Jean Pierre Narvaez, Chris Runners, Elijah Trujillo, and Luis Portillo. Honestly, what first got my attention was their name. Anything wave related peaks my interest no matter the content. All that really needs to be said about these gents is be ready to get your jam on and spend some time really getting to know their sound. They have an incredible selection of delightful melodies. Just allow yourself some time, give them a good listen while you’re doing the dishes or something and they only get better the more you immerse yourself in their groovy tunes and demeanor.

Lyrically, I found the track “Buffalo” totally mesmerizing. Speaking to the innermost thoughts that possess small intricate spaces of my mind and I am sure the mind of others. They are the feelings that only make an appearance for me through a song such as this. These submerged feelings totally dominate my every thought once they have been brought to the surface. It starts as this gentle tap in the back of your mind and ends with forceful knocking until it's all you can hear and you finally come face to face with the thoughts you need to feel. This song guides you through those uncharted and wild waters both instrumentally and lyrically. I think of Inner Wave as my wise musical gurus guiding me toward enlightenment through a catchy song. Collectively these guys value connection and a song such as this connects us all on the deepest of levels. It's also super catchy if that is more of your focus when you listen to music. Either way give them a proper listen and enjoy their wavey sounds.   

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About The Curator - Maria Fish

Maria Fish - Music to Curator

You can most often find Maria in her garden humming along to an eclectic playlist titled “Life’s a Garden, Dig It” and of course tending to her beloved kale. Shout out to Joe Dirt for the wise words and fantastic playlist name. This garden is located on the island of Kaua’i at her childhood home surrounded by tropical fruit trees and flowers. Beautiful music has always gone hand in hand with the beauty of the island. Just as she nurtures her plants, she looks forward to nurturing this playlist and the community of music lovers that feel like stopping by and having a listen.