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Shout out to Maria from Music To Explore Everything for the track recommendation. Easy Life is a talented UK rock band and it was very refreshing to be introduced to their music. They are bold enough to experiment with different genres like r&b and hip-hop, while still making tunes that are enjoyable to hear. "Sunday" is one of the tracks on their Spaceships Mixtape project that shows off their versatility and talent very well. 

The spacey jazz production features rhythmic bass guitar chords and percussion coupled with warm keyboard instrumentation. And the beautiful production is complemented by the brilliant vocal performance. Not only does the singer switch between rapping and singing throughout the track, but he also makes it sound great over the production. The song's lyrics convey the euphoria of being in a loving relationship in a poetic fashion, which is consistent with the chill beat on the track.

"I'm loving her scent and she loves my sound / And every time that I lay her down / It feels like Sunday / Feeling okay."

Overall, Easy Life is a great band that I look forward to hearing more from in the future. Their r&b/hip-hop song, "Sunday," has a beautiful melody and killer production making it a perfect track for picnics and other outdoor summer activities.

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You can learn more about Easy Life here:

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