Ashlee Villasenor

Necessary Evil – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

25 July 2018

I love going to concerts and not knowing much about an artist or their music. Because I get to experience it live.

Love At First Sight – The Brobecks

17 July 2018

This feels like a song I would have played on repeat while I was in middle school.

The difference is that in middle school I would have said love was real, right now that’s hard to believe, especially at first sight.

Gold – The Ivy

20 June 2018

It’s summer time, have you felt it?

Visions of Gideon – Sufjan Stevens

13 June 2018

Stevens embodies all my feelings in a soft romantic whispered phrase.  

I’m a huge fan of singer-songwriters. And to see Stevens nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song was amazing, to say the least. Call Me by Your Name is one of my top films of 2017.

Embody Me – Novo Amor

3 May 2018

My music taste reflects my mood. It revolves on my ability to completely lose myself in my thoughts.

La Reyna – Penny and Sparrow

24 April 2018

La Reyna in english means The Queen.

This is a love song.

Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine

5 April 2018

I can’t listen to this song without wanting to cry. It has been my favorite since I was 11 years old and here I am still crying over it at 21. Everything about this song is perfect. Play this at my wedding at my funeral and while watching the stars and the moon

Looks Like Rain – Passion Pit

5 April 2018

This song is definitely a little more upbeat that the others on this playlist, but this song has quickly become one of my all time favorites. Maybe it’s the hook

“then you lifted your hands and PRAYED”!

Where’d All the Time Go? – Dr. Dog

15 March 2018

Similarly to Tom Rosenthal’s song It’s Ok, Where’d All the Time Go? it provides the listener with a euphoric sad feeling, while still remaining upbeat. The song can be interpreted on so many levels, from the listening experience, to the lyrics or the intended meaning from the musicians.

It’s Ok – Tom Rosenthal

21 February 2018

Tom Rosenthal, an English singer-songwriter in control of his success, due to his sense of direction and determination knows how to write a song that pulls on every single one of my heart strings, enjoy.

Coffee & Cigarettes – Vic Mensa

8 February 2018

Jean-Jacques Rousseau describes our humanity as a “collective, social existence”, therefore we get to know each other through the “expression of passions and feeling”. He states that “music is not simply a mirror held up to reality or to the soul” it doesn’t “directly imitate the emotion, but makes it present” (Rousseau). 

Lovely – Sonder

31 January 2018

I was struggling a lot figuring out which song I wanted to follow up ‘My God Has a Telephone’ because I didn’t want to drastically change the mood. On the other hand I have been looking for an opportunity to include Sonder or Brett Faiyaz on this playlist because they became such a integral part of my music life. Their song Too Fast was featured on the promo for season 2 of Atlanta, which spiked their listeners on all platforms.