I always had a vision for this playlist where the music would take you out from the terror of turbulence and drop you into the cool ethereal place that exists above the clouds - this is the kind of music they play up there!

I don't really know much about the band except that Neil has the best online bio ever - seriously - you should read it - gives us all hope - also I think I knew a guitarist who played and toured with Zero 7 - my sister shared a flat with him in North London - small world isn't it.

The original - unimagined - version of this track is a popping energetic piece of left hand loveliness as Neil is accompanied by his percussionist and bass player - different but just as captivating as the track you're now listening to.  We don't have more than two tracks from one artists on the playlist at any one time but - I've just listened to Weightless - and that's going on next week!

You can learn more about the Neil Cowley Trio here:

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Music to Fly With Confidence Playlist

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