Mussie Fitsum

I love listening to r&b, hip-hop, rock, reggae, and pop. But, I am also trying to expand my taste in music as much as I can to appreciate the different amount of genres out there. Outside of listening to music, my other interests are meditating, playing basketball, and reading books (including graphic novels).

Slipping Away – LEISURE

8 July 2021

“Slipping Away” is a soulful masterpiece from LEISURE (a talented band from New Zealand) that plays with pop, psychedelia, and r&b sounds. When I first listened to this song, I felt like I was in a trance because of how smooth and mesmerizing the production is.

BEST INTEREST – Tyler, The Creator

9 April 2021

“BEST INTEREST” is an R&B/Hip-Hop loosie that Tyler, The Creator released despite not making the final cut on his most recent album, Igor. Interestingly enough, Tyler performed and produced this song. This was one of my favorite songs that…

Soft Plans (v1) – Alan Lili

25 February 2021

Shout out to Maria for recommending this track it fits perfectly with the vibe of this playlist. “Soft Plans (v1)” is a smooth and psychedelic R&B experience from up-and-coming artist Alan Lili.

Sweet Life – Frank Ocean

21 January 2021

For this week’s picnic track, I am going to shine the spotlight on one of Frank Ocean’s classic songs, “Sweet Life.”

Guru – Ladi6

18 December 2020

“Guru” is a chill r&b song with a dreamy soundscape that is perfect for a picnic on a sunny day. The musical production is very stellar and transports listeners to a different place. The beautiful keyboard melodies and otherworldly synths…

Gonna Love Me – Teyana Taylor

11 November 2020

“Gonna Love Me” is a cozy r&b masterpiece from the talented Teyana Taylor. The warm and sunny music production combined with Teyana’s soulful singing voice creates a perfect song to play during a picnic. On the production side, I love the sweet guitar melody layered over the vintage drums, which create a nice blend of old-school and modern r&b sound…

Roots (feat. JID, Charlie Wilson) – Aminé

7 October 2020

“Roots” is the perfect song to play on a warm, sunny day. The silky-smooth slow hip-hop production and soulful performances from Amine and Charlie Wilson are pure vibes…

I See Lightning – Tobi Adey

9 September 2020

Not only does Tobi Adey impress with his performance, but also with poetic lyrics about finding healthy ways to heal during dark times.

Beach Day 04 – j solomon

5 August 2020

“Beach Day 04” is a nostalgia-fueled indie folk song that takes me to a beautiful place on every listen. The combination of reminiscent lyrics and hazy musical production takes me back to the days of being a little boy with an enormous imagination…


16 July 2020

I stumbled upon the up and coming New York City band, MICHELLE, while doing some browsing on Spotify. And the sheer versatility of this music group is very shocking. After listening to “THE BOTTOM,” I classified them as an indie rock/pop band. Then, I heard MICHELLE’s latest song, “SUNRISE,” and was surprised to hear something completely different.