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The news of Avicii's death this week shook me pretty hard. To lose such a talented person is always tragic (and it comes off the back of the death of Stephen Hawking last month, another huge hero of mine), but when that person is hardly a year older than you it reminds you that death really doesn't care how old or how successful you are. It reminds you that you really have to live life properly, and not waste it on pointless bollocks. 

Avicii was a massive inspiration to me; in fact, I'd argue that 'Seek Bromance' was the very track that got me into the world of electronic dance music in the first place. He was also the first DJ I ever saw live, and where I realised how open the world of dance music as a live performance actually could be. He was a pioneer in every sense; you only have to look at the tributes rolling in from some of the biggest names in dance music to see the impact his loss will have on us all. 

This playlist is usually dedicated to upbeat tracks that motivate and galvanise you, but this week it only felt right to instead go with this incredibly beautiful acoustic rendition of what is easily my favourite Avicii track. I guarantee it will move you; it's hard to write this without getting emotional, but that's okay - life isn't always about Saving the World! Sometimes we need to instead take a minute to mourn the heroes we lose along the way. 

Rest in peace Tim, your legacy will live on brother x

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