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Simple is hard - particularly in today’s complex and complicated world.

I was running down the credits of the tracks at the top of Spotify’s “Todays Top Hits” playlist (with its 23 million+ subscribers) and of the top 5 or 6 tracks - the average number of songwriters was around 7. Even over on Rap Caviar it averages around 3 people to write the track - let alone perform it.

And the results are typically great - don’t get me wrong - there’s a reason people like the tracks ‘cos the combined experience and input from all these creative people does produce something that people resonate with - and yet… you can hear the “But” coming can’t you… :-)

A track like Golda’s “A Sunny Day Like This” - with its stripped down production and authentic mix - can have just as powerful an impact as all those massively streamed tracks because it has one thing - a simple brilliant idea that doesn’t need dressing up to connect with your soul.

Wore this dress to your funeral on a sunny day like this…

I was hooked from the opening lyric and the track just gets better as it continues.

While losing a childhood friend can happen at any age there comes a point in your life when this tragic event seems to happen more often - and of course, the older you get - it soon becomes a regular occurrence. So how do we deal with it - how do we deal with the memories and emotions and the heartache?

Here’s what Golda had to say:

I wrote this song for a childhood/family friend who killed himself by jumping in front of the Long Island Railroad. We had grown apart over the years but going to his funeral brought back a flood of memories and reminders of people I had forgotten. Seeing his mother and little sister broke my heart. A few years later I found myself in a park on a bright sunny day. I was wearing the same black dress I had worn to his funeral years later, and the heat of the sun on that black dress brought back a flood of emotion. So I wrote this song for him. I felt that sense of loss in a multitude of ways, because we had lost touch, lost that connection to our childhoods, and had lost him specifically.
— Golda

There’s a beautiful, simple, authenticity to the story. It didn’t take group of creatives to conjure it up and magic up the emotion - it was one woman, one experience and the talent to transform it into something accessible that we can all hold on to if and when we experience something similar.

Definitely one to send to someone you know going through this.

You can learn more about Golda here:

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