May I Have This Dance – Francis and the Lights (feat. Chance the Rapper)


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Necessary Evil – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

25 July 2018

I love going to concerts and not knowing much about an artist or their music. Because I get to experience it live.

Love At First Sight – The Brobecks

17 July 2018

This feels like a song I would have played on repeat while I was in middle school.

The difference is that in middle school I would have said love was real, right now that’s hard to believe, especially at first sight.

Gold – The Ivy

20 June 2018

It’s summer time, have you felt it?

Ashlee Villasenor

Ashlee Villasenor

Ashlee Villasenor is a recent graduate from Austin College who watches too much Netflix and listens to her music a bit too loud. Her passion for music stems from a childhood full of sleeping on chairs at concerts to singing at the top of her lungs with her dad in the car to every new album he bought her. She's a Tumblr obsessed vegetarian, an animal-lover, a "let's share our feelings through music" kind of girl, who you will never catch without her journal and her pen in hand.