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Who is it that actually saves you?

Oh sure, the caped God can rescue you, but if I'm not much mistaken - the act of being saved starts from within.

What I love about hijacking Matt's playlist is that he's set it up so brilliantly - Music that highlights the traits and behaviors we can adopt in order to become our own personal Superheroes and save ourselves - it's genius:

  • Here's a Jordy Dazz track to emphasize the need for stamina (very important!) 
  • Ever made a mistake?  This Flume track let's you know it's ok ;-)
  • Struggling with the "grind" we all have to go through? Here's Beyoncé's Haunted to help you.
  • And my personal favorite - Nicky Romero reminds us of the perils along the way.

And I'm laughing now - 'cos by far the majority of the tracks on this list are up beat and energetic and exactly what you need to power your success - but - as Matt makes clear in his writing - life isn't always up and to the right.  The people who tell you you have to be perfect - fuck them.  The people that tell you it has to be hard - all the time - that life is a continual struggle - fuck them too!

Life is amazing and you have the power to make it so - here's how this song can help...

I actually grin when I listen to this track.  I do.  It puts this ridiculous looking rictus that stretches from ear to ear and I don't care 'cos I'm happy - stupidly uncaringly just, happy.  There's a couple of reasons for this:

First - well the music's just bloody brilliant!  From the ballsy, guitar driven, cymbal splashy opening - you know something good's coming.  And it's cool - if you dig guitars, killer vocals and harmonies and if you're a fan of the whole break it down and build it up to some crazy ass crescendo and drop into the groove... well - I'm guessing if you're a fan of Matt's list - you'll dig this too.

Second - I've been hanging on to this track for a year now - waiting for the perfect place to bring it out - and here we are.  This track is the very essence of the Music to Save The World playlist. 

No shit?! 

This track quite literally says that - no matter how much shit life throws at you - even if you're literally standing under the shit waterfall - there's something that can save you...

a song.

It might not be this one, it might not be anything we've heard yet, but the promise here is that somewhere - out there - there's a song that can save your life.

You can learn more about this remarkable band from the links below:  

Overcome Your Own Obstacles: Himalaya by Ellipsis

The Music to Save The World playlist is sponsored this month by Himalaya from Ellipsis.

The journey begins; fresh Chillstep from Ellipsis to help you conquer your own mountain. Stream it now:

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