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Fragile State were another one of those short-lived electronica collaborations like Lemon Jelly that seemed to proliferate at the turn of the millennium – a golden age for sampling and downbeat. FS were formed by two guys, one from Zero 7 – Neil Cowley - and Ben Mynott. This is from their second 2004 album “Voices From The Dustbowl” – they only released two all told. Shame!

“Cleo” is an example of their downbeat style, but the two albums – the other’s called “The Facts and the Dreams” - also feature some great compositions which are filled with clever riffs, sound bites, samples and catchy melodies. Check out “Four-Four-Four” from this same album or “Song of Departure” from “The Facts and the Dreams” released in 2002.

An interesting sideline about Neil Cowley is that he played the keyboards on Adele’s “21” album…. He now fronts a band called the Neil Cowley Trio. (Who were featured on the Music to Love Piano playlist a while back!)

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About the Curator: Richard Parsons

Richard Parsons - Musicto Curator

I grew up listening to music from the late 60’s onwards. Pirate pop radio; swapping LP’s with friends; exploring genres; daydreaming over the latest woofer and tweeter.

In reality I spent thirty years imparting imperfect knowledge of English literature and drama to young minds in school. Regrets? No. I loved teaching; loved the interaction with the pupils, and made lifelong friends as a result. And what better way to keep up to date with music? I always played stuff in my lessons, and as a result, I’d be bombarded with suggestions from my flock! “Sir! Have you heard…?