Brent Faulkner

Slightly eccentric with interests that seem to know no ends, restless ‘Renaissance Man’ is the best way to characterize Brent Faulkner, a native of Kentucky. A certified music educator, multi-instrumentalist, and composer known for his incredibly sharp ear, he lives and breathes music of a variety of styles. In addition to passion for educating, performing, and writing music, he’s equally passionate blogging and writing about it, managing his own site, The Musical Hype. When he’s not intensely analyzing music, you can find him reading or watching a movie, reality television or some sporting event


15 May 2023

All kinds of surprising sounds. Featuring artists like: Björk, Robot Koch, BRONSON, Rezz, Steve Angello, Dance With the Dead, Oneohtrix Point Never, Bring Me The Horizon

A Musical Conversation

30 January 2023

Two music writers sit down and talk. Featuring artists like: Orville Peck, The Black Crowes, Harry Styles, New Blue, Brothers Osborne, Brent Cobb, Little Beaver, Joan Armatrading

September – Ayoni

13 September 2021

On “September,” Barbadian pop singer Ayoni must atone for September, thanks to heartbreak courtesy of her ex.

Lost You – Snoh Aalegra

19 July 2021

Throughout “Lost You,” R&B artist Snoh Aalegra atones for loss, reminiscing about the best moments within a relationship.

Day 7 – Tabitha Westley

10 May 2021

“Day 7, Day 7 got me thinking about our relations / Day 7, Day 7 it’s down to miscommunication.” So, what’s the significance of this ‘seventh day’ in context of “Day 7”? Basically, for R&B singer Tabitha Westley, she’s going through the effects of lockdown

Like I Want You – GIVĒON

5 April 2021

On “Like I Want You,” GIVĒON experiences a classic case of heartbreak. On this silky smooth, soulful slow jam, he seeks to atone for broken love, desiring to reconcile with his ex.

War of the Gods (Part 1) – Billy Paul

9 March 2021

With “War of the Gods (Part 1),” late soul icon Billy Paul seeks atonement for all of the bad promoted by Satan asserting that “The time has come, for the war of the Gods.”

Eat Me Alice – ElectroMush

15 February 2021

With “Eat Me Alice,” ElectroMush delivers an ear catching, enigmatic, and thought-provoking record that seeks to atone for self-doubt in regard to sanity and normalcy in a crazy world… sort of.

Mercy – Anthony Hamilton

25 January 2021

R&B singer/songwriter Anthony Hamilton, assisted by activist Tamika D. Mallory, seeks to empower and atone for the adversity, hardships, injustices, and many wrongs suffered by black men on “Mercy”.

Dissociation – Ajuni

28 December 2020

“Dissociation,” the second career single by Indian singer/songwriter/pianist, Ajuni (Anupreet Kaur), is truly moving and thought-provoking. The artist characterizes the record as “a dark, stormy, dramatic ballad, and a melodic fusion of east and west.”

Cold – Chris Stapleton

30 November 2020

“Cold” is bluesy country with some rock and soul thrown in as well. It’s both classic-sounding and classy, with radiant strings and rousing Hammond B3. Even so, if you’re not chief among country fans, there’s an appeal beyond the genre.

STFU – Rina Sawayama

11 November 2020

STFU! Yeah, it’s a pretty cut and dry acronym needing little to no explanation. That said, just in case you missed it or are totally naïve, STFU stands for shut the fuck up