This one's from my Mum.

It's been a rough couple of years - death, loss, isolation - yeah - not the best...

So - when you're in this space - when you're dealing with all the shit - and I mean ALL of the shit... have a listen to this.

In her own words:

It always got me, it’s slightly haunting - it lingers and the musicality appeals to me. The melody (which isn’t a word I particularly like,) evokes a certain peace - a sadness yes, but a peace - it’s a positive sadness and I just love the music.

It comes in the middle of the requiem - but it’s often sung on its own - I’ve known it for years - of course if you like this - then you need to listen to Faure’s requiem too!
— Norma McCluskey - January 2017

The Grief Directory is a curated list of organizations and products that exist to serve those who have been affected by or who are currently dealing with grief.

Curated means that instead of just compiling a list of links, we take the time to find out about an organization or product.  If they are legitimate and current, we create a considered listing that makes it easy to find out how they can best help you.