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Sometimes you just gotta make the doughnuts - I was behind on a gig and was up at 4 to put the finishing touches on before the client session at 9:15. At that time of the day you don’t want anything too overpowering but you do need something to keep you awake - Hello Vin Downes!

This is one of those times where I’m strongly recommending listening to the whole album - When The Sea Lets Go - 45 minutes of perfectly put together acoustic guitar - I think I listened to the whole thing about 5 times on repeat today and it worked beautifully.

There’s a melancholic feel to the album which I just love - there’s a “sitting in a cottage in the Scottish Highlands watching the rain fall and feeling good about being toasty warm with perhaps an Island Malt to keep you company” kind of vibe. Every track is able to stand alone as a single but they really do work well as a complete album.

While the majority of the streams on the album are around the track, Just Before you Leave - which is indeed a beautiful piece of music - I’ve opted for Streets of Sunday. Two reasons for this - first I needed to see how it worked on repeat - as all tracks on the list need to do - and it works just fine - but - for me it’s all about the piano that comes in after 3 minutes - it makes me grin ;-) Adding another level of interest, of energy, without dragging me out of the piece. Perfect music to write to.

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About the Curator: Andrew McCluskey

Andrew McCluskey - Musicto Curator

The first visual memory I have is that of the white upright piano in Singapore, Hell and the dark forces lived at the bottom, Heaven and the Angels at the top. They would play battles through my fingers and I was hooked.

Although I've always played, I haven't always been a musician.  Most of my twenties were spent working with people, buying and selling and learning how the world works.  It was in my thirties that I came to America and focused on music and began to develop music2work2.