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Berhana's 2018 single, "Wildin'," is a funky R&B jam that also tells a cautionary tale about fame and success. The wavy instrumental was produced by Pomo, which features some rhythmic drums, glistening synths, and delightful guitar melodies. Berhana's soulful singing combined with bouncy instrumental makes for an enjoyable short tune while picnicking.

In the song, Berhana talks about the dangers of losing yourself in fame and success while forgetting about what really matters to you.

"I'm wildin' 'cause it's all I know / I'm hoping I don't waste this / Just tryna to buy my mama clothes / Pen my prayers to the BasedGod / Plus mama say she think I'm chose / I'm hoping I don't waste it".

The lyricism really speaks to Berhana's maturity since lots of artists usually brag about their money when making songs about their success. Anyway, "Wildin'," is a fun summer track with a fun groove and an important message that can complement a picnic atmosphere perfectly.

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