Brent Faulkner

Slightly eccentric with interests that seem to know no ends, restless ‘Renaissance Man’ is the best way to characterize Brent Faulkner, a native of Kentucky. A certified music educator, multi-instrumentalist, and composer known for his incredibly sharp ear, he lives and breathes music of a variety of styles. In addition to passion for educating, performing, and writing music, he’s equally passionate blogging and writing about it, managing his own site, The Musical Hype. When he’s not intensely analyzing music, you can find him reading or watching a movie, reality television or some sporting event

Only Love – Mary J. Blige

27 July 2018

On her spirited single “Only Love,” Mary J. Blige eschews pain in favor of lacing up her dancing shoes, and basking in the sheer jubilance of love.  Throughout a truly illustrious career, the Grammy-winning R&B singer/songwriter has worn her emotions on her sleeve…

Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore – Marlon Williams

27 July 2018

“What am I going to do when you’re in trouble / And you don’t call out for me,” New Zealand singer/songwriter Marlon Williams sings on the final verse of “Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore.”…