Brent Faulkner

Slightly eccentric with interests that seem to know no ends, restless ‘Renaissance Man’ is the best way to characterize Brent Faulkner, a native of Kentucky. A certified music educator, multi-instrumentalist, and composer known for his incredibly sharp ear, he lives and breathes music of a variety of styles. In addition to passion for educating, performing, and writing music, he’s equally passionate blogging and writing about it, managing his own site, The Musical Hype. When he’s not intensely analyzing music, you can find him reading or watching a movie, reality television or some sporting event

Black Rider – Bob Dylan

20 October 2020

“Black rider, black rider, all dressed in black / I’m walking away, you try to make me look back.” Prepare to have your mind blown! Just reading the lyrics from “Black Rider” it’s very dark and enigmatic; an unsettling vibe.

Accept Me – Electric Sol

7 October 2020

The relatable theme of this groovy, pop-soul record instantly piqued my interest. Electric Sol seeks to atone for abuse, bullying, and pain, that can occur in a variety of relationships. Specifically, the artist keys in on unaccepting parents as the catalyst for pain.

I Just Wanna Live – Keedron Bryant

22 September 2020

While “I Just Wanna Live” can’t single-handedly change the world, this woke record can serve as a catalyst toward change.

Heaven Help Us All – Stevie Wonder

8 September 2020

“Heaven Help Us All” is best characterized as R&B/soul/funk record. Even so, the gospel cues and vibes are clearly pronounced. Those vibes aren’t just because of lyrics petitioning for divine intervention, but also because of the spirited, exuberant backdrop.

STUD – Troye Sivan

24 August 2020

“STUD” adds to an ever-growing collection of meaningful LGBTQ+ songs. That being said, this record transcends one community – it’s truly relatable to everyone. The self-esteem angle alone is a shared experience.

My Way – Aloe Blacc

11 August 2020

“‘Cause the harder that we grind / Then the sweeter is the glory.” Prudence and positive vibes, two things we all need in our lives! Alex Aiono previously mentioned the importance of not letting adversity destroy you and counting your blessings on “Good Morning”, the previous track added to Music to Atone to…

Good Morning – Alex Aiono

27 July 2020

Life can get incredibly dark sometimes, something that soulful pop singer/songwriter Alex Aiono clearly highlights on “Good Morning.” You can get bogged down in negativity and let the tribulations be your undoing…

Set Me Free – The Chicks

21 July 2020

“Decency / Would be for you to sign and release me / If you ever loved me / Then will you do this one last thing? / Set me free…” Natalie Maines, the front woman of The Chicks (formerly Dixie Chicks) sounds kinder, gentler, and more vulnerable on the aforementioned lyrics…

2020 Riots: How Many Times – Trey Songz

8 July 2020

Atoning for the hurt, pain, and the fatalities, that accompany racial injustice is simply impossible. However, ensuring that a movement potently latches that indeed catalyzes change is atonement, to some degree…

Jason – Perfume Genius

22 June 2020

“Jason undressed me / Lying on his sheets / He did NOT do the same…” Well, it’s crystal clear, judging by the first couple of lines of “Jason” what the intended outcome is…

Otherside of America – Meek Mill

9 June 2020

“I seen my mom and dad separate, ain’t talkin’ divorce (Talkin’ divorce) / Said daddy was livin’ by the fire, and he died by the torch…” Clearly, Grammy-nominated rapper Meek Mill saw his fair share of things as a child that no one should have to…

Mas(k)ot – Todrick Hall

26 May 2020

“Prom, did they cancel this / Field trip, did they cancel this / Graduation, did they cancel this / I didn’t think they could cancel this.” For children of all ages, the coronavirus pandemic affected them in a number of ways, specifically with schools being closed to prevent further spread. In many cases, many of the rites of passages and special occasions associated with school, such as prom and graduations for various age levels were either cancelled…