Lakeside – Jenna & the Hoof

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A musical connection stretching 1000's of miles from Lake Garda to Lake Michigan

Featuring artists like: Aldous Harding Men I Trust Sopwith Camel Holy Hive Henri Texler Nick Drake Seapony Intuit

Latest Collaborative Playlists from Musicto

Brent FaulknerAndrew McCluskey

A Musical Conversation
a playlist by Brent Faulkner and Andrew McCluskey

30 January 2023

GarAndrew McCluskey

Ain’t No Disco
a playlist by Gar and Andrew McCluskey

29 January 2023

Liv RobinsonAndrew McCluskey

We All Want The Same Things
a playlist by Liv Robinson and Andrew McCluskey

28 January 2023

Malcolm GallowayAndrew McCluskey

Making Progress
a playlist by Malcolm Galloway and Andrew McCluskey

27 January 2023