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“I’ve always been a fighter / I met you in the war / I thought you would care for me / ‘Cause that’s what fathers are for.” From the first lines of “To My Father,” it’s clear that teen singer/songwriter Nicholas Tomillon has faced adversity. The Music to Atone to playlist centers around the adversarial situations that various people face throughout life, often relatable to others.  In this case, Tomillon atones for his tumultuous relationship with his father through reflection – composing an ‘alternative tone poem’ of sorts.  Interviewing Tomillon on The Musical Hype, it’s clear that music is therapeutic for him – atonement of sorts:

“Talking about my feelings, especially through an audio pleasing form, such as music, has helped me find a strong balance in the nature of understanding myself.”

Lyrically, beyond the opening lines, “To My Father” continues to intensify, with dramatic, truly painful imagery.  Tomillon speaks of feeling a lack of safety, hiding away “every time that you come home.” It’s tough not to feel tearful while listening, with the morose production, coupled with heart-wrenching moments on the chorus: “Then you would throw me around / Like I meant nothing to you… / And I would cry in my sleep.” No child should have to experience such. Referring back to the interview, regarding “To My Father” specifically, Tomillon asserts:

“For as long as I can remember, my dad and I have always had a rocky relationship. In his eyes, I never really do anything right. Writing this song has helped me to come face to face with my experiences, and to truly understand how they have affected me.”

“To My Father” is atonement at its most atoning.  He turns bad into something to soothe his own soul, but also, the soul of others.

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